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 Hospital Staff/Job List

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PostSubject: Hospital Staff/Job List   Wed Jun 23, 2010 4:52 pm

This is a list of the staff and patients, which would be easier to read rather then looking at the profile lists. When it comes to the staff, below will be their name and their job in the hospital.

Isaak Kästner // Regional head; Doctor/Therapist. He's licensed to do just about anything in the hospital.

Tina Väinämöinen // Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse

Feliks Łukasiewicz // Substance Abuse Counselor

Erin O'Reilly // Hospital Security

Antonio Carriedo // Nurse

Francis Bonnefoy // Psychiatric Nurse

Im Yong Soo // Psychiatric Nurse (in training!)

Eduard von Bock // Psychiatrist

Gilbert Beilschmidt // Forensic Psychologist/Psychologist

Ludwig Eichmann // Physician/Psychologist

Heracles Karpusi // Humanistic Therapist

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Hospital Staff/Job List
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