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 William Sanfield

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William Sanfield

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PostSubject: William Sanfield   Thu Jun 10, 2010 8:51 pm

Player Info

You can call me Fay or Ivi ^^
I have gone by both in school
You can also call me William, Will, Bill, but please, please, please not Billiam

I am Thirteen, turning Fourteen on the thirtieth of June

Main E-mail:

n/a...I have a skype: XxseraphsanctuaryxX

Character Info


Full Name:
William Thomas John Croix Sanfield

Around sixteen.


Sexual Orientation:
Craves a bit of love; he doesn't have a preference as long as he gets a lot of attention so you could say gay or just curious.

Blood Type:

The 31st of March

Charlotte, St. Thomas


Father: John Sanfield [MIA]

Mother:Charlotte Sanfield [Deceased]

Siblings: Diana Sanfield (Younger sister) [Location unknown]

Patient Chart (for patients)

Panic Disorder, Post Traumatic Amnesia, Addiction to Heroin, Schizophrenia

Specific Symptoms:

~Has no memory about what happened to him up to three years before now
~Sometimes wakes up in the middle of the night with flashes of panic without reason
~Many broken veins in his left arm
~Gets nightmares that leaves him delirious in the morning
~Panic attacks cause severe mood swings
~Derealization: Sometimes sees things as though 'through my mother old wedding veil' or 'a pane of stained glass, I can see Mother Maria'
~Hot flashes and chills
~Severe Phobias
~Hearing and seeing things no one else does
~A feeling he's never really woken up

Reason for admission to hospital:

Reported to police of a young man 'raging through the streets, howling like a wounded animal and then laughing like a maniac...when found, he held up a needle of what was obviously some illegal substance' After trying to inject heroin into the nearest officer, he was sent to the nearest asylum and kept getting deported, one mental institution at a time...

Medication(s) if applicable:

~Herbal tea of sage and crushed rosemary each morning before any other means of nourishment
~Chlorpromazine (Thorazine) [Pill Form]
~Olanzapine (Zyprexa) [Pill Form or Shots]

Other notes:

Hospitalized for:
Just arrived;
Has been hospitalized in other institutions for about two years

Criminal Record:

~Dealing with heroin [list year 2008]
~Minour in possession of a gun [list year 2009]
~Rape (Location; USA) [list year 2010] Victim was a 15 year old local.


Height: Five Feet Six Inches; 167.6 Centimetres

Weight:121 lbs

Hair: A silky dark brown that curls easily and falls to just above his shoulders

Eyes: Pale icy blue that has a light in it that never dims

Body Type: Slim enough; he was pudgy as a child

Since he came to the states William has kept it formal. Along with a silver wristwatch, he usually seen wearing a white button up with an intricate, winged cross on the back and dark grey jeans. Either dark brown Vans or sandals count as footwear.

Other notable attributes/unique traits:

~Do his eyes look like a madman's? No? Go check your own eyesight.
~His left arm is full of bruises and some scars just won't heal
~He is, ironically, NOT a virgin

Picture (esp. if OC):

"The Little Boy Who Never Grew Up"
Initially, all friendly little Bill wants to do is make friends; the catch is that he tends to do it in ways unflattering to 'normal' people, and a spoiled childhood never helped. He usually tries to grab the person and hug them; if any resistance is made at all or if the favour is not returned, William faces severe anger or hurt, often a mixture of both. The road to Hell is indeed paved with good intentions; panic attacks make Bill's mood and temper very thin, and very delicate. A simple touch and it would shatter. It is quite easy for him to either try to kill someone or otherwise to curl into a fetal position and start crying. Like a young child, he has absolutely no control over his emotions.

William understands not the difference between sex and love; as he had heard, sexual activity was the biggest demonstration of love and trust that could happen, and indeed he took it the wrong way. He believed strongly in religion when he was younger, but now he latches onto the ultimate idea of unconditional love and tries to find it through the wrong ways. You could say it's an unhealthy obsession.

William was born under very fortunate circumstances; the Virgin Islands have long been known as Paradise on Earth and the little boy spent his childhood days chasing after exotic butterflies and savouring the taste of tropical fruits. He learnt how to play the ukulele, how to surf, how to identify one poisoned centipede from another, was a very happy child indeed, as everyone on his Island, St Thomas, knew and loved him and was his family. His mother loved him most of all, but he was an only child and she loved him too much. As he grew up, she continued to shower him with gifts, whatever he wanted, just to see that beautiful smile light up his face, in the way that the sun lights up the islands. As he grew up to be an older child and go to school, he kicked and fussed.

After a while, he made so much trouble that he was sent home. His mother had gone off to help their neighbours. His father was the only one home, and as fate had it, he had lost his job. Stressed, upset, and now furious, he beat his son and locked him into his closet. When his mother came home, he told her that William had been invited over to a friend's house, and she asked no further questions.

Other Important Info:

~William isn't looking to be a gay wad...but he is insanely curious about how other guys feel.
~He has a weakness for childish games and anyone who wants to spend some time with him; unfortunately it's this that makes people want to avoid him

Roleplay Sample:

Sparkling sunlight splashed into the room through the small crevices in between the rich navy blue of the curtains, which sought to quickly cover the bright beams; the damage was done. A teenage boy sat bolt upright in bed, staring at the sunlight as though transfixed towards it. Did William really see what others saw? No. Whatever he saw, he could not look away from it, and though he woke physically, his dream seeped out into reality and trickled on as though nothing had happened. Those pale blue, watery orbs grew wider and wider, the sunlight's reflection acting like electricity, and then he quietly slipped out of bed, as though possessed. Pale fingertips reaches up to touch the glass. He heard a faint music out of it....tinkling, sparkling melodies. Like out of an old music box, something precious and old...

Then the glass shattered, and William fell back with a soft shriek, eyes snapping open wider. IT was not the window that had broken, nor the glass inside. It was the veil of derealization that had shrouded his blue orbs, and he looked around disbelievingly, wondering where he was. Then he remembered. He was in this room, quite naturally, because he would be moved to yet another hospital tomorrow. And all he'd done was win the love of a darling little girl. Like it was really his fault...

Quietly, he got up, looking around. There was no one inside the room but him. Did that mean he wouldn't have to take his pills? He sure hoped so. Looking back quickly before he saw someone, he looked out gingerly into the hallway, not caring (or rather, not knowing nor remembering) that he was just halfway dressed.

He ran.
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William Sanfield
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