The place where people go to die.
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 Ivan Braginski [WIP]

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Ivan Braginski


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PostSubject: Ivan Braginski [WIP]   Sat Jun 26, 2010 5:31 pm

Player Info

Name: Taylor
Age/Birthday: 20
Main E-mail:
MSN/AIM: // ---

Character Info


Full Name: Ivan Braginski
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Homosexual
Blood Type: AB-
Birthday: December 30th, 1984
Hometown: Novgorod, Russia


☭ Vadim Braginski (Deceased—alleged suicide)

☭ Zoya Braginski (Deceased—alleged suicide)

☭ Yekaterina Braginski (older, adopted sister)
☭ Natalia Arlovskaya (younger, adopted sister)

Job Application

Occupation: Asylum Director
Shift: ---
Adults or Youth?: ---

☭ Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)
☭ Sociopathy
☭ Bipolar Disorder
☭ Sadomasochism

Specific Symptoms:
☭ Fluxes between extreme anger and depression with high amounts of anxiety.
☭ Affected sexually by the sight of others in pain.
☭ Paranoid—almost schizophrenic.

Medication(s) if applicable: ---

Criminal Record

☭ Andrei Sidorov – former lover; deceased. Died from asphyxiation.
☭ Dmitri Vasiliev – former lover; deceased. Died from excessive hemorrhaging.

Other notes:
☭ Has the twisted sense of showing “love”. To him, love is pain, and if you try to say otherwise you’ll get what’s coming to you… without the love.
☭ Never actually wants to kill anyone, even though he’s done so on accident in the past—just wants to “punish” people when they’re “bad”.
☭ Suspected of murdering his patients even though he actually hasn’t.


Height: 6’0”
Weight: 186lbs
Hair: Light, pale blond
Eyes: Lavender
Body Type: Slightly chubby with a large frame. He’s on the “big” side, but not exactly “fat” either.
Clothing: Usually wears just what he can, but always has a coat and the scarf his older, adopted sister made. Seems to never take it off.

Other notable attributes/unique traits:
☭ Has a rather large nose which he gets made fun of for which he tries to cover up with his scarf at times, self-conscious about being teased again even in his older years.
☭ He has a secret (and large) flask of what seems to be vodka.



(Your character's personality. At least two to four paragraphs.)


(Your character's history. At least two to four paragraphs.)

Other Important Info:

☭ Due to his love of anything floral, he keeps a potted sunflower on his desk, as well as calendars and pictures of sunny, green places scattered all around his office.

Roleplay Sample:

(at least two to four paragraphs, in the setting of your choice, as long as it‘s relevant.)[/color]
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Ivan Braginski [WIP]
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