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 Roderich Edelstien

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Roderich Edelstien

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PostSubject: Roderich Edelstien   Thu Apr 15, 2010 11:28 pm

Player Info

Name: Rita

Age/Birthday: 20! and on the 10th!

Main E-mail: [ I use this for important things and whatnot, only important emails only. NO SPAM.]

MSN/AIM: // acitythatburns

Character Info


Full Name: Roderich Edelstien

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual.

Blood Type: B

Birthday: Unknown/Doesn't celebrate it

Hometown: Salzburg, Austria

Family: Doesn't remember, but are listed in his files.

Father: Rudolf Edelstien

Mother: Rose Edelstien

Siblings: Marie Edelstien, and another son that isnt listed.


Illness(es): Severe OCD, Mild Depression

Specific Symptoms:

* Compulsions to wash hands for 2 minutes exact, every time he touches something.
* Mild panic attacks
* Some dangerous thoughts of, suicide, adultery, arson...
* A tad bit twitchy. Eg; Wandering eyes, looking over his shoulder alot, jumping at the touch to his body, regardless of if he knew it was coming.
* Will try and harm self if not being able to let out his ocd like tendancys.

Reason for admission to hospital: He tried to light himself on fire.

Medication(s) if applicable: tricyclic antidepressants, and Serotonin.

Other notes:

* Roderich is well mannered and friendly, even though he can be a bit twitchy.
* Loves to talk about anything related to Baking(what he used to do), Music. Preferably, Classical.
* Loves to clean for the staff, some even try and get him to do it, its preferred for his health you dont try too.
* Has very sensitive hands from over-washing. They are scabby and cracked dry, and red.
* Loves to play the piano.


Height: Around 5'9

Weight: Around 150lbs

Hair: Darkish brown

Eyes: Fading Violet

Body Type: Very underweight, as if he has not been eating right.

Clothing: He re-uses his clothes over and over, the only thing he doesn't mind a bit dirty are his clothes for some odd reason. However, he wont touch them if they are. He usually wears a shirt and pants, depending on what he has, and he doesn't have much.

Other notable attributes/unique traits:



Even though he is in a facility like this, he is a very nice guy. He does however have his standards and does not like it when you do something, that isnt what he wants, disrespectful, rude, or against his morals. He can be rather silent, but talkative if you get him into the right subjects.

He is indeed a nose in the air prissy aristocrat, but will never/wont admit it. I makes him seem stuck up and snobbish. A, your doing it wrong, type of guy. If something is not the way it should be he will have a tenancy to bring it up, not always to be rude. He doesn't much talk to people he hasn't known for a while. In school he would keep to himself unless something went wrong or didnt live up to his standards.
Thus, he wont always be the one to approach you.
[damn its almost 3... so this might be major fail with his personality, will update later.]


Roderich, although he cant quite remember, had a fairly good childhood. He was allowed to goof off and procrastinate on his studies. Being let to do mostly anything he wanted, he took up the piano and cooking. The only thing he truly did right were those two things. He was fair at school, but chose to stay at home and practice his hobby's with far more interest. It made him mostly a shut in, only wandering out into the world when actually needed of him.

His phobia of germs could have been started in his childhood. Since he almost never left his house as preteen or young adult, the world around him seemed a bit scary. Things were not as clean as what he was used to, things were different than what was inside his bubble. At first he ignored everything, and avoided dirty situations. He then made his way to the U.S.A for schooling, since now, his parents forced him to go professional with his hobby's. He got enrolled in a school of the arts and he loved it, for the most part.

Things spiraled down from there. He kept mostly with himself and tried to not talk to anyone. He played the piano and the violin in the school band, and hated it when people would try to touch his things, especially while eating or just being generally unhygienic, he started to hate it more and more. About two years into his overseas studies, he came across a few kids who were fed up with his stuffy attitude, and nose up high air about him. They plotted for something nasty to happen to him, knowing his growing fear of germs from a confession from another student, who said he had a problem with the boys washroom, and was starting to feel as if alot of things were out of order, and everything was too dirty for his taste. as if he should fix everything. Shortly thereafter, Roderich was tied up in the boys bathroom and raped. His violin defiled, and his things broken. Something in Roderich just snapped.

His uncle had gotten a phone call later that month that Roderich started acting strange around the other students, and he decided to take him out of the school and give him a job at his small shop. Things only got worse from there. He was shaky and almost always refused to talk to any man that walked through the front door. He was much nicer around women, like nothing had ever happened to him. He started to gain depression, and clean everything he could, more times over than needed. He wouldnt let anyone touch him, and he started to wash his hands more than usual, taking up most of his time for doing other things. He even dropped playing the piano, memories of that horrid day kept streaming back into his mind, making him spiral more deep into a depression. His hands eventually ended up cracked and blistered, full of pain. His uncle finally got fed up with him and phoned the director of the hospital, who then allowed his admittance.

Other Important Info:

* Roderich is nice, yet he tends to wander away from you if something has been said she doesn't like.
* He actually doesn't talk all that much, and gets nervous a bit around people who yell.
* A odd thing is, if he gets to know you, and actually like you, he MIGHT touch you. Maybe.

Roleplay Sample:

It was a dreary day, and a muscle in his finger twitched and touched his clothes. He narrowed his eyes and bit his lip. He tried, everyday, time and time again, to stop. Without making his dried and bloody hands worse, by giving into his temptations. But it always failed him. His heart started to beat faster and faster, and it seemed that his skin was crawling with germs and sweating profusely. He just had to get to a sink, somewhere to sanitize himself, and so he bolted out of the common room to find his own. The only place he liked to clear the germs was in his own little place of safety. He did not want to touch an unknown sink, full of even more germs, and more washing that he would have to do.

Finding his room, he opened the door with his elbows, and ran for the sink. It was clean but he would have to wash the sink and his hands again, maybe even four times over. Something even. Turning on the sink, he saw the almost crystal clear water pour out into the ceramic bowl under his shaking hands. He wasted no time in getting the soap and working it into a lather for at least two whole minutes. They were clean. He sighed, and stared at the sink, water still running. Sighing, he knew he was going to be here a while.
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Roderich Edelstien
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