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 Lovino Vargas

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Lovino Vargas


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Player Info

Name: Killian
Age/Birthday: 19/14 May
Main E-mail:
MSN/AIM: Same as above

Character Info


Full Name: Lovino Vargas
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Blood Type: O-
Birthday: 17 March
Hometown: Rome, Italy

Father: Renzo Vargas
Mother: Bianca Vargas
Siblings: Feliciano Vargas, younger brother

Patient Chart

Illness(es): Kleptomania, anorexia nervosa, Choreia (neurological), possible Borderline Personality Disorder
Specific Symptoms: (In respect to psychological conditions) Tendency to hoard, a need to collect trophies (usually of insignificant value), obsession with body image, obsession with calorie content/fat content, refusal to eat, tendency to hide/discard food, occasional bouts of purging, severe aversion to anything percieved as rejection, can be deliberately difficult with people he distrusts, will participate in risky/impulsive behaviour, is hypersensitive to judgement/criticism, tends to see things in a very black-and-white way.

(In respect to his Choreia) The condition is characterised by brief, somewhat-intentional movements of the body, typically the hands, feet and face. They are not repetative or rhythmic, but seem to 'flow' from one muscle to the next. The movements are vaguely comparable to dancing, or playing the piano.
Reason for admission to hospital: Lovino always felt overshadowed by his brother. Their grandfather and mother doted on Feliciano, while practically ignoring him. He felt untalented, unattractive, and unloveable. He began to go off food, in an attempt to keep his body weight down, but was forced to eat until he was old enough to avoid the dinner table.

His only comfort was his little garden in Padua, where he grew the family's vegetables and herbs. But the only attention he got from his family was when they needed him to do chores, which he began to passively resist, as a means of getting them to even look at him. The feeling of uselessness began to turn into a feeling of hopelessness - like he wasn't even worth having around.

After his parents divorced, his condition began to improve, if only slightly. Renzo loved his son, but work was hard, and he often came home late and exhausted. His tiredness wore on him, and he often snapped at Lovino. With Renzo gone at work so often, Lovino began to legitimately go off food, often going several days with minimal intake. Eventually, Renzo saved enough money for them to move to the United States, where he had been offered a better job. However, the move came as Lovino was finally starting to make friends in school, and being torn away from the few people he cared about crushed him.

Now living in a foreign country, barely able to keep up with the native English-speakers, Lovino began to despair again. He graduated high school, but barely, and did not do well his first year in university, studying business. After a fight with his father, Lovino attempted to slit his wrists, suffering severe blood loss. It was at this point that Renzo discovered his son had been self-injuring for several years. It was reccomended that Lovino be placed under observation, and he has made minimal progress since.
Medication(s) if applicable: Zyprexa, 10mg
Other notes: Lovino will often pick up objects like pens, paperclips, pencils, etc., from his doctor's desk, and 'forget' to put them back. They're small, inconsequential objects, but his hoarding compulsions are hard to suppress.

Criminal Record: None.


Height: 175cm/5'8
Weight: 53kg/117lb
Hair: Dark brown
Eyes: Hazel
Body Type: Thin
Clothing: Lovino likes to dress for comfort, but he'll also try and look good, too. He'll usually have on a button-up shirt and nice jeans if he's going anywhere casual.
Other notable attributes/unique traits: A wayward idiot-hair that he refuses to let anyone touch

Hard to believe he's a virgin, huh?

Lovino grew up the older of two brothers. Like most oldest, he felt pressure from a very early age to be "the good son." When Feliciano was born, his mother started paying more attention to him, instead of Lovino, and his father tried to make up for it by being almost overbearing. This lead to Lovino growing up subconsciously believing that if he was nice and "good" for women, they would pay more attention to him.

As he is now, he is very sensitive to rejection of any kind, and will lash out, either physically or verbally at anyone whom he perceives as brushing him off. Due to his little brother being the one with all the talent in the family, Lovino also has a severe inferiority complex, which affects not just his mental perception of himself, but his physical. He is always too dumb, too clumsy, too fat, or not talented enough, and as such, will often become despondent if shown up, even if it's unintentional.

History: Born in Rome, Lovino's family moved to Padua when he was around three or four. Once his brother was born, his parents began to ignore him in favour of his more talented brother. Occasionally, his father would give him a pat on the head for his gardening skills, but he more or less fell to the wayside.

He was diagnosed in his teens with Choreia. His whole life, whenever the shakes and spasms had started, he would turn on music, and pretend to dance, or play along, to hide the condition. It is because of this that he dislikes most music in his adult life.

Once his parents divorced, things both improved and worsened. He no longer had the pressure to please his mother, and be 'the good child,' but his father was so busy working to support them, the only time he really saw him was at church. Eventually, Renzo was offered a better job in the United States, and Lovino was uprooted once again, torn away from the few friends he had managed to make in secondary school.

Arriving in America, Lovino was almost immediately isolated. His grasp of English was basically limited to reading, and even taking supplementary classes in speaking and listening didn't really help. He was left in the dust as his classmates gave up trying to understand around his accent, which was considerably thicker than his brother's.

Spending an extra year in high school, Lovino graduated, barely, at the age of nineteen. He enrolled at a local university, to study business, even though he would have rather gone into something like botany or horticulture.He nearly failed his first year, barely scraping through and landing himself on academic probation.

After a fight about it with his father, Lovino retreated to his room, taking one of the kitchen knives with him. Already anemic from several years of self-injury, he purpously slit the major vein in his wrist, and lost a lot of blood. Had Renzo not come up to try and apologise, Lovino likely would have died from bloodloss.

Lovino was given psychiatric evaluation at the hospital, and it was decided more intensive therapy would be needed. It was reccomended he be placed in an in-patient hospital, for observation and protection.

Other Important Info:
His Choreia must be strictly monitored, due to the fact that his medication has the severe potential to make it worse. His attacks, while not very frequent, tend to be severe (very pronounced gesturing, occasional twisting of his arms, etc.). It is for this reason that he should not be allowed near sharp corners, or sharp objects, due to the risk of falling.

Roleplay Sample:

Lovino felt like a criminal. He had not been allowed any sort of privacy, except for the restroom, since he'd left the emergency room. Not that any of it had been terrible, granted. The orderlies on the van treated him kindly, calling him by name, and the nurse that had re-wrapped his arm spoke to him like a fucking grown-up, unlike most of the asshole shrinks that had tried to analyse him while he was still hooked up to that stupid saline bag.

It didn't change the fact that he wanted to go home and retreat into his bedroom, maybe talk to his ferns for a little while. He hoped his father remembered to water them. It wasn't a difficult task, but knowing Renzo...

Sighing, he looked out the window. At least the scenery was pretty. Sort of. It was so dreary right now, with the rain spattering against the window like so many teardrops. There was the building, or so he assumed. It was unassuming enough, made of brick and white-painted concrete like so many of its neighbours, and Lovino wouldn't have given it a second glance if it wasn't going to be his home for an undetermined amount of time. Glancing back at the nurse, he returned her quiet smile. "Home, sweet home?" he asked rhetorically, and the orderlies chuckled.

As the van pulled into the gated facility, Lovino realised how tired he was. He had been warned that his medication would do that to him, but he hadn't expected it to be this bad. But even as he fought to keep himself from nodding off, he felt his hands twitching, and the beginnings of the good mood he'd been nurturing died like seedlings in a frost.

Brought into the building, Lovino paid less than no attention to where they went. He was so tired. He already hated the stuff they gave him, even as the nurse assured him the sleepiness would fade with time. As he entered his room, something in him told him it had been modified for him. There were no sharp corners; even the dresser had been changed, and was a soft, round, ugly-looking thing, and another twitch in his hands told him exactly why.

"I'll let you lay down for now, sweetie, but I have to come get you for supper, okay?" His fuzzy brain barely translated the nurse's slow speech, but he nodded anyway. The mattress was soft, and he was so tired. He was asleep before he'd even pulled the sheets back, and it didn't even register as the nurse covered him up before quietly leaving the room.
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Lovino Vargas
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