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 Feliciano Vargas

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Feliciano Vargas


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Player Info
Name: Caitlin

Age/Birthday: 19 // June 5th 1990

Main E-mail:


Character Info
Full Name: Feliciano Veneziano Vargas

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Blood Type: O

Birthday: March 17th

Hometown: Padua, Italy

Father: Renzo Vargas

Mother: Bianca Vargas

Stepfather: Travis Moore

Siblings: Lovino Vargas (older brother)

Patient Chart
Illness(es): ADHD, disorganized schizophrenia (hebephrenia), slight panic disorder

Specific Symptoms:
  • a bit hyperactive, always comes across as forgetful
  • extremely disorganized
  • known to have delusions or hallucinations if extremely stressed
  • makes statements that make absolutely no sense to anyone but him
  • has highly inappropriate reactions to situations (ex; laughing at something someone would normally cry about)
  • suffers from paranoia
  • cries frequently
  • extremely fidgety
  • uses the word "ve" when he speaks, though of course it isn't really a word, just something he made up

Reason for admission to hospital: treatment after the incident

Medication(s) if applicable:
  • Strattera
  • Olanzapine
  • Prozac Oral

Other notes:
  • also requires cognitive therapy
  • should exercise at least once a week to weaken side effects of medication
  • must be reminded by a nurse about appointments because he forgets his appointments easily or is likely to be late

Criminal Record
One charge of assault with a deadly weapon against classmate Elisabeth Richards.

Height: 172cm // 5"7

Weight: 132lbs

Hair: reddish brown

Eyes: amber brown

Body Type: average, not much muscle

Clothing: casual, very fashionable

Other notable attributes/unique traits:
  • has one flyaway curl that never goes away
  • has a hint of an Italian accent
  • being Italian, he talks with his hands a lot


Feliciano is an extremely cheerful boy. He may be 20 now, but he still acts childish. He is always bouncy and full of happiness. Most of the time he is also very optimistic, or likes to think of himself that way. Although he is kind, he doesn't like to take no for an answer from people. As a child, he was rather spoiled so is use to getting what he wants. Feliciano can be a bit of a suck up to people to get his way. He really loves being around people, but actually has few very close friends. Oddly, he is a bit of a flirt with girl.

Ever since he was younger, he was always very dependent on everyone else. He never grew out of it. Despite his dependencies, Feliciano really doesn't like listening to what most people tell him. He is a bit of a crybaby and panics easily in situations that he deems stressful or potentially harmful. Sometimes that can be the simplest of things. He tends to give up rather easy and puts his own safety above others most of the time.

Feliciano was born in a city called Padua, located in northern Italy. His family had only recently moved there a little while before he was born. He had one older sibling, Lovino, who was only a few years older than him. Ever since he was little, he was babied by his family members, especially his mother and grandfather on her side of the family. He may have not been the most intellegent child ever, but he was incrediably lovable. He liked the attention, even when he noticed Lovino never getting the same kind of attention.

In school, Feliciano had a few problems keeping up at the same pace as the other children in his class. He never wanted to focus. At first, his hyperactivity issues and lack of attention in classes were just taken as part of his cheerful, bouncy personality that he always displayed. However, the reasoning behind it was made clearer when he was taken to a doctor and diagnosed with ADHD. It was a little discouraging, but it really didn't matter to him. He was cheery and got over it, even if other kids made fun of him every so often. After this, Feliciano found the one thing that he could always focus on no matter what; art. He alway excelled over the other students in this subject. Making his family smile with his creations always made him happy. They were proud of his talent.

Unfortunately, things at home were not working out equally as well, no matter how happy he was personally. His mother and father were always distant from one another, or arguing. Eventually, the two seperated for good, getting a divorce. Both parents gained custody of one child. Lovino was to live with their father, Renzo, and Feliciano was to live with their mother, Bianca. It was very upsetting being ripped away from his brother and father. He rarely saw either of them after the divorce and missed them a lot, especially Lovino. Sadly, Feliciano's mother didn't have enough money to support the two of them on her own. They moved in with her father to help them out financially. Feliciano was happy to no end. He adored his grandfather, and his grandfather felt the same about him. He loved listening to his stories. Honestly, his grandfather was probably his favorite family member. Even as his mother started to go off trying to pick up a new man, he was always there for him.

That is why when his grandfather died , Feliciano was absolutely devistated. For a while, he would hardly talk to anyone, which was very out of character for himself. It took a while, but he regained his natural bounciness he was known for. After his grandfather's death, they also lost their home for a second time. Bianca needed to think quickly, and made the decision to move in with a man she had been seeing named Travis who promised to take care of them. He was moving back to the United States, so naturally the two had to move there as well. Feliciano really didn't think the man liked him much.

Moving to the United States was difficult. Feliciano always had trouble remembering lots of things he learned in school, including English. It was hard to go from speaking Italian all the time to everything being completely in English. He adapted slowly, having to take take more English classes than the other kids he knew. It was a little embarassing, but he honestly tried to not let it overwhelm him. His little speech problem began showing up around this time.

After a while it was evident that his suspicions were right, especially as he got older. His mother's boyfriend, soon to be his stepfather, didn't like him at all and wasn't afraid to say it to his face when Bianca wasn't around, no matter his age. It was so different from how he was used to being treated. Bianca didn't believe it when he told her. She knew he was a crybaby and figured it was probably him being that way as normal. From a young age, Feliciano was forced to do more chores than anyone else his age, even when it wasn't originally his job. Travis worked in the day while Bianca worked at night. He would often force him to do all those household tasks. This schedule went on for years.

As Feliciano grew older, Travis found even more things to dislike about his stepson. He wasn't athletic enough, popular enough, basically anything he wanted. The man was extremely discouraging about everything Feliciano enjoyed doing. Eventually, he gave up trying to get the older man's acceptance. Feliciano wasn't an aggressive person and didn't know what to do. Even his mother stopped standing up for him at one point. It didn't matter, she didn't see half of the verbal abuse that her son received from the man. She wasn't even there for the time he decided it would be a smart idea to actually hit his stepson a few times, nor did she believe him about the incident even when Feliciano was emotionally distressed for a while. He always wondered why she changed when she was around him. When they were alone she was still the same loving mother he knew.

It wasn't until after he graduated high school that his family, more specifically his mother, began admitting to themselves that there was something odd going on inside that head of his. His behaviors were always a bit out there, but it was a different kind of strange. Sometimes it was quite disturbing. Talking to things that couldn't speak back wasn't normal. He would always talk strange, among other things. Sometimes they had no clue what he was saying or what was going through his mind. New oddities were always popping up. They tried to brush it off. Teenagers always did odd things, right? Despite all this, Feliciano got accepted to a local university where he began studying art. Leaving home was hard, because he hated the thought of leaving his mother alone with his stepfather. Also, deep down, he had a small sinking feeling that he would be forgotten like she seemed to have forgotten his father and Lovino.

Things were going pretty well for Feliciano before the day that he landed himself in the Axis Psychiatric Hospital. There was a big art show coming up which was very stressful, it was obvious. After classes one day, he was in the studio with one of his female classmates. In a minor disgreement, the female began saying things that he didn't like. She was going to ruin everything he worked so hard for. Something inside him told him that he had to make her stop it. After a confrontation, the two were found shortly after, in the same studio. The girl suffered from numerous stab wounds and was unconcious while Feliciano was nearly having a fit of laughter. A pair of scissors with blood on them was found nearby.

Other Important Info
  • tends to lie, whether he means to or not
  • eats way too much for some reason, but his body doesn't show it
  • all of his problems went untreated for a rather long time

Roleplay Sample
This place was frustrating. Feliciano let out a small sigh, picking up a cerulean crayon from a pile in the center of the table. He began doodling squiggles aimlessly on a piece of paper in front of him. Crayons were fun and colorful, but not useful when trying to create something above the ability of what a second grader would make. Still, he couldn't, and wouldn't complain. It had taken a while for him to convince the nurses to even let him do things like this with others after what happened. He glanced to his right side. Sitting in the chair next to him, looking rather bored, was a pretty female nurse that looked very bored with her job at the moment. She had been assigned to sit here and watch him color, as silly as it sounded.

Feliciano turned over the piece of paper to the blank side free of colorful squiggles and shapes, gaining a small glance from the nurse. These crayons seemed a little boring still but he could make it work. Afterall, this was to be a gift. He shifted slightly in his chair, enough to get a better look at the woman in next to him. It took some looks that might have been considered creepy, but luckily for him, she really didn't seem to be paying attention still. Carefully choosing his colors (luckily, this hospital bought one of the sets with at least 100 colors), Feliciano began sketching before looking down at his finished work of art with a big grin on his face.

Placing his crayon down on the table lightly, he turned to the nurse, gaining her full attention now. Smile still evident on his face, he offered the piece of paper in her direction. "Miss~",he said in a playful tone, "You were so pretty that I had to draw this for you." Feliciano placed the drawing of the woman herself on the table in front of her. After a moment's examination, she returned the smile. The effort was worth it.
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Feliciano Vargas
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