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 Lukas De Keizer | Netherlands

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Lukas De Keizer


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PostSubject: Lukas De Keizer | Netherlands   Sun Jul 11, 2010 8:43 pm

Player Info

Name: Derpy

Age/Birthday: 15 | October 28

Main E-mail:


Character Info


Full Name: Lukas De Keizer

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Homosexual

Blood Type: O-

Birthday: May 5

Hometown: Amsterdam, Holland


Mother: Elke De Keizer

Patient Chart


- Hypochondria
- Split personality disorder
- Cocaine addiction
- Marijuana dependence
- Insomnia

Specific Symptoms:

- Will constantly complain of various sickness he thinks he has
- Personality seems to change at random, but may be triggered by certain things
- Hallucinations (from drug abuse)
- Paranoia (from drug abuse)

Reason for admission to hospital: To undergo therapy and for drug rehabilitation.

Medication(s) if applicable:

- Two 4mg Risperdal tablets taken orally each morning (For hallucinations).
- One 20mg Seroxat tablet taken orally each morning with food (For Hypochondriasis).
- One 10mg Zalepon tablet taken orally each evening with food (For Insomnia)

Other notes:

- Must take psychotherapy for his split personality disorder
- Must take cognitive behavioral therapy for his hypochondriasis, insomnia, and drug addiction

Hospitalized for: 2 months

Criminal Record

2 counts of possession of illegal substances
1 count of vandalism


Height: 6'

Weight: 172 pounds

Hair: Short, slightly spiked, light brown

Eyes: Amber

Body Type: Slim and toned

Clothing: Jeans and t-shirts mostly

Other notable attributes/unique traits:

-Has managed to smuggle his pipe into the hospital, but doesn't take it out in fear of it getting taken away.
-Has a scar on the right side of his forehead


Though he may seem a bit irritable at first, he can actually be quite friendly if you get to know him. That is, if you’re on his good side. Lukas will usually seem cranky and unfriendly, due to his supposed ‘illnesses’ but if you’re lucky or catch his second personality, he can be calm and relaxed. However, no matter which personality he takes on, he can be very easily angered over certain things. His first personality tends to put up a strong front and a sense of masculinity, while is second personality is a bit more flamboyant.


Lukas was born an ill baby and was sickly as a child, so as a result his mother fretted over him all the time and wouldn't allow him to do many things because he was 'sick'. When he was about 10 years old Lukas started to believe he was constantly sick as well and spent many days going to the hospital, complaining of symptoms of illnesses he didn't have.

Being raised by a single mother also affected his likes and personality. He grew very fond of flowers due to his mothers garden and liked many other things considered 'girly'. After being bullied in middle school for many years because of this, he adopted a second personality, one that was more cruel and frightening, to save him from being bullied.

In his second year of high school he made friends with Hendrik Daalder, a well known rebel at their school. He introduced drugs to Lukas, telling him it would help him with his 'illnesses', and lo and behold it did make Lukas feel better. He tried multiple drugs that Hendrik had but eventually stuck with marijuana and cocaine.

Staying friends after graduating, Lukas and Hendrik went out one night while they were high and thought it would be fun to smash the windows of a small convenience store. When the police were alerted Hendrik fled and left Lukas behind to deal with them himself. After a court session, Lukas was deemed mentally unstable and admitted to Axis Psychiatric Hospital for therapy and drug rehabilitation.

Other Important Info:
[At this time, I can’t think of anything. If I do I will update this~]

Roleplay Sample:
Lukas barely paid attention to his surroundings as the nurse announced his arrival to his new doctor. He hated seeing doctors, especially since none of them understood what was wrong with him. They always told him he wasn’t really sick, when he so obviously was, and took away his proper medicine, his marijuana.

Slowly walking into the office, he frowned at the brightness of the room, wondering for a moment if he was having one of his hallucinations. His eyes snapped up when the doctor addressed him, a blonde man he would’ve mistaken for a woman had he not spoken... or perhaps she just had a masculine voice?

"Sorry, but my office is totally a no-frown zone, so stop looking like such a bummer."

He frowned harder at that, wondering how he was supposed to smile in a place like this. He took a seat in the chair the man had gestured to, almost sinking in the plush of the seat. At that moment, he felt like he was at a 4 year old’s tea party instead of a doctor’s office.

Vould you not frown if you vere sick and forced to come to a place like dis?” He questioned the man, eying his glittering desk. Not 5 minutes had gone by and he already wished he was out of here. Oh, what he wouldn’t give for a toke right now.

When the man mentioned everyone being sick here, he shook his head, “Noh, I’m not da same kind ov sick as people here. I don’t belong here.” As if to prove his point, he poked the desk with his finger, leaning back and crossing his arms. Really, they think I belong here? This is a place for mentally unstable people. Not people who just happen to be sick! He heard the doctor mention smoking, only adding to his craving. His flicked his eyes to the clock, staring it down to make it move faster but it didn’t seem to be moving at all.
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Lukas De Keizer | Netherlands
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