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 Vash Zwingli - Switzerland - Hospital Security - DONE!

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Vash Zwingli

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PostSubject: Vash Zwingli - Switzerland - Hospital Security - DONE!   Wed Jul 07, 2010 6:23 am

Player Info


Lunar Eclipse, but Lune or Luney works fine. >>


I'm currently 16, but when August 11th comes, I'm going to be 17~

Main E-mail:


AIM: LunedEclipse (Although, this... I don't use often. Your best chance is to PM me, or catch me on Hotmail.)

Character Info


Full Name:

Vash Ulrich Zwingli





Sexual Orientation:

... Bisexual, but he's does not say in public. Actually, he doesn't say anything about his Sexual Orientation in public.

Blood Type:

Type B+


August 1st


Bern, Switzerland



Axel Ulrich Zwingli ( Deceased ; unknown reason. )


Samanthe Hanna Acklin-Zwingli ( Deceased ; Cancer. )


N/A ; none.

Job Application


Hospital Security Team, Apprentice.



Adults or Youth?:

N/A; Everyone, much.

Other notes:

& Vash has Xenophobia, a fear of Strangers or Foreigners, or anything related to them.
& He also has Gymnophobia, which is a fear of nudity or nakedness, and becomes trigger-crazy when he sees something like that.
& Last, but not least, this Swiss has a hard time controlling his temper, and has OCPD, although now, it's a bit weaker.
-OCPD means obsessive-compulsive personality disorder, and it is basically a obsession with perfection, rules, and organization.

Working at APH:

Almost a full Year.

Criminal Record

Except for a few, non-fatal shootings, Vash's criminal record is surprisingly clean.
The only shootings he was noted for was when naked people streaked across the places he had lived in before.



He hasn't checked in a while, but estimated, about 5'5".


157lb. Being a part of the Security, he's managed himself quite fit.


Vash has a pasty-blonde, short, chin-length bob hair.


It's a rather interesting eye colour, really. Near the pupil, it is dark, forest green, while as it goes outer into the white, it becomes more lighter, into more brilliant, vibrant shade.

Body Type:

Even though Vash is in the team of Hospital Security, he is not all that tall or intimidating from his body - most of the intimidation comes from his soul and spirit. Rather, he is kind of short and petite, and is lean, most of his muscles not showing at all. And as much as he would like to believe that he comes off with a big aura, he doesn't.


He doesn't really care about clothes much, but focuses on his work more. If seen usually, however, on duty, he wears a light-green jacket on top with a grey or white shirt underneath, along with brown or beige pants. He cares for formality more than just random clothes, and has more suits, crisp and well-ironed, than just shirts and jeans. If not wearing his usual green and brown uniform, he can be seen with a brown jacket instead of a green one, but... That's all special about his clothing. Sometimes, he sports a white cap, but not always - he doesn't like getting it dirty.

Other notable attributes/unique traits:

Nothing in particular, but the Swiss does have a cross-shaped scar on his left shoulder. Because he doesn't show it, almost no one knows of the fact that it's there, since he covers it with long sleeve shirts, even in Summertime, and keeps to himself mostly. Along with the cross-shaped pin on his uniform, he also has a golden cross necklace, beneathe all the layers of clothes he wears.

Picture (esp. if OC): Please, See For Yourself.


First off, Vash's personality is not a very easy one to understand. It's a rather peculiar mixture, and it's something that he himself is actually kind of proud of. Because of his hard times before, he built up immunity, almost to say, so harsh words and rude comments doesn't affect him anymore - he just brushes them off usually, without any other thought. And even though this might sound mean to others, but it must be said: he doesn't really care for others, on the outside. All you see is a cold, demanding, and impatient young man with a very obvious future - to spend his knowledge, money, and time on mechanics, guns, or weaponry, seeing as how he is very talented in both handling and making them. That's one of the more important reasons why he was picked to become an Apprentice for the Hospital Security team - it was also very rare, in many cases because of his rather young age. But that wasn't the only reason, and neither will it be always. There are many reasons behind the serious, cool facade the Swiss has on the outside. Like everyone, you must dig in deeper to the heart, the soul, to find out the last things the person holds in secretive crevices of the heart, where no one might have never been.

Vash had never been the one to go and approach others for help, or for their friendship, for the matter. In fact, this blonde never asked anyone for anything, and wants to believe that he can handle situations all by himself. It's just a matter of time, he used to say, over and over again. And now that he's passed his teen stage and becoming an adult, the hardships and the worry is etched across his usual demeanor, and he becomes a bit rude sometimes, when someone asks if he needs help or such. Even though his independent personality grew when he began to live without parents, it didn't work, or it wasn't in specific effect when he was in that stage. Now, he is feeling the weight of everything on his shoulders, and work is the first priority the Swiss has. Vash is very much worried about his future, but of course, he hides in deep below his skin, so all you can see is the fake, false facade he puts up instead of the inwardly side he actually possess.

However, on the inside, it's completely different. You can see the worries he has - how he's going to put up with the people at the Hospital, his job, and his future. Especially the latter. If you do see his real side, though, you would pity him. You can see how much he's a inexperienced, incomplete, young man, a stranger to even himself. It's not hard to see the hardships and terrible experiences he's gone through, either. The key word here, is that Vash is totally and incredibly uncertain of his life, and what he had done in the past, it doesn't play a major role in what he must be going through now. Thankfully, he's slowly learning to become patient and calm, but it will take definite time, and no one knows when. Antisocial problem is yet another thing the Swiss must tackle face-on, and stand his ground - he never got along with others, and will never get along unless he breaks that habit. But, sadly, it's not as easy as it sounds - no habit is easy to break.

Oh, and there's another very obvious thing you can recognize from Vash - he is a complete and total cheapskate, and always buys the cheapest items imaginable, and his intimidating glare also helps with the bargaining he might be needing. Even though he get some money by selling some of his ammunition and guns, or helping another understand them and earn money, wasting money is not a good thing for the Swiss, and when he sees people like that, he will go all mad at them, saying something about being so wasteful. He's not exactly frugal, per se, but he does reuse his items or the things he has a lot, and hates to use money when it is not needed. Sometimes, when people ask him why he buys the cheapest cheese or food, he just covers it up and snaps at them that he likes the flavour, not the fact that it's cheap. Of course, it's kind of obvious that he's trying to cover it up, but almost no one has told him that, fearing the consequences they would be facing later on.

Another very important reason why he becomes so trigger-crazy when he sees nakedness or when he's naked is because, he feels very ashamed and embarrassed, and also very showing to the others. He feels like there's nothing to protect him, or nothing to cover him from the others.


Vash Ulrich Zwingli was born in Bern, Switzerland, the capital. He wasn't rich, or poor either, but had a happy life with his parents, who wanted the best for their baby boy. So with all that they had, they tried to raise him very well, with lots of good education and such. However, it didn't really go that way as the young boy became to be very, very curious. Wandering into his Father's room, he found a gun in a very shiny glass case, and began to become infatuated with the damned weaponry, sometimes even sneaking out of his room and running when the others were asleep to press his nose against the barrier and wish to touch the cool metal, something that was his dream when he was younger. But that all changed when his Father died, the next day. Now, Vash wasn't a very clingy boy when it came to items or presents, but it was his Birthday the next day, and he wanted the gun for himself. His Mother disagreed to her farthest patience, and his Father disagreed as well, which led to the blonde boy becoming more clingy and whiny, a situation in which the parents both were wishing that it would not happen.

This is a small experience in his heart, but he still remembers a childhood friend, a dear little girl, Lili. As much as he doesn't really remember the whole story fully, he will recognize her when seen, and hopes to keep the nice relation of friends they had when they were young. Vash never understood her full behaviour or such, or even calling him 'Brother', which he wasn't, but he never complained - actually, it felt kind of nice to think that he had a 'Sister' to watch over.

So, with some disagreement in his heart, the Father set out for the market, trying to buy a fake, toy gun for his Son - so at least until he grows up and realizes that it wasn't real, it would keep him content. And it did, really - Vash was very happy with the toy gun, and was rarely seen without the item, clutching the thing close to his chest. His Mother was worried that he would accidentally shoot himself or his friends, or anyone alongside him. But, days passed without a mishap, so the gun was always stored in his jacket pocket, unless he was sleeping. If he was sleeping, he would leave it at his night-light drawer, and sleep with it, almost, like a girl with a teddy bear. Except, the teddy bear and toys weren't there - the gun was being in place of it, instead. And as Vash Zwingli grew up, he never lost his attraction to the weaponry, whether it be guns, swords, knives, or grenades. Learning more about them as he did grow up, the Swiss entered a training camp to become a Soldier, when he found out that his Father had died, of a rather unknown and mysterious reason. Using that to spur himself on, he began to train harshly, even though he was the shortest one there.

Being picked for the Trainee, the Apprentice, was a big surprise to him, and being urged by his friends and peers he had managed to get closed to when we was at the camp, he accepted the role at the Axis Psychiatric Hospital. Nothing that he imagined was the same there, and he sometimes began to wonder what the hell would become of him, slowly in the future. After a week of training, he also got news that his Mother had died of cancer, and felt his coldness break down. First his Father, then his Mother. Death was a truly cruel thing. The Swiss began to work harder and harder, working after curfew or after the times in which was dismissed, trying to be the best guard. However, this led to him becoming ill, and he was taken off the work for a couple of days, while he just silently trained after midnight to keep up with his strength, the one thing he trained on for years. With that, he hoped he could make a difference, whether it be small or big. Of course, he shoots for the big goal, in more ways than one, but... If he cannot attack the big one head-on, then the small thing would do.

Other Important Info:

& Even though Vash comes across as mean, especially because he's so anti-social, he's very calm and crooked in the inside, hoping for someone to help him.
& He doesn't like talking or interacting with anyone unless he's forced to, or he knows he must.
& The Swiss has quite a temper! Stay clear, all units! (( xD ))
& He acts calm in dilemmas, but inside, he's either seething, embarrassed, or even flustered.
& Never likes showing his feelings - he considers that to be weak.

Roleplay Sample:

The mood in the car was dark, and Vash found himself tugging at his collar, trying to stop the tight clothes to suffocate him. Sighing, he just let go and looked out the window, looking at all the trees and rocks and other cars, then looked back to the front of the car, dozing off lightly as he kept himself awake with little pinches of his own fingers. "A-are we almost --" He asked, his voice breaking because of his silence all the way to the destination, and stopped as the driver nodded. Shifting uncomfortably in his seat, the Swiss weighed the gun he held on his hand, one hand to another, as he waited for the car to stop. This was a rather long drive, he dully noted as he coughed slightly into his palm, trying to keep his stoic stance and not topple over to sleep like his mind was begging him. In fact, he was so tired, his eyes were slipping closed, and --

The sudden woosh of cold air snapped him awake, and Vash blinked at the bright sunlight. Slinging one leg over the car to get out, he ducked to avoid his head being crashed against the roof of the vehicle, then slid out, automatically shielding his eyes with his hands to prevent the sunlight from entering his eyes. At the motion of the Guard, he walked forward, as straight and forward as he could be, then followed obediently, putting down his hands to his sides as soon as he entered the building. After that, he was ushered into another room, where he had to have a little chat with the main Guard. And then, some precautions. Of course, it didn't sound like something Vash really had to worry about, but... He couldn't be too careful, now could he? Listening throughly to the talk, he nodded to really bring out the hint, and sighed a little breath of relief as the other quieted down, which meant that he was done, finally.

"Of course, sir, you can trust me.." Vash murmured, giving a small salute in his response. He was ready to tackle all this head-on, and even if the word Psychiatrist kind of ticked him off, he was not going to let anything get in the way.
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Vash Zwingli - Switzerland - Hospital Security - DONE!
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