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 Ludwig Eichmann

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Ludwig Eichmann


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PostSubject: Ludwig Eichmann   Sun Apr 18, 2010 10:49 pm

Player Info


17- July 8th

Main E-mail:


Character Info


Full Name:
Ludwig Johann Eichmann


Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation:

Blood Type:

Birthday: October 3rd

Munich, Germany


Hugo Eichmann (deceased: Drowning)
Elisa Schültz-Eichmann(missing-presumed deceased)

Otto Hellstrom (deceased: Cause of death: Homicide)

Step-Brother: Gilbert Beilschmidt

Job Application (for staff)

Resident Physician and Psychologist.

4am-12am: Mondays-Fridays
5am-1am: Weekends
Dr.Eichmann is constantly alert and ready to be on call when off-duty.

Adults or Youth?:
Both, has come into contact or dealt with every patient at some point during their stay.

Time working at APH
Four Years

Other notes:
[list][*]Speaks fluent English and German
  • Speaks conversational Italian, Spanish and French

  • Is always on duty and even lives within the facility, he tends to bury himself in his work and occupation in a way of avoiding the harsh reasoning of reality.

  • Considers his work to be 'therapeutic'

Criminal Record (may apply to both in some cases)
  • Arrested for starting a fight and physically assaulting a fellow student in a courtyard. When questioned about the circumstances, Ludwig stated it was because the student had been heckling him and mentioning derogatory slurs targeting his mother.

180cm/ 5'11
90kg/198 lbs
Light blonde, styled in a slicked-back manner at all times
Body Type:
Tall and Muscular


Being a member of the staff, Ludwig is meant to dress appropriately for the job. Aside from the standard white medical lab-coat, he wears a black vest beneath, with a white dress shirt, and a red tie. He also wears a watch on his left wrist. Ludwig hardly ever is seen wearing short sleeves as a way of hiding the scars earned from being physically abused by both his step-father and half-brother.

Other notable attributes/unique traits:
• Wears glasses, contacts on occasion
• Extremely organized and well-maintained
• Is a complete stickler for cleanliness (possible obsessive compulsive disorder)
• Keeps his feelings and emotions to himself, very few know the real Ludwig.

Picture (esp. if OC):


  • I really wanted a photo of Ludwig with glasses and a labcoat, but alas.. no luck


Behind the aura of authority, Dr.Eichmann is a quiet man who generally keeps his emotions and his feelings to himself. He enjoys helping out patients and ensuring they get the best treatment possible, but deep down he himself is far from perfect. He finds himself suffering panic attacks and nightmares on occasion, and is deeply haunted by the events that occurred in his not so distant past.


At this point, not much can be said for Dr.Eichmann's personal history. He's presumed to have been born in West Berlin, and studied Psychology at the University of Munich. He moved to the United States at the age of 21, obtaining his masters in Medicine at Yale, and worked as an apprentice at Massachusetts General Hospital for two years. Currently, Ludwig has only just started his tenure at Axis Psychiatric Hospital.

Other Important Info:

None, as of yet.

Roleplay Sample:

Her scabbed up arms, were wound tightly around her ankles, she was sitting on the armchair opposite to him, gently rocking back and forth, muttering under her breath

"Ludi. . . Take me Ludi. . .Ludi. . ."

Dr.Ludwig Eichmann had been observing Mrs.Schtiglitz for a few months. She was one of the many patients in the facility that required constant supervision and heavy medication. Every so often, she'd be brought into a special room reserved for the mentally unstable and delusional. Normally she would maintain a calm demeanor and would be reasonable with responding. But there were days (like this one) where she would completely lash out, attacking doctors and nurses with whatever object she could grab. Dr.Eichmann sighed.. "Mrs.Schtiglitz, who's Ludi?"
She didn't answer, or glance at him. She kept repeating the same phrase over and over. Sometimes speaking quicker, sometimes slower-but never modifying the phrase itself.

"Mrs.Schtiglitz..I'm going to ask you one more time-"
"Ludi. . ."

She sprang up and tore off her gown, exposing her full self to him. Ludwig wasn't quite sure what to do, but sprang back in defense. She grabbed the Coffee mug upon his desk and proceeded to splash the scalding liquid over his face. Ludwig screamed, and grabbed her, trying to keep her away from him. Her arms flailing about, with her fingers angled sharply- attempting to scratch him with her blunt fingernails. "SANDRA! STOP IT! STOP IT SANDRA!" He forcefully grabbed her by the shoulders, and spun her around-holding her naked, bruised body against his. "NO LUDI..PLEASE DONT HURT ME! LUDI!!" Her screams were met with foam emerging from her mouth, were people truly capable of this animalistic, feral behaviour? Reaching into his labcoat, he pulled out a syringe containing enough morphine to place anybody unconscious.
The sudden prick of the syringe caused her to scream bloody murder, but the effect was immediate...and she was out cold. Struggling to catch his breath, and comprehend the event, the emergency call button had to put to use.

"This is Dr.Ludwig Eichmann in Room B342- a case of a violent patient who had to be restrained, could you send for her to be collected and placed back in her cell?"
"Yes, Sir"
"Thank You"

'Just another day...'
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Ludwig Eichmann
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