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 Matthew Williams

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Matthew Williams


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PostSubject: Matthew Williams   Tue Apr 13, 2010 1:26 pm

Player Info

Name: Rosel

Age/Birthday: 17 (July 29th, 1992)

Main E-mail:


Character Info


Full Name: Matthew James Williams

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Homosexual

Blood Type: A

Birthday: July 1st 1990

Hometown: Ottawa, Canada


Father: John Williams, 43

Mother: Catherine Williams, Deceased

Siblings: 1 half sibling, Alfred Jones. Matthew and Alfred do NOT know that they are related. Alfred's mother and Matthew's father had a one night stand and never saw each other again. Since the two didn't exchange names, Matthew's father never found out about his other son.

Patient Chart (for patients)

Illness(es): Bipolar Disorder (Rapid Cycling, Depressed more frequently than Manic), Depersonalization, Clinical Depression, Insomnia, Inferiority Complex

Specific Symptoms:

  • Frequently experiences extreme, unpredictable episodes of depression and mania
  • Repeatedly cuts self on various parts of the body when experiencing extreme negative emotions
  • Delusions, believes that his father comes into his hospital room at night.
  • Inability to fall asleep
  • Mechanical, robot-like actions, detached from reality
  • Constant lack of energy and interest when not experiencing a manic episode
  • Extreme Insecurity
  • Extreme Anxiety

Reason for admission to hospital: Treatment, Therapy, Safety (for himself and those around him)

Medication(s) if applicable:
  • Buspar
    - 30mg by mouth, once a day
  • Lexapro
    - 20mg by mouth, once a day
  • Ativan
    - 2mg dissolved into water, three times a day
  • Rozerem
    - 8mg by mouth, once a day - 30 minutes before bed NOT to be taken with food or right after a meal

Other notes:

  • Known to attempt suicide
  • Must be kept away from fire/matches/etc, as well as sharp objects
  • Gets skittish around men that are larger than he is, needs a female nurse in the room when with any male doctor

Criminal Record (may apply to both in some cases)

  • 1 count of Arson

Hospitalized for: About a month


Height: 5'8"

Weight: 130llbs

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Violet

Body Type: Slim

Clothing: Red Sweater, blue jeans and sneakers.

Other notable attributes/unique traits:

  • Very shy, will not talk to someone unless he is spoken to first

Picture (esp. if OC): excuse the little chibi America! ^^U


Matthew is a very quiet person and when he's not in a manic episode and you can get him into believing in reality, he can be a good conversationalist. He's very kind to others when in stable condition but usually he will not leave his room for anything but meals and therapy sessions, which makes it hard for others to approach him if they wanted to. Though he is quiet and shy, he longs for companionship but he doesn't act on these feelings because of his overpowering insecurities that he is undeserving of friendship.

As quiet and shy as Matthew is, he can be very intimidating when he gets angry. As his normal voice is so quiet, to anyone else, his yelling would be at a regular noise level. Even so, the anger in his voice, his facial expressions and the fire in his eyes makes his anger frightening despite the lack of volume in his yelling. When he is in a manic episode, he can be anywhere from furious to an extreme level of elation to a deep penetrating fearfulness.

Much of the time though, he is a very unnerving person to be around because of his Depersonalization. It started when he was younger as an innocent defense mechanism, but it grew into something huge as he came into adulthood. He finds it unable to see the world from a subjective point of view without his medication. Everything seems like an out of body experience for him. His monotone voice, seemingly uncaring attitude and robotic movements put people ill at ease which makes it difficult for people to feel comfortable in his presence.

History [Sorry I made it longer than four paragraphs! His story is kind of long Neutral]:

Matthew was born into a loving family in Ottawa, Canada in 1990. His father, John Williams was training to be a Police Officer and his mother, Catherine Williams was a high school music teacher, who gave private lessons in voice, violin, and piano on the side. Though he never had much talent for singing, he picked up the piano quickly, and moved on to the violin in second grade. He joined the elementary school orchestra as soon as he was old enough and continued on with it through high school.

He was a very social child when he was in elementary school but when he was in the sixth grade, his father caught him kissing his best friend upstairs in Matthew's bedroom and he was furious. He kicked the boy out of the house, smacked Matthew across the face and locked him in his room. His mother came home late from a PTA meeting that night and upon finding out what happened, finally let him out, reprimanding his father as she did so. Despite his mother's acceptance of what he had done, Matthew was terrified of his father from that moment on. He was no longer allowed to do anything with friends and stewed alone in his room in confusion of what was wrong with him. All his friends eventually drifted away from him and his father wouldn't speak to him unless it was absolutely necessary. Matthew withdrew completely, afraid to speak to people and afraid of who he himself was. The only thing that brought him peace was his violin. His mother still loved him, but she was afraid of her husband and because of him, was rarely able to interact with her son without him present in the room.

Alone and frightened, in eighth grade, Matthew locked himself in the bathroom and tried to kill himself by taking his fathers razor and slashing cuts down his forearm along the veins, but his mother managed to break down the door and get him to a hospital in time. His father didn't seem to care that his son survived. He didn't seem to care what he did at all anymore. Matthew tried three times after that in many different ways to end his own life, but his mother had always been lucky enough to get to him before he could succeed.

When Matthew was in tenth grade, his father was on the case of a criminal on the run and managed to corner him in a gas station store. His mother had been in the store at the time of the capture and when the criminal shot off his gun randomly, trying to create a distraction, Matthew mother was hit. She died a few days later from internal bleeding. His father started drinking and having lots of affairs and eventually lost his job rather than getting the promotion to Chief of Police as he expected.

In an angry rage, his father began verbally abusing whatever girl he was with that night. Matthew walked into the house just as the girl was leaving angrily, and his father turned on him and began hitting him. Matthew submitted quickly, thinking that if he sat there and took it, his father would get bored and leave him alone, but it escalated and his father pinned him down and raped him, telling him he couldn't press charges because no one would believe him, and "It doesn't matter anyway since you probably like it you fucking fag."

It became a common occurrence and as much as Matthew thought of ending his own life, he didn't have the energy to do much of anything. Whenever it happened he merely pretended it wasn't happening and that he was somewhere else and eventually he began to get that feeling at all times. His bipolar disorder developed in this time but Matthew didn't know what was going on and part of him didn't care, because the only time he could feel anything was when he was having an episode. His father didn't seem to care until one day when he was eighteen years old, Matthew lit the house on fire in a manic episode. He was arrested, but instead of being put in jail, the psychiatric tests, showed his mental state and he was committed to the hospital.

Other Important Info:

Roleplay Sample:

Matthew sat on the bed in his hospital room with his knees tucked under his chin and his arms wrapped around his shins. He had been in the hospital for three days now and he had yet to leave the room. The doctors had had to bring him his meals but he hardly ate them. He looked at the plate on the bedside table. The food was almost entirely untouched as he had only picked at it for a few minutes before discarding it like the rest. He felt nauseous enough already.

He hadn't even had so much as cold medicine when he was sick for the past three years and when he got here he was immediately put on all kinds of medications. As his body was unused to the new chemicals, he had spent the last three days vomiting. He remembered wishing he could feel things and wishing something would seem real to him again, but now that the medicines were doing that for him, he thought he should have been more careful about what he wished for.

The doctors said that he was crazy. But those were his words, not theirs. They had tried to be much more politically correct about the whole business.

Knock, knock.

Matthew didn't respond, but the person on the other side of the door entered anyway. He hadn't spoken to anyone since he arrived, so it was hardly unusual not to get a response. Besides, all the doctors and nurses on his case knew he hadn't left his room yet.

"Hello, Matthew," a young woman said to him.

He looked up and stared at her blankly. She was a nurse. He had seen her come in before. He looked at the clock and frowned. It was three o'clock. Time for his daytime medication.

"Matthew, you've hardly touched your food." she said in a concerned tone of voice. "If you keep taking the medication on an empty stomach you're never going to stop throwing it up."

He looked back down at his toes and didn't move.

The nurse sighed. "Alright, if you insist," she said. "You're going to have to eat someday though, Matthew. I can't let you starve. Even if keeping you alive wasn't part of my job, I just couldn't do it."

Matthew nodded slowly, and waited as she walked forward with a glass of water and a container of his assorted pills. He let one of his knees drop and used the now free arm to take the first pill. She offered him the glass of water and he took a sip, swallowing the pill along with it. They repeated the process until he had taken all the medication before he reverted back to his hunched over position.

She frowned sadly. "Alright Matthew, I'll see you tonight for your sleeping pill."
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Matthew Williams
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