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 Braginski, Yekaterina - wip

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Yekaterina Braginski

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PostSubject: Braginski, Yekaterina - wip   Sat Jun 12, 2010 11:27 pm

Player Info

Name: Skye, or Ciel, is what you may call me.
Age/Birthday: Fifteen -- march nineteenth, nineteen ninety-five.
Main E-mail:
MSN/AIM: The same as my main email.

Character Info


Full Name: Yekaterina Braginski
Age: Twenty-nine
Date of Birth: August twenty-fourth
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Blood Type: Type A
Hometown: Kiev, Ukrainian SSR, Soviet Union


  • Mikhailo Tischenk [biological father: deceased]
  • Vadim Braginski [adoptive father: desceased, alleged suicide]

  • Hanna Tischenk, neé Kovalevsky [biological mother: current status unknown]
  • Zoya Braginski [adoptive mother: desceased, alleged suicide]

  • Ivan Braginski [younger, adoptive brother]
  • Natalia Arlovskaya [younger, adoptive sister]

Patient Chart

  • Dependent personality disorder
    - links to: Self-defeating personality disorder
  • Tourette’s disorder

Specific symptoms
  • Patient suffers from infrequent episodes of chronic depression, which can occur from a few days to weeks at a time. During these episodes, symptoms are generally worsened, along with added symptoms of insomnia and poor appetite. It is important that the patient continue her regular daily schedule as any normal day
  • Patient has a recurring feeling of hopelessness, and has the belief that she is in a cold, dangerous world, which she is unable to cope with on her own. She has a tendency to cling to people whom she believes can protect her, whether it be nurses or other patients. It is noted that she should be removed from the presence of those who may possibly pose a threat to her well being
  • Examination of behaviour indicates that patient is drawn towards dangerous people. Examination has also proved that patient makes compulsive decisions
  • Motor and verbal tics, which generally worsen in episodes along with patient's menstruation cycle

    NOTE: Medicine must either be dissolved in liquids or hidden in food.
  • Morning (between 06:30 and 07:00)
    15mg dose of Mellaril
    50mg dose of Luvox
    10mg dose of Valium
    3mg dose of Tenex
  • Afternoon (between 11:00 and 12:30)
    15mg dose of Mellaril
  • Evening (between 16:00 and 17:00)
    15mg dose of Mellaril
  • Bed (at exactly 19:30, half an hour prior to bed)
    10mg dose of Valium

Other notes
  • Patient is recommended to attend psychotherapy in small groups, but solo sessions are acceptable under certain circumstances
  • Patient is extremely vulnerable to Seasonal Affective Disorder during winter, and will usually have a lack of energy and fatigue during the daytime. It is important to keep her in tune with her usual sleeping schedule, and to not let her oversleep. Phototherapy may need to be used in certain cases of SAD
  • Patient has an acute fear of being alone, severe to be catigorized as monophobia. At all times, the patient must be accompanied for simple, everyday activities, and if left alone, patient will revert to a ‘child-like’ state, begging and crying
  • Patient doesn't pose a threat to anyone other than herself

Reason for admission to hospital: Various forms of therapy for treatment to help her get back on her feet, as well as the safety of her own being.

Hospitalized for: Eighteen months


Height: One hundred sixty-two centimetres; five foot four inches
Weight: Fifty-six kilograms; one hundred twenty-three pounds
Hair: Cropped, maize-coloured hair, kept out of her eyes with hair pins and a pale yellow head band
Eyes: A light, denim blue, with flecks of green around the pupil
Body Type: Narrow hips and wide shoulders; busty. Upper body strength is apparent
Clothing: It isn’t uncommon for Yekaterina to dress up in one of the few dresses that she owns when meeting new people—she says that she’ll leave a better impression on them if she doesn’t look like a katsap. Despite that, she currently refuses to wear anything but pyjamas on any other occasion
Other notable attributes/unique traits
  • Yekaterina has her ears pierced, but only owns one pair of earrings, gold studs in the shape of buttons. She often fiddles with them at any given time, not out of nervousness, but out of habit
  • She has a rather large chest, which causes problems with her back


Yekaterina is an awfully sensitive woman, vulnerable to her surroundings. She is very much a crybaby, tears springing to her eyes at almost any times, whether it is out of happiness or misery, and at the worst of times, she feels hopeless when she falls into depression. Despite herself, Yekaterina’s sensitivity does not stop her terrible habit of killing her own spirit. Her desperation from this state, and her past, leads her into believing foolish things: I am worthless, and I will only be of worth to anyone when I dedicate myself to them.

She has been taught, ever since she was young, that in order to be love, she must love. This has become somewhat of a motherly instinct for Yekaterina—she loves regardless, and values the close relationships with others. But what is love? She found herself questioning what she had been told. Of course, ‘love’ has hurt her, but she has never, ever expected her love to be reciprocated—she is naive to believe that these people genuinely love her back, but whether they do or not solely depends on the person.

She acts oddly at times, but only during specific, rare occurrences that are bound not to occur in the hospital.


Other Important Info

  • Yekaterina understands a handful of languages, mainly those spoken in Eastern Europe—Ukrainian, Russian, and Belarusian. She is also gradually learning English. She hasn’t spoken Belarusian for many years, though, so she struggles with the language
  • Along with monophobia, Yekaterina suffers from mysophobia. She does not like anyone cleaning her room, as she claims that their hands are ‘dirty’, and doesn’t trust their understanding of cleanliness
  • She has a habit of not paying attention to details, and is often called scatterbrained because of this

Roleplay Sample
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Braginski, Yekaterina - wip
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