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 Forum Rules

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Sebastian Møller
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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Wed Mar 17, 2010 10:00 pm

* A.P.H. *
~where everyone goes to die..~

Welcome to A.P.H. Rules!
These rules apply to everything within this rp board, so please respect them!
Failure to comply with any rules listed below can get you suspended or banned, and we don't want that!
Note: All roleplay boards are only viewable by registered members!

First off: You must be at least 16 years of age of older to roleplay on A.P.H. But, if you are below that age, and can show us that you are mature enough to handle this roleplay, then we'll consider.

Also, the Moderators must have a way to contact you. Be it IM, website, or email, the mods have all of these, and any are acceptable as long as we can contact you. This is to send out messages/contact you in case we can't reach you on the board. This is important, so please put this information in your member info or your profile.

To protect younger roleplayers: You MUST put a [R] or [NC-17] rating in your topic title before you roleplay to alert the other users as to what level of content is in the thread. All unrated posts are expected to be PG-13 or below. It should be the responsibility of every user to report a mature thread without a rating.
    First offense: Warning.
    Second offense: Thread frozen and 5 day ban.
    Third offense: User account suspended.

Explicit sexual content WILL be allowed A.P.H. but as stated above, you MUST put a rating in your thread's title. Shotacon, lolicon, and disturbing fetishes like necrophilia and bestiality are NOT TOLERATED WHATSOEVER. Any characters under 18 will not be allowed to have a graphic sexual relationship with any other character-- though a sexual relationship may be insinuated, please, nothing too ''dirty''. This is not simply a roleplay board JUST FOR SEX, there is a basic storyline that we expect you to follow in your posts. Please help make the A.P.H. world be amazing!


    DO NOT HARRASS, STALK, PROVOKE, ASSAULT, or BE RUDE TOWARDS OTHER USERS. If you have a problem with a particular user, CONTACT A MODERATOR. Do NOT let the situation escalate.

    • If anyone has a problem with another member, whether it be personally through PMs or publicly on the board or chatroom, please PM a mod about the problem, screen-capping (ctrl + print screen) messages sent if that is possible.

    • If you are feeling afraid, threatened, or uncomfortable about another member, PLEASE immediately contact someone on the moderator team so we can help fix the problem.

    Stalking and abuse will not be tolerated; if you are caught doing this, you will be instantly banned.
    Do not force someone to roleplay with you, do not force them to roleplay something they may be uncomfortable with doing. Do not force anyone to do ANYTHING.

    • If you are having problems with another member, please do NOT lash out at them or fight with the other party on the board or in the chat room. While we can not control what you do outside of the board, if it is affecting the atmosphere of A.P.H., we will take action and help resolve the problem. It is quite simple to block a person online, there is no need to get into rediculous internet fights. Take the drama away from the site.

    If you cannot resolve the problem in a civil manner, appropriate measures will be taken.

    Both offending parties will be suspended for 5 to 7 days. If the situation continues, both members will be banned.


    Please try to remain active on the board. We can't have a fun and satisfying time without having active members that regularly post. An absence for a day or two is perfectly acceptable-- but if it becomes a habit, please tell the moderators and members. Any members that are going to have extended absences for a week or longer need to alert the roleplayers of this in the Absences thread. Things such as internet connection loss, sudden trip out of town, etcetera are understandable--but please try to remain active.


    • *You must supply a way of contacting you: AIM, YIM, MSN, Pidgin, email, deviantART, ect in your profile.*


    You must first fill out an application for your character before you attempt to roleplay in the threads. You may ask a mod to hold a certain character, but if you do not have your application filled out and approved after two weeks, the account will be deleted and the character up for grabs.

    Make sure you read all that is in the Story section. There are important things you need to know!

    This is also AU (Alternate Universe), so your username may not be the name of the country. If you are roleplaying a cannon character without a name, please make up a suitable, sensible name for them.

    In example: Username: England would be Arthur Kirkland.

    • Your character's personality does not have to be strictly canon (by the book), you can slightly alter it for ease of play, but please, nothing too terribly out-of-character.

    • Original characters are now allowed! If you have canon character, your canon character's app must be completed and accepted before you can become eligible to have an OC.

    The limitations are you can have a maximum number of three (3) characters (this includes OCs), but they all must be equally active! Don't ignore one of your characters!

    • YOU MUST ROLEPLAY LITERATELY. Your character may talk in a certain way (i.e., slurring, Berwald speak), but anything else must be correctly spelled and coherent. No chatspeak in your posts. At all. You may use chatspeak (lol, omg, wtf, ect) in the chatroom, but please limit it to that. Posts MUST be in English unless your character is speaking, thinking, ect. in a different language (please put translations in brackets at the bottom of your post).

    • Please, make each post a minimum of 3 sentences long.
    A sentence consists of a verb, a noun, and an an adjective.
    "Arthur's tea everywhere." Should be: "Arthur's tea spilled everywhere." Come on, guys-- please refrain from using fragmented sentences. We understand blunders and typos, but please try to keep them to a minimum.
    You must also roleplay in third-person, unless using diary/journal format, in which first-person is acceptable.

    • A.P.H. has a chatroom and while chatspeak is allowed there, please do NOT do the 8 year old spelling thing- "Liek,, omg!!!!1 I HeRd thAT u n FrAnCe liek,, did blah b.lahblah!!1!!12343256"-- No. Please, spare us the pain of having to decipher that, it tends to give one a headache. It's acceptable if you're quoting something like that, but please, if that's how you chat in chatrooms, take your grammar and spelling up a notch. Joking in that way is acceptable as well, but don't make a habit out of it!

Please abide by the rules, but most importantly, enjoy yourself! All of this seem like a lot to follow, but it's all to keep the peace and everyone safe..

Have fun!
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Forum Rules
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