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 Heracles Karpusi

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Heracles Karpusi


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PostSubject: Heracles Karpusi   Sat Apr 17, 2010 9:21 pm

Player Info

Name: Jessi/Puff

Age/Birthday: 18/May 14

Main E-mail:


Character Info


Full Name: Heracles Karpusi

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Blood Type: AB

Birthday: 02/03/1982

Hometown: Athens, Greece


Father: Aris Karpusi (deceased)

Mother: Petra Karpusi (deceased)

Siblings: (Cousin)Sadiq Adnan

Job Application (for staff)

Occupation: Humanistic Therapist

Shift: Twelve hour weekdays

Adults or Youth?: More skilled with adults but will occasionally deal with youth

Other notes: He is fluent in Greek and English and a little bit of Japanese. Also, he sometimes appears to have forgotten that it is a therapy session but really is just relaxed with his patients.

Criminal Record:


Height: 169 cm / 5'9

Weight: 150lb

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Green

Body Type: Physically fit

Clothing: Mostly wears earth colors (white, brown and greens) and clothes tend to be baggy when not in uniform.

Other notable attributes/unique traits: He usually appears to be very tired. Heracles also has a slight accent.

Picture (esp. if OC):


Heracles is a very relaxed man. He loves history and can bore people to sleep sometimes with his stories on the past of Greece, which is his favorite subject. Heracles has an intense love of cats; so much so that his office has many cute cat related things. He is also rather lethargic, and is known to fall asleep in almost any kind of situation (excusing therapy sessions). He is a very kind man as well, and can get along with most people he meets.

Though he's a sleepy person and doesn't seem like he's paying attention, Heracles is able to listen to people talk about their problems for hours. People flock to him and tell him things without him doing anything, but he usually doesn't mind. He tends to take his time talking


Heracles grew up in Greece with his mother. He never really knew his father, but he loved hearing all the stories about him from his mother. He got his love of history from her, as well as his love of cats. At the age of thirteen, Petra and Heracles moved to the states, where they were hopeful to start a new life.

Heracles took longer then most others to learn English but was more fluent in it, which came as a surprise to most people. In the public schools, the most common thought was that either Heracles couldn't talk, or he was dumb for taking so long to answer things.

Throughout high school, Heracles pursued his love of history, and in turn, philosophy, which his mother was ecstatic about. It was around this time that Heracles began to experiment with his classmates, and when he admitted to his family that he didn't really care about who he had sex with, as long as it felt good, which Petra was acceptable about (she had even started to tell them a Greek myth until Sadiq called and the two started an argument over something trivial).

The summer of his senior year in high school was the turning point in his life. Petra grew ill with cancer and had to go through chemotherapy. The medication she took helped her body recover, but made her mind confused and lost. When he realized that his mother wasn't getting any better with the therapy, he did it himself, while deciding to take more classes in school so he could understand.

Heracles ended up liking the psychology courses he took and helping his mother through her therapy sessions that he decided to not become a historian, but a therapist, so he could help others. His teachers were very confident that he could achieve this, as were his college professors.

However, three months after he had left Petra, she had died; the cancer had taken hold of her body. Devastated, Heracles almost didn't continue with his degree until he was "persuaded" to by Sadiq, since he believed that it was his fault. After thinking it over and realizing it wasn't his fault, Heracles began to meet with people on the streets and help them out, with not all of them ending pleasantly.

He graduated with flying colors and ended up at Axis Psychiatric. no other reason will be given other then "I felt like it a good place" to avoid admitting he doesn't like working with people with physical illnesses, as it reminds him of his mother and how useless he had felt during her death.

Other Important Info:
Heracles has a bad habit of being able to fall asleep anywhere, usually before or during meetings. He will also sometimes take time off to go back to Greece and explore the country's ancient ruins. It's his way of being able to stay in contact with his mother's spirit. Heracles is also very loyal, since he considers people he holds dear his family and will do almost anything for them.

Roleplay Sample:

Heracles blinked as the nurse in front of him impatiently snapped her fingers. Her mouth was moving, but he could hear nothing. He instead focused on her movements, the wrinkles in her face, trying to figure out what she was talking about without having to ask her to repeat it, because he knew he'd only fall asleep again.

His fingers tapped against his desk and he was given another irritated look. He smiled sheepishly at her as he stopped, amused by the blush on her face. She is cute, he admitted to himself. His eyes slid over her to his desk, where a large calender lay under a sheet of glass. he blinked as he realized what the nurse was telling him. He had some sort of meeting that would start in a few minutes. Oops.

Heracles stood up slowly, still groggy from being woken up so quickly and smiled sleepily at the nurse.

"I'll be heading off now. ...Thanks, for reminding me," He added, almost like an afterthought as he walked out, his hands stuffed into his pockets. The meeting was somewhere, maybe in one of the therapy rooms. He wondered what kind of meeting it was before stopping to almost smack himself in the face.

It was a psych evaluation for one of his patients. And he'd promised to be there. He didn't change his pace as this thought occurred to him, he just continued walking. He walked into the room, and let lose a blinding smile as the doctors rolled their eyes and the patient grinned at him,

"Syngnó̱mi̱ eímai argá ..." he apologized in Greek, "I hope that I have not missed anything?" He laughed a little before seating himself.

Syngnó̱mi̱ eímai argá ... is 'Sorry I'm late...'
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Heracles Karpusi
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