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 Tina Väinämöinen

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Tina Väinämöinen
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17 • October 16th

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Full Name
Tina Väinämöinen



Sexual Orientation
Straight, but does not seek romantic relationships

Blood Type

12/6 (December 6, 1985)

Helsinki, Finland


Aleksanteri Väinämöinen

Maaria Heikkinen-Väinämöinen (deceased)



Job Application

Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse

Mon-Friday - 5 PM-5AM, free weekends

Adults or Youth?
No specific age group, but primarily adults in the evening

Other notes
• Fluent in Finnish and English, understands and speaks some Swedish and Estonian; often looks into other languages for communication purposes with patients
• Has a tendency to become extremely attached to patients or coworkers alike, and is therefore usually kept from the more difficult or 'dangerous' patients

Working at APH:
Three years

Patient Chart
(available from Tina's previous time as a patient)

• Anxiety/Panic Disorder
• Disinhibited Attachment Disorder
• Alcohol Dependence

Specific Symptoms:
• Chronic anxiety with mild mood swings
• Frequent, often severe panic attacks
• Irrational and obsessive worry over phobia(s)
• Easily fatigued, sometimes experiences random black outs
• Becomes easily attached; seeks comfort and attention from anyone without discrimination, typically strangers, extremely dependent once a relationship is formed

Reason for admission to hospital:
Therapy for various anxiety disorders and rehab for alcoholism.

Medication(s) if applicable:
• Tianeptine (Stablon) - still taken presently
• Intravenous Therapy

Other notes:
• Often neglects to take medication, whether on purpose or out of forgetfulness
• Should not be allowed near alcohol at any time during treatment

Hospitalized for:
Two years

Criminal Record


5'5" (165 cm)

143 lbs.

Ash blond, just above shoulders, side swept bangs


Body Type
Petite, rounded and somewhat soft-bodied, but stronger than she looks

In the hospital, wears the standard nurse's uniform in dress form; outside of work dresses in a cuter fashion but nothing too flashy, with lots of blues

Other notable attributes/unique traits
• Has a bad habit of chewing on things when nervous, usually her lip
• Suffers autophobia, an irrational and hyperactive fear of abandonment
• Never seen without her silver cross pendant


Tina could easily have one of the most magnetic personalities in the hospital if only she could correctly express herself; beneath the cheerful, carefree front she puts up lie a multitude of insecurities and suppressed social needs. Her work ethic is driven by a need to be the sensible and mature one, though she is somewhat of a child trapped in an adult's body-- she adores cute things and Christmastime and candy, is a hopeless romantic and has a bit of a motormouth and at times an immature temper, never able to stay composed in an argument for long without pouting. Despite all this, she tries to act her age, but usually comes off as more of a pushover than a potential friend with her eager-to-please attitude. It's just something she can't help, as shy as she is and being incredibly hard on herself and her faults, but she clearly has a big heart and tends to bond best with patients rather than staff. This is where the real problem lies.
With her disorder, Tina has a tendency to become easily attached to patients she spends far too long around, and it's usually seen to that because of this she doesn't end up tending to the 'bad crowd'. She has intense cravings for attention and a constant, puppy-like need for approval from everyone and anyone, and gets especially clingy and childish when she realizes she's being ignored. She can also come off as seriously oblivious, but this isn't so-- she's very perceptive and sees this as one of her best traits.
She'd also like to think that her frequent breakdowns have no bearing on her personality, but it's obvious in certain situations when she's carefully watching her words to avoid going into some sort of hysterics-- the Finn is more vulnerable and easier to read than she prefers. However, her personality does quite a scary flip when she's intoxicated.

Tina knows that she was born unlucky-- to this day she still humbly acknowledges it with a smile. The moment her life began, her mother's life ended, and she became the first 'mistake' on an otherwise perfect family record.
Her parents were often said to have been one of the purest examples of love you could find; never had their marriage come under any sort of strain. They were both happily settled where they were in Helsinki, Finland, at the peaks of their careers and ready to start a family of their own. Clearly their goal didn't end well, and Tina's birth was considered more of a curse than any sort of blessing-- her father hit rock bottom when his wife died, losing his job and his pride and his faith in life and blaming it all on his only child.
Blame turned into routine verbal abuse, and abuse turned into outright neglect; she was too young to understand why but not so much that she didn't understand he had no affection for her whatsoever. But since he was all she had, Tina couldn't help attaching herself to him, even when he pushed her away. Eventually as she grew older, she began to distance herself and come out of her shell in public, befriending a few other kids from school and developing unnaturally close bonds with other neighbors that gave her the attention she desired. Whenever her father traveled to Tallinn for work, which was frequently, she would spend time with an Estonian boy named Eduard von Bock, who quickly became her best friend. The two were inseperable until the day the von Bocks moved without explanation, which just became another emotional scar for her. When Tina hit her teens, she became a little less naive and had her first taste of alcohol-- it quickly became an addiction. Her unfortunate genes insisted that her body crave it on the clock, and her amount of consumption only added to her emotional problems; she became out of control and too much for a single father to handle-- and yet, it was the perfect opportunity to send her away. And so he did, shipping her off to America for 'proper treatment' into Axis Psychiatric.
After a few years of 'recovery'-- which she shamelessly feigned, and still keeps hidden-- Tina showed an interest in working there; experiencing such a miserable place for herself was a sort of eye-opener and thus she applied for the necessary training to become the nurse she is today.

Other Important Info
• Does not, under any circumstance, like talking about her own history
• Is a bit of a nationalist; it's best not to discuss sports with her for personal safety reasons
• Knows how to handle a sniper rifle quite well-- though it's just for show and threats, she'll likely never use it
• Incredibly moody and violent when drunk
• The name of her dog, who she obtained after hospital release, is a result of one of these drunken instances

Roleplay Sample
The first few moments of waiting were a killer, every tinny ring in her ear seeming more distant than the last. Waiting for someone to do something as simple as pick up the phone could be the longest two or three or ten minutes of one's life, Tina knew, and with each second that ticked by she grew ever more apprehensive. There was a funny feeling in her stomach-- tense, but expectant, though of what she wasn't sure until the other end finally picked up with a wary greeting.

"Isi!" she cooed happily into the mouthpiece, toes curling on the edge of the bed with excitement. She shifted upward on her pillows, slowly and carefully so as not to disturb the IV trailing from her dainty arm. A pause followed her exclamation, but this was normal, too normal to be awkward anymore.

"How are you?" the girl tried again shyly, averting her eyes from the curious stare of her doctor-- she always carried on phone calls with her father in Finnish as it was the closest she would get to privacy in here. It was hard to read her expression as she listened to the vague response he gave, so intently, savoring every bit of his voice that he would offer; her eyes were wide with childlike glee, and yet empty as violet, decorative bottles.

As was routine with the two, the conversation carried on in a onesided manner-- Tina would talk and he would respond in undisguised exasperation, and all the while she smiled away as if nothing were wrong though she knew perfectly well he wasn't listening. He never listened. But that was okay with her.
"I'll be coming home any day now." she informed with strained happiness, leaning her head back against the wall. "Are you excited? I've missed everyone. I'm doing a lot better, yeah? S-so..." More silence. A sigh. She wasn't shaking, she definitely wasn't about to cry. "I can't wait to see you, isi."

It was lucky for her that no one could understand her and just how much weight these silences really put on.
The sad excuse of a call lasted for another ten minutes before the man on the other end finally gave up, giving clipped and formal good-byes to his only daughter, who grinned and nodded and trembled and wanted a drink like never before.

"Okay, isi, I love y--"


The last few moments of silence were deafening. Tina knew, all too well.

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Tina Väinämöinen
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