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 Kirkland, "Riley" Steven

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Steven "Riley" Kirkland


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PostSubject: Kirkland, "Riley" Steven   Wed Jun 30, 2010 8:41 pm

Player Info

Name: Kyla or Sunshine is also a nickname I'll respond to.

Age/Birthday: I'm fifteen years old; I was born on 22nd day of February of 1995.

Main E-mail: / Steven's -


Character Info


Full Name: Steven "Riley" Charles Kirkland

Age: eighteen

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual, leaning closer to females then males. (But that could change, or not)

Blood Type: AB +

Birthday: January 26th

Hometown: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia / Wellington, New Zealand


Father: Aaidan Kirkland {Desceased, Stroke.]

Mother: Sabrina Kirkland

Siblings: Brother. [New Zealand]

Maybe a close relative related to Arthur Kirkland and his siblings.

Parents divorced.

Patient Chart (for patients)


Histrionic Personality Disorder - excessive emotionality and attention-seeking.

Beginning/Mind Cyclothymia - Extremely outgoing, competitive and great deal of energy. Yet depressive and self-criticism or quick temper, shown through two episodes/phases.

Impulse control disorder – Pyromania (Almost extreme)

Specific Symptoms:

Euphoric Phase

Rapid speech
Sexual desire
Risky behaviour

During Dysthymic Phase

Problems concentrating
Quick Temper
Social Withdrawal

- An excessive impulse to start fires
- Increases Euphoria which is a profound sense of well-being or transcendent state of happiness or overwhelming sense of awe.

Reason for admission to hospital: court order, request of family and family doctor.

Medication(s) if applicable:
Dopamine, Pill form taken once day.
Antidepressant, Citalopram (Celexa) 40 mg per day.
Psychotherapy secessions

Other notes:
Cannot go twenty-four hours without music or he will launch into his Dysthymic phase, always has IPod on person.

Hospitalized for: Just arrived, previous hospitalized at Wesley Hospital for four months.

Criminal Record

- Arson of Family home
- Assault and setting fire to peer’s hair. Lana Marks.
- Setting fire to neighbour’s garden.
- Setting fire to parent/family property


Height: 5'8

Weight: 140 pounds

Hair: Brunette, swept back out his eyes, side part and held with gel.

Eyes: deep green, surrounded by dark lashes

Body Type:

Well built, as a young teenager he played sports; swimming and rugby along with surfing which were his favourite. He started lifting weights at the age of fourteen and continued until he was placed in his first hospital.


Most times you can find Steven wearing kacky cargo pants and a tanktop, belts are a maybe but the tanktop is always a dark colour. He loves hats and collects them, yet is never seen with a hat on. Most hats he has are 'dundy' styled hats that have a string around for tighting but the closest you'll see him with a hat on is using these string to hand it around his neck, displaying the hat hanging behind him.

Other notable attributes/unique traits:

₪Picture (esp. if OC):


Loud and biting down, phase one

Cocky and sarcastic like a real teenager; Steven’s not afraid to speak his opinions of anyone or anything out loud. He often says things without thinking or rather bluntly; with his sense of humour he gets in worse situations possible and ends up offending people or worse getting beaten to death.

Touchy and sympathetic ; Steven can be a real fun guy to be around, his love for physical sports such as football and rugby as moulded him into a touchy-feely person. Physical contact like hugs, pats on the arm or squeezing of the hand are often present. Steven had been the backbone of most of his friendships which he had to give advice and comfort so bursting into tears in front of him is okay. His first reaction is to reach out and help.

Manly and his Sexual desire; Steven’s ego is rather large; Seeming as his past high school social ladder had put him as one of the sexiest of the students. He attempts to keep this state of masculinity; pumping iron and keeping himself in shape are now automatic to him such as breathing is. His slight egocentric attitude makes him think he’s able to woo anyone just by talking (Because of his Australian accent.) He seems a rather womanizer but once he actually falls for someone...

Inner battles and the voices that say horrible things. phase two

Needy and desperate for friends, He won’t let you walk all over you but he once he finds friends he has to be told he’s important in some way. His consent need for a social group or at least to talk to someone can be very present or not there at all; Seven’s withdrawal from his social group happens once or twice a week, He’ll saunter off because he thinks he can do fine on his own but he’ll come running back sooner or later.

Guilty and self-hatred, sometimes he believes he isn’t worth anything at all. Steven burrows himself into a deep hole of self-loathing. Steven believes when he’s in this state that he himself is the ugliest thing alive. He’ll pull at his skin and scratch is arms until they bleed. His face as well, especially the bridge of his nose. He'll pull at it and rip whole parts of skin off his face, he'll pretend not to know why he's doing it. But has confessed he hates the way he looks, hense wanting to rip it off.

Patriotic and quick temper, when he’s in the dysthymic phase he tends to get upset over the tiniest things. Especially when it’s negative things about his heritage, he holds being Australian proudly on his shoulders. Also a lot of the current environment problems tend to upset him, he hates how human beings treat the earth and how they don’t care for animals and the earth like they are supposed to. But he is quite hypocritical seeming as he sets trees and grass on fire just to see the flames.


Steven was a rather a normal teenager, his parents were barely home; he got to do whatever he wanted whenever he wanted, he got almost everything he wanted. Steven lived in a nice house, a pool all the coolest toys a teenage boy could get.

Steven was well liked in his school, getting into student council as Environmental president. He had a large group of friends and in that large group of friends was a girl by the name of Kayden, Steven and Kayden had met in elementary school, they had been friends ever since. During tenth grade he had finally come around to telling her about his feelings. Steven thought he found it all, he had a good life and was in deep love with Kayden

Steven they would all go hiking in the outback during the weekends. Steven and his friends had found an old forgotten shack; they decided to make it their camp out place. One night of camping at been rained out so they decided to make a fire, in order to heat themselves up. Kayden was inside the shack when it caught fire. Fire engulfed the surrounding area. Steven had tried to get her out of that shack, but the flame engulfed her. By the time he got to her she was gone, eaten alive by the fire. His friends had minor burns but Kayden was dead. It destroyed Steven, since then he had been obsessive with fire, a inner need to get over the fear.

Whenever he lights a match he has wash backs of her voice and her image in his head. Calmness comes over him. His Mother thought he had gone through too much, pulling him out of school for days at a time ideally to calm him down. This ended up with him setting their house on fire.

Sabrina had enough, everything Steven touched turned to ash before her own eyes, He began to have mental breakdowns, one moment he would be happy the next he’d be screaming and crying. But the same thing would be brought up again and again. Kayden.

Sabrina had no choice, she didn’t want to lose her Job, she was a workaholic and she couldn’t and wouldn’t stay home to take care of her son. After one of Steven’s episodes when ended in him lobbing a vase at his mother, missing her nearly. She called the doctor and he was committed to the mental society, a place called Wesley Hospital then he was transferred here...

Other Important Info: He will not respond to Steven. The name is taboo to him and will send him into rage. Steven will only answer to Riley. Riley was the nickname given to him by his Father during his childhood, his mother refused to use the nickname and due to Steven's resentment of his mother he will not tolerate being called 'Steven'

Roleplay Sample:

Steven knew what he was doing; he walked at a fast pace in front of his nurse. She was more excited in seeing this new country then paying attention to him. He thought this would be a good time to escape her and this hell he was supposed to be going to. That was a stupid thought as he felt her hand on his shoulder, she was going to get him there no matter what; he wasn’t going to lash out at her in public that wouldn’t be any better for him.

He was an Australian in a foreign country where trying to beat the living crap out of people got you arrested and thrown into a jail with totally different rules. Steven and his nurse where suddenly stopped by American airport guard. He asked them a few questions; Steven smirked slightly as he held a hand up to the nurse. She looked at him quizzically, wondering what he was doing. He spoke for her, answering all the questions his husky Australian accent, wrapping his tongue around the words and batting his think brown eyelashes at the guard.

“Well, aren’t we going somewhere.” He stated as he smiled at her, just fifteen minutes ago he had been angry and annoyed with her on the plane. She took his hand and lead him to the baggage revolver. They stood there in silence for quite sometime before his bag came around. Steven grabbed it and pulled it up over the silver metal surrounding the conveyer belt.

Steven was walked out of the airport and the both of them got into a taxi, an ugly yellow car with a dark tanned man sitting in the driver‘s seat. The nurse sat in the front seat and spoke quietly to the driver as he started the car. Steven sat in the back seat, his luggage in the trunk now. His eyes studied the inside of the car, landing on the seats last. A flicker of silver caught in his eyes, his hand dove into the opening between the actual seat and the backrest of the seat. When he pulled it out he was amazing, a small silver lighter lay in the palm of his hand, his deep green eyes widened and a smile pulled at his lips.

He stuffed the little source of fire into one of the pockets of his cargo Kacky pants; this new place maybe fun as long as I’ve got the right stuff for it. He thought running hand through his hair and smirking. “What’s the place again?” He asked as the nurse glanced back at him. She replied, calling the place ‘Axis Psychiatric Hospital’

“Axis Psychiatric Hospital.” Steven mused out loud, his eyes narrowing and smirk widening.

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Kirkland, "Riley" Steven
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