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 Berwald Oxenstierna

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Berwald Oxenstierna


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PostSubject: Berwald Oxenstierna   Tue Apr 13, 2010 3:56 am

[God i hope i'm doing this right... Sorry if i'm not! ;;;;] [[DONE! //diesdiesdiesdies ]]

==Player Info==

Name: Nani.

Age/Birthday: 19th July. ;;;

Main E-mail: (the only account that i check...)

MSN/AIM: (i'm kinda quiet on it though..)

==Character Info==

==Personal ==

Full Name: Berwald Oxenstierna.

Age: 24.

Gender: Male.

Sexual Orientation: Homosexual.

Blood Type: A+

Birthday: June 6th.

Hometown: Stockholm, Sweden.


Father: Jesper Oxenstierna (Deceased)

Mother: Laura Oxenstierna (Deceased)

Siblings: Viola Oxenstierna (Younger Sister) [21]

==Patient Chart==

Illness(es): (Malignant) Paranoid Personality Disorder - Borderline Personality Disorder.

Specific Symptoms:

-Often experiences Hallucinations (visual and auditory),
-Psychotic Episodes, lasting (usually) for about half an hour, but sometimes stretches for hours.
-Sadistic tendencies during psychotic episodes.
-Also has a tendency to bear grudges persistently, which often triggers his psychotic behaviour.
-Preoccupied with unsubstantiated "conspiratorial" explanations for events.
-Suspicious; has a persasive tendency to distort his experiences by miscontrocting them as hostile and/or contemptuous.
[ I need to do a bit more research baahhh will correct and stuff once i do enough digging ;;;]

Reason for admission to hospital: Court Order.

Medication(s) if applicable:
-Ativan; 10mg in 24 hours in divided doses [oral] , administered as injection (3.22mg) if a psychotic episode occurs.
-Xanax; Going to start of with 0.5 ml 3 times daily. Will increase dosage to about 6 ml per day in a few weeks, increasing dosage by 1 ml every 3 to 4 days. [oral]
-Prozac; Starting of from 20 ml. Will increase if needed. [oral]

--- [[ will update med list, but for now these are what he uses]]

Other notes:

- Mostly cooperative, but when not, do not make any aggressive approaches, instead, coax him gently, and remind him why he's here.
-When violent, or during his psychotic episodes, try coaxing him into calming down first, and only going to the second solution of restraining and tranquilizing, when needed.
-When restraining, use caution, he is very strong and can be very violent.

Hospitalized for: Hospitalised since April 2010. (2 months)


==Criminal Record ==

[Murdered] Ronald Treverson [21] Davies Sheffield, [32] Mikel Deyzel [27] Heather Lake [23] Is Believed to have killed many more, But bodies and evidence have not yet been found / Identified.
[Attempted murder] Darius Xander [23]

Murders are completely unrelated to each other; Seemingly random.


Height: 6"1 1/2

Weight: 142 lbs.

Hair: Fair Blond, cropped short.

Eyes: Icey Aqua Green. Wears Glasses.

Body Type: Well Built.

Clothing: Dresses Smart and Neatly, often Formal looking.

Other notable attributes/unique traits:

- Very Skilled with his Hands, especially , when it comes to artistic crafts and sculpting. Also likes to build things (furniture mostly).
-Speaks in a grunt-like manner.

==Picture== :

Really really quick one i kicked myself into drawing during chemistry.

==Personality== :

People would first describe Berwald as terrifying and dangerous, and more often than not, they wouldn't know how to describe why, as Berwald usually keeps to himself, and does not make neither friends or enemies. As a child his foster family described him as quiet and serious, studious and hardworking. Other than his younger sister and foster family, he didn't make any significant relationships with anyone. When not experiencing his psychotic breaks, he is calm and collected, even gentle to people close to him, an overall opposite of people's first impressions.

==History== :

Berwald Oxenstierna was 5 years old when his father, a Swedish delegate to Canada decided to go hiking with his wife and song. Leaving their 2 year old Viola with a friend, then set off. They planned to hike for about 5 days and assured friends that they would be back by the 6th.

But by the 8th their friends had no contact with them and when they called the park, they were told that there was already a search party dispatched to find them. Then, In the middle of the night calls were made to friends' phones in Stockholm.

The missing family of three was found.

The search party discovered Berwald in a hole between the roots of a tree, where he silently stared at what remained of his parents. The rangers gently coaxed the boy out and immedietely put him on a helicopter to a nearby hospital, where doctors deemed him physically healthy, albeit starved and slightly dehydrated. Mentally he was in shock and doctors feared he would develop long term post-traumatic stress disorder.

A bear attack was agreed on the cause of deaths of Jesper and Laura Oxenstierna, based on tracks and the marks on what little remained of them, the attack probably occured on the 5th day of their outing.

A few days later, Family friends flew in from Stockholm to bring Berwald and his younger sister back along with their parents ashes, and, despite initial fears Berwald did not show any severe signs of PTSD immedietely after the event.---

However, Guardians of the 6 year old Berwald have reported that the boy had sudden fits of violence, that were a rare occurence at first but grew in frequency during his teen years. He was also socially isolated, but shows warmth to people on on occasion. He seems to have a close relationship with his younger sister.

Academically, Berwald excelled and managed to get a scholarship into a prestigious university in America, majoring in arts (sculpting) whilst working part time in a restaurant to pay for himself and his sister in his last few years of high school, as he didn't want to burden his adoptive family.

In his second year of university, his anger fits started to become psychotic episodes, and general mistrust and suspicion against others elavated to a critical level. Everyone seemed to hate him. Everyone seemed to want to kill him. Everything they did or said to him, were attempts to hurt him. That was what the demons told him. They told him everyone was evil. They told him that he had to protect himself from them.

Then, his demons showed him how to twist them.

The people that were after him, mutilated before him, he saw their bones snap and heard them crack as his demons pulled and spun them.

Then, they told him to do it.

And he did.

When he woke up the next morning he simply stared emptily at his reflection in the pool of blood around him. The demons visited him again and told him that he needed to completely get rid of the bodies and they showed him how.

They showed him how to use the bodies for his sculptures.

==Other Important Info== :

- Speaks fluently in both Swedish and in English. But will converse in English with English speakers, and vice versa. But will sometimes slip to Swedish when talking to himself.
- Will rip anything in his hands without realising it when he is idle.

==Roleplay Sample== :

Panic started to fade from him and the demons started to crawl back into the shadows, everything was getting better. Everything will be allright again. Then, Viola will be happy again. Everything will be allright. Everything.

"Th'nks," Berwald mumbled at the nurse, still afraid of looking up and meeting his eyes. No, he still wasn't ready for that. Not yet.

The nurse nodded, replacing the syringe in his hand with a small paper cup and pushed into Berwald's palm, "We're still not done,"

Berwald looked into the cup and hesitently tilted its contents to his palm. The demons were screaming whispers from the shadows. Those are poison, they said, They're trying to kill you. They hate you! Those are poi- Berwald put his palm to his lips and swallowed the pills.

"Th'y're not," He told the demons. And they became shadows again.

"Thats great," The nurse smiled "You're making progress, Berwald,"

Berwald gave the nurse a stiff nod, "I w'nt ev'rythin' t' be allr'ght aga'n,"

He felt a hand on his shoulder, "Everything will be allright, soon. Everything,"

[I haven't Roleplayed in a long time, i hope this will cut it /kicksself. And the diagnosis >___< I hope i made sense! and i had WAAAAYYY too much fun writing the history ahur. ff hope its not too long D8]

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Berwald Oxenstierna
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