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 Mikkel Syvertsen

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Mikkel Syvertsen


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PostSubject: Mikkel Syvertsen   Mon Apr 12, 2010 4:40 pm

((All the mistakes kindly pointed out by Matthew are now corrected. Thank you.))


Name: Gabi

Age/Birthday: 17//August 9th

Main E-mail:

MSN/AIM: // (I don’t have an AIM, because it tends to lag my pc, but if there’s need, I can set one…)



Full Name: Mikkel Rune Syvertsen

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Homosexual ( but this doesn’t mean much, since he rarely flirts with anyone…)

Blood Type: A-

Birthday: May, 17th

Hometown: Oslo, Norway


Father: Eirik Ove Syvertsen, 52

Mother: Nanna Kjellfrid Syvertsen, 45 (Deceased)

Siblings: Phoebe Audhild Syvertsen, 12 (Deceased)

Patient Chart

Illness(es): Bipolar (depressive) disorder, Borderline Personality disorder.

Specific Symptoms:

  • Constant depression, without any feelings of remorse or guilt, presented by unusual apathy.

  • Tends to be dependent on all the relationships he makes, and as much as he acts like he doesn’t care at all, he’s always keeping one eye (fine, both eyes) on the ones he cares. This has led him to hurtful episodes, severe fights and eventually a murder.

  • Has small moments of happiness, but those are rare, and only towards very few people. He has moments of affection too, but only two people have seen him act like that so far.

  • Constantly gets involved with alcohol, and tends to attract people who’ll later hurt him. The doctors are yet to conclude if this is due to Borderline or part of his depression.

  • Enjoys manipulating all the doctors who dare to treat him, and is usually quite successful.

Reason for admission to hospital: Treatment.

Medication(s) if applicable:

  • Carbolithium, 300mg (3 times a day, oral administration).
  • Prozac, 70mg (once a day, daily and before eating any food preferably).

Other notes:

  • In case of withdrawal, he either goes severely depressive, mumbling strange words in Norwegian, or maniac, laughing loudly and hurting the very first person who happens to be nearby.

  • Due to his petite body, sometimes his medication gets too strong, making him nauseous, shaking his hands uncontrollably. Sometimes he faints, but only if he stays too long without drinking water (his medication is based on lithium, so he needs to constantly drink water in order to keep everything fine).

Hospitalized for: One year and four months.

Criminal Record

  • Charged for murdering 63-year-old Gjertrud Eggbraaten, and 27-year-old Niels Søresen. He used his illness in defense on the first case, and 'self-defense' to explain the second, but unsuccessfully.


Height: 1.76 m // 5" 7' ft

Weight: 59.8 kg // 131 lbs

Hair: Straight blonde and short, always carefully brushed to the side and with a small hairpin attached to it on the left side, or else his bangs would cover his eyes. And this would be really annoying...

Eyes: Cerulean blue; sometimes a hint of violet can be seen, but no one knows really why.

Body Type: Skinny and quite tall, may even seem weak at first, but has enough strength to defend himself if needed.

Clothing: Casual, nothing exaggerated or that might attract attention; prefers shirts and pants, most of dark colours, such as black, navy blue or purple. Is, however, a fan of red, and once in a while can be seen wearing t-shirts with this colour - but nothing too strong, either is a pale red, or a really dark one.

Other notable attributes/unique traits: Has this really curious hair curl that shouldn't be touched under any circumstances.

Picture (esp. if OC):


Mikkel is a frigid, quiet boy, saying only what he considers important or relevant, and nothing beyond that. Despite the innocent looks, he is remarkably sarcastic, not bothering much for what people might say about him, and refuses to hide his opinions if he feels like they should be mentioned - thankfully, he tends to summarize all his thoughts in very few lines, that are sometimes even quite vague, making the critiques always softer than they should be.

He gets annoyed and/or bored pretty easily and participates in very few activities. People aren't able to keep his full attention for too long, though they are easily fooled by the blank expression he uses when he is bored, and is just too polite to cut them off. He can only stand noise to a certain degree, also avoids loud people and whoever makes far too many questions (those can almost infuriate him, considering how he despises talking about himself or his personal life simply because someone asked him to). He is not, however, short-tempered, so no matter how annoyed he is, Mikkel will only snap at extreme situations, usually walking away or ignoring the person in order to avoid fights.

Still, he has a soft side, and as much as he tends to ignore or offend the people he cares about, he can also act sweetly and - mind you - even a bit clingy, although the last only happens under rare circumstances, and towards really special people.

Finally, his illnesses, which change his personality far more than he can notice and therefore control, makes him apathetic to the whole world and depressed over little things, even if he doesn't show it, save for a few moments of madness, when his lips curl into a grin, his voice gets heavily acidic and he dedicates every part of his self to torture and hurt whoever sets him on a bad mood - twice, this ended in murder, but he swears the second time was on self-defense.


Raised by a relatively wealthy family from the Norwegian capital, Mikkel had always had what could be considered a good life. He only studied at the best schools his parents could provide and had always been an outstanding student in return. The point is that he never had any real friends, and seemed to actually enjoy making the few kids that dared to talk nicely with him scared or horrified to death. His earlier childhood is marked by constant fights, but this stopped once he turned 12.

He was an obedient kid, but always leaned toward trouble, usually seen hanging around dangerous places or breaking the law. He had minor charges of robbery, and every time someone asked him "Why did you do this?", "I was bored." would be the most complex answer received. However, he never brought troubles home - his parents still don't know about some fights he got involved with - and his mother even swore that, beyond the crude words, he was actually a decent boy. Well, suuure.

Mikkel was also quite 'lucky' to go out with exactly the kind of people who would later betray him or hurt his (even if few) feelings. Never been the one to have far too many lovers, in fact, he only had two or three, but one stands out the most, the enigmatic Niels, whom he killed not many years ago in supposed 'self-defense'. Yes, he had enough proof to make a point (given how mad his relationship was, he could hint whatever he wanted out of it, even rape, no matter if it had really happened or not), but while this saved his neck, also proved his tendency to pick bad company.

This, however, was not his first murder. His first victim was an old lady that lived nearby, and would usually sell him pies and offer some conversation to the boy. He never really cared as to why she insisted on being so nice to him, but always shrugged this off and politely replied to her questions - this until the day he snapped at her after she simply asked "You seem so sad, Mik, why don't you find yourself a girlfriend? One that would put a smile on this face, and then you wouldn't smell like alcohol..." with a cheerful tone.

A sick man, indeed, but there was one person who couldn't even think about saying bad things about him: his little sister, Phoebe. For some reason no doctor could ever explain why, the little girl always got him in the best of his moods, smiling and even hugging her. She was, some concluded, his way to keep himself sane, as coincidentally, the two murders happened after he had spent two months without even saying 'hi' to her (as to why she was away, he refuses to say). His mother was an important figure too, but nowhere near what little Phoebe meant.

Sadly, four years ago both died in a horrible car accident. Once he heard about the news, he waved good-bye to his father and left home, living alone for a few years before he finally joined the hospital. He hasn't seen Eirik since then, but doesn't worry much, something tells him the old man is still fine, and that's all he needs to know.

Other Important Info

  • His hairpin was a gift from Phoebe. She was crying over a broken one she had, and he'd put it in his own hair to cheer her up. He hasn't taken it off since then.

  • His parents actually suspected of his illnesses, and repeatedly sent him to doctors to have his sanity checked. They got tired of hearing the same diseases mentioned over and over again, but since not much money was left for treatments, and they (or at least his mother) never knew of many of the fights, Niels or Gjertrud, he was simply given some medicine and they all lived fine with it.

  • He is slightly addicted to coffee, and tends to drink it far more than he actually should. It's highly recommended to keep him away from such, as it doesn't work well with his medication and always makes him act a bit mad.

Roleplay Sample

Mikkel sighed heavily, again, he had been sent to a doctor by his father, an annoying old man who thinks he could ask whatever he wanted to him and get long, sweet and complex answers back. A smirk almost crossed his lips as he tried to imagine himself acting like that. No, this wouldn't work, and hopefully it wouldn't take long for the man to notice this.

"So, mister Syvertsen," this doctor, he had noticed, simply enjoyed smiling far too much. It was disturbing and absolutely unnecessary, but hey, what could he do? Blinking, he went back to pay attention - or at least pretend - to the doctor. "What brings you here? Your mother said you might have nice stories to share." a chirp, and that was enough for him to twist his mouth in disgust.

But still, he was there and wouldn't get leave the damn room so soon, so maybe he could entertain the doctor a bit with his life.

"Ah, yes..." he nodded, absent-mindedly, as he inspected the room. Well, at least this doctor was neat.

"Well..." he clapped his hands once, pointing to a chair in front of him, his smile (a dumb one, in Mikkel's opinion) never leaving his face. “Please, take a seat!" he chirped again. Damn...

With a nod, he did as the doctor said and sat, a bit uncomfortably on the chair. "There, now, doctor, you want me to talk, don't you?" he raised one eyebrow, his tone of voice soft despite the obvious coldness. It was a small trick of his, making the doctor think he was pleased to be there when really he was just fooling around.

The doctor raised an eyebrow, but nodded and took a seat, and Mikkel almost grinned pleased at how his smile had dropped there. Hm, so the 'nice doctor' was a trick? Interesting...

"Well, you could start by your childhood, what about it?" Soon, the smile was back. Oh, he was hoping it would go away soon. "Your mother said you were a good student." well, he seemed a bit gentler now; maybe he was expecting the mention of his mother to cause a change in his behaviour... Well, not working.

"Ah, I've been just a boring, workaholic student, doctor... Good grades, no fights, you know..." He said that for the lack of a better story, and because he saw no point in telling this one about his childhood. It was a small game he liked to play on each doctor: he'd hide a part of his life and change all the other ones, like many people telling the same fact, and see how it would affect the final diagnosis. To this one, he'd be the 'lovely and obedient kid'.

"Hm...And what about your friends?" The guy, however, seemed quite smart behind the sweet smile. So now they'd be both be playing mind games? How lovely.

"Ah... Not many, doctor." He was trying his best to keep the answers as vague as possible, and it was working so far, but the doctor always had a small trick back, as if he had already seen it before. Slowly, he turned from this 'made up' self to what he really was, and then, the conversation started to become a bit scary for him.

From the moment he asked if Mikkel had ever killed anyone on, things went downhill. He described his chat with the woman, even the very flavor of her pie, her clothes, her voice tone, until he started to narrate, word by word, step by step, how he killed her. His words and how he coldly presented everything shocked the other, and this was only the beginning. Soon, they were talking about his fights at school, and then finally, Niels.

"... And do you want to know what I did after I said 'I love you', doctor?" he paused, only to be even more dramatic, his mouth now curled into that almost invisible grin and his eyes glimmering with that dark aura again. "I stood up from my chair." his grin widened a bit; he stood up, and silently walked to the doctor until they were face to face. "...and touched his cheeks. Have I told you, doctor, about his square jaw? His cheeks, always bright red? His deep blue eyes?" his voice would be soft, if it wasn't so deadly. He was having fun, indeed he was, and whoever was this guy to order him to tell out loud his whole life?

The doctor gasped a bit, as Mikkel's fingers trailed down his cheeks and mouth carefully told him how his actions went from the ones of a lover to the ones of a murder. And finally, when the young man slammed his hand on his chest, near his heart and whispered "I killed him.", he was sure he hitched a breath.

Satisfied with himself, he went back to his seat, the small grin quickly giving its place to the stoic face. "And that was it, doctor... But, say, after all I've told you about him, had I controlled myself, what could have happened?" he simply raised an eyebrow, faking innocence.

"I..." his smile was completely gone by now, and for that Mikkel was glad. How annoying that was... The sick and horrified face looked better. "You are dismissed." he simply hissed, waving his hand, his face hidden behind his other hand.

"Thank you." he bowed out of courtesy before taking his messenger bag from the floor and walking away, quickly waving good-bye to the now speechless and obviously scared doctor.



((This has turned out far bigger than I expected or wanted, but I don't know how to make it shorter. Sorry. Also, I didn't include Iceland, to give whoever plays him a bit more freedom. >u< ))

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Matthew Williams


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PostSubject: Re: Mikkel Syvertsen   Thu Apr 15, 2010 8:04 pm

Hello! Just here to post the mistakes I saw like I told you I would!

Illnesses: Bipolar Disorder not Maniac Depressive Disorder

Other Notes: “withdraw” should be “withdrawal”


First Paragraph:

- “Despite innocent looks, is remarkably sarcastic” add “he” before is

- “refusing” should be “refuses”

- “resume” should be “summarize”

- Add “be” after “they should”

Second Paragraph:

- “He gets annoyed and/or bored pretty easily, being very few activities and people able to keep his true attention for long enough (people get easily fooled by his blank expression, which he uses when he's bored but doesn't want to cut the person off).” -- This whole sentence was all over the place and confused me a bit. Here’s what I THINK it’s supposed to say:“He gets annoyed and/or bored pretty easily and he participates in very few activities. People aren’t able to keep his full attention, though they are easily fooled by the blank expression he uses when he is bored, and is just too polite to cut them off.”

- “Stands noise only until a certain degree, avoiding loud people and whoever makes far too many questions about him” should be something like: “He can only stand noise to a certain degree, and avoids loud people and people who ask him too many questions”

Third Paragraph:

- “especial” should be “special”

Fourth Paragraph:

- “making” should be “makes”

- “even if he doesn’t show” should be either “even if it doesn’t show” or “even if he doesn’t show it”

- “heavily acid” should be “heavily acidic”

- “ended in murdering” should be “ended in murder”


First Paragraph:

- “had always what” should be “had always had what”

- “only studied” should be “he only studied”

Second Paragraph:

- “an obedient kid” should be “he was an obedient kid”

- “but always leaning” should be “but always leaned”

- “his mother even swear that” should be “his mother even swore that”

Fourth Paragraph:

- “offer some chat with the boy” should be “offer some conversation to the boy”

- “nice with him” should be “nice to him”

- “cheerful tone of always” should be “cheerful tone as always”

Other Important Info: - “money was left from treatments” should be “money was left for treatments”

Roleplay Example:

Third Paragraph:

- “wouldn't leave the damn room so soon” should be “and he wouldn't get to leave the damn room so soon”

Fifth Paragraph:

- “Faen” what does this mean? I assume it’s in Norwegian, but you might want to make it clear what it means.

Sixth Paragraph:

- “his voice tone soft” should be “his tone of voice soft”

- I’m not sure what you’re trying to say here: “- begin as if he was sick but pleased to be receiving medical orders - to fool around.” You might want to just cut that line out and just say something like “a trick of his, making the doctor think he was pleased to be there, when really he was just fooling around.”

Eighth Paragraph:

- “to cause something on him” should be “to cause a change in his behavior”

Tenth Paragraph:

- “So now they'd be two playing?” should be “So now they’d both be playing mind games?”

Thirteenth Paragraph:

- “jeg elsker deg” the random Norwegian here throws off the flow of the paragraph. What he said in Norwegian should be just in English, since that will also make what happened more clear to the reader.

Minus the spelling/grammar/flow problems it was great! Good job! I hope this is of some help to you!
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Mikkel Syvertsen
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