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 Xiolí Yū Sòng

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Xiolí Yū Sòng


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PostSubject: Xiolí Yū Sòng   Wed Apr 14, 2010 7:09 pm

Player Info

Name: Alīson! <3 But you can call me Alī, I guess. XD I have over a hundred nicknames, pick'n'choose.

Age/Birthday: 15, born October 16th baybeeee<3

Main E-mail: or

AIM: teafishie

Character Info


Full Name: Xiolí Yū Sòng (Shou-lee Yooh Song)

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual (Though not terribly open about this)

Blood Type: AB +

Birthday: October 10th, 1993

Hometown: Kaohsiung, Taiwan


Father: Nianzu Wén Lǐ-Sòng (deceased)

Mother: Ming Huā Lǐ-Sòng (living)

Siblings: Yíng Xue (estranged) and Lulí Shu (living with mother)

Patient Chart

Illness(es): Social anxiety disorder, panic disorder, and severe co-dependency

Specific Symptoms: Suffers from severe panic attacks when in the company of more than two to three people, finds herself unable to cope in 'normal' social situations, finds it very difficult to speak in a large group, and fears going into large public places. Includes self-imposed isolation. Tends to stray towards corners and other smaller, enclosed spaces. Can be friendly if coaxed into talking to one or two people. Generally very self-conscious, especially in concerns to her weight—nearing the point of developing anorexia nervosa. Despite fears, has a puzzling love for shopping. Despite general fear of people, can't stand being alone or any inclination towards being alone.

Reason for admission to hospital: Ming Huā (mother) decided to admit her daughter when Xiolí Yū was fifteen, on the grounds of Xiolí supposedly 'snapping'. She had a nervous breakdown in a large Buddhist temple, for what was, as her mother stated to be the "third and final time." The teen started crying hysterically, and as people approached to see if there was anything they could do Xiolí began to kick and claw at anyone (or anything) she could reach. She threw several small statues at people once she had backed far enough up to reach the wall.
This also happened on two occasions previously, one when she was much younger (deemed to be beyond her control as a young child) and another when she was twelve, when a woman working in one of the mall stores attempted to help her find something. Xiolí appeared to be very frightened of contact and broke down when the woman touched her arm, seeming to have had enough 'surprises' for that day. The stress that triggered the break down had apparently been building 'all day', as Xiolí put it. Ming was also quite worried that Xiolí had been undereating because she was 'fat' in her own eyes, and this was a possible contributor to her panics of being in the open and judged by people. At the most recent instance of a genuine mental breakdown, her mother decided she was no longer fit to care for Xiolí and admitted her to the Axis Psychiatric Hospital.

Medication(s) if applicable: Methylphenidate (Ritalin), 50mg [to keep her calm in company of more than 2-3 people.]

Other notes: Xiolí Yū has a habit of talking to herself; however she is too young to be diagnosed with schizophrenia and seems to just be talking nonsense most of the time. She is also afraid of the orderlies in the asylum, and will avoid going near the mortuary at all costs. She also appears to be afraid of medication and more often than not has to be forced to take her own medicine.

Criminal Record: Two charges of second-degree assault (a woman and her husband filed charges against Xiolí Yū at the temple incident; the woman from the mall decided against filing charges on the 12-year-old, and no charges were ever filed against her when she was five).


Height: 150 cm (4'9")

Weight: 138 pounds

Hair: Dark brown with a wild, curly strand of long hair coming from the right side of her head, near her hairline.

Eyes: Dark brown

Body Type: Pear shaped with a thin waist but wide hips

Clothing: Generally wears a peach qipao with gold trim and a long white skirt. When not in her 'traditional' clothing, Xiolí wears t-shirts and jeans or other comfortable, though still 'stylish' clothes. Occasionally she will wear a cheongsam, and does not object to them readily.

Other notable attributes/unique traits: Xiolí Yū has a tattoo of a flower (orchid) on her inner left thigh.

Picture (esp. if OC): 9RTh7r


Xiolí is a shy girl--generally very polite and well-mannered. She is usually very quiet, easy to fluster and has trouble accepting compliments. Described to have low self-esteem due to her brother (Yíng Xue) constantly teasing her about her weight and general physical appearance when she was younger. She has always had someone to rely on and can come across as needy to some people, and has developed co-dependency through this. She occasionally feels the intense need to be alone, and be independent of others, before she 'realizes' she really does need people helping her. The Asian is extremely stubborn, and when she has opinions about something, they are very strong and well supported by her own thoughts and other, smaller opinions.

She's rather frightened by physical contact if she isn't familiar with the person touching her in any way, or if the affection/attention is very sudden. Despite this, she has very strong maternal instincts and very rarely acts upon them. Xiolí Yū can be very overprotective... but not over others, of herself. She's a very guarded person and has a lot of trouble trusting people. When medicated and in a calmer state (enough to go to group, non?) she feels a strong need to impress people--to get them to like her, essentially. She doesn't admit it willingly, but Xiolí Yū keeps a piccolo in her room under her bed, and plays it sometimes when she can't sleep.


Xiolí Yū grew up in Kaohsiung, Taiwan until she turned fifteen, at which point she was admitted to the Axis Psychiatric Hospital.

When she was very little, around six or seven, her father died in a plane crash. Being that young, she didn't understand why her mother was so upset--or her older brother, given that he so rarely showed emotion. All she had been told until she was around ten and finally asked for a real answer was that 'Bà ba's business trip was extended to be longer than originally planned.' When she finally learnt the truth, the young girl just left for her room. She didn't leave the room for several days, but she never once cried over his death. As a result, Xiolí Yū spent many weeks (after emerging from her room) eating very little and only responding with one or two words, never explaining herself or going into detail with anything.

As she got older, she attempted to phase into school with other people her age. Being the way she was (the incident when she was five), Ming had pulled Xiolí out of her first school and homeschooled her. If anything, this left the girl more antisocial--and taught her to be more afraid of public places--than ever. She tried very hard to be with the other people and make friends in the school, but ended up having small panic attacks there, as well. After she was finally admitted to the Axis Psychiatric Hospital, placed in an unfamiliar environment with people she had never seen before, and in social situations she wasn't generally used to. This lead to more panic attacks and meltdowns.

She has now been in the hospital for a year, having celebrated her sixteenth birthday last October.

Other Important Info: She has Ordinal-linguistic personification Synesthesia (OLP, or personification, for short). This means she associates letters and numbers with personalities of people or genders, or even specific age groups. The 'gibberish' she seems to speak at times is really her glancing at people haphazardly and associating them with numbers or letters, or just speaking quietly to herself and trying to differentiate what letters or numbers represent personality-wise to her.

Roleplay Sample:

A soft knock on her door. What could that have been? The Taiwanese teen rolled her eyes up slightly, trying to think of who might be visiting, and found that she didn't even have an answer for herself. With a heavy sigh, she opened the door ever-so-slightly to peer out. "W... wei?" she asked softly, her voice rasping slightly due to her lack of use. The woman simply stared through the door, then closed it again.

No one. No one had been there. Her eyes narrowed, shaking them slightly as she closed the door again--she didn't want anyone coming in right now. She wasn't dressed for company in her room and had already snuck away from breakfast. She slid down against the door, back pressed to the cool (though startlingly, coldly impersonal) wood until she made contact with the floor, reaching down deftly with slender fingers to grip the small case of her piccolo, which this time was under her nightstand.

Another careful glance around told Xiolí Yū that no one was in her room. A final moment of piece and relaxation, purely of her own accord... but deep inside, she knew it was the medication taking affect on her body. It was still early in the morning, and through the sheer curtain she could see light carefully filtering through and flooding gently into her room. Xiolí opened the case then gradually put the petite instrument together. Bringing it up to her lips, the Asian closed her eyes and tried to remember a song she had been taught when she was much younger, just starting to play. Gradually the piece came to form in her mind, and she played the notes with an awkward ease.

But now there really was a knock on her door, and she abruptly stopped, nearly falling away from the door in her surprise. She curled up far away from the door and uttered a soft sound, in her own way letting the other person know it was alright to enter. An orderly stepped in, her kind face seeming to soften ever further at the sight of Xiolí Yū's slightly panicked expression. Clutched in the woman's hands was a plate of food. At this, Xiolí realized she had not actually gotten away with avoiding to eat her breakfast. The other woman sat down across from her on the floor (how kind this woman was, Xiolí Yū thought, to go so far as to sit with her, on the ground of all places, and even speak soothing, soft words to her in attempts to coax her to eat) and, knowing defeat when she saw it, the Taiwanese girl began to eat.
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Xiolí Yū Sòng
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