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 Lisette Moreau

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Lisette Moreau


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PostSubject: Lisette Moreau   Mon Apr 19, 2010 6:24 pm

Player Info
Name: Eden
Age/Birthday: 15 / Somewhere around America's birthday.
Main E-mail: [ .. Superbad is like my favorite movie okay ]
MSN/AIM: ^ / [ No AIM;; ]

[ PS?: Eh.. this looked really fun and Alison asked me to join as Seychelles.. b-but this is the first time I've RPed her, so please excuse an OOCness that may pop up once I get around to rps on here;;
t-thank you! ;w; <3 ]

Character Info

Full Name: Lisette-Mylène Moreau
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: N/A
Blood Type: O+
Birthday: June 29th, 1991.
Hometown: Anse Boileau, Seychelles

Father: Étienne Moreau
Mother: Natalie-Lanmè Moreau (née Dumois)
Siblings: Adeline Moreau (Younger sister)

Job Application
Occupation: Psychiatric nurse currently in training.
Shift: 8AM - 7PM Weekdays, Hangs around the hospital about an hour or so on weekends just to prepare for the following week, but is otherwise off those days.
Adults or Youth?: Trying out the field of both, but she's only allowed to work with the deemed "Mild" cases of the hospital - which mostly consists of youth.
Other notes: Lisette is still very new to the actual hospital environment, so she is purposely kept away from the patients with more serious mental illnesses (.. that's not to say this rule keeps her away completely, anyway. Curiousity hasn't quite killed the cat.)
Though she does speak English, she may slip into bits of creole when she is flustered or irritated or any way (esp. if she feels overworked).

Height: 5'1"
Weight: 106 lbs
Ethnicity: African (Seychelloise)
Hair: Medium length, Dark brown.
Eyes: A lighter brown.
Body Type: Small frame, slender; obviously lacking in the curves department.
Clothing: Usually sports some sort of loose-fitting attire (a downy blue dress and flip-flops being the most notable) - despite the fact it doesn't really fit in with hospital staff protocol. - Of course she'll wear the appropriate clothes following the weather (but that usually just means flinging on a raincoat or some sort of sweater over her regular clothes).
Other notable attributes/unique traits: Lisette almost always keeps her hair tied up in loose pigtails, usually held up with various bows and other small comfort hairbands from home.

Lisette is considered by many one of the most optimistic people you could find floating about the Psychiatric hospital (though that doesn't seem like it'd be saying much), especially by staff standards. However, this could just be simply because she is only in training as of now and has only had to truly deal with the mild care patients. Of course, curiosity gets the best of her more often than not and she does stop by to see some of the other patients she would normally be strayed away from - but she has never been asked to devote herself to a single patient long enough to have her positive conscious break.. yet.
Nevertheless, her inexperience also makes her gullible ("Too big of a heart,") and it's not that hard to wear down her lenience enough to take advantage of this - hence the reason she is only meant to be left around the more temperate patients. Another motivation behind this ruling was based simply off the fact she is only a student - only present in the hospital to get a better feel of the actual job behind it - it isn't hard for others to reason that her youth and inexperience could easily be the downfall of her, should she be put in such a situation. And, though it is hard to get her truly upset, this sort of assumption floating around amongst the staff makes her feel extremely inadequate - to the point of it becoming one of the few things she does have a habit of lamenting over (along with her financial situation through travel payments and her apparent horrendous cooking skills).
She's very unconventional with her type of care, oftentimes appearing "too casual" with the patients she has had to look after - presenting herself in an almost careless manner. Yet she claims this is "how she treats everyone" and doesn't believe she should be all that cautious amongst even the worst patients - then again, she has yet to even deal with "the worst patients," so this is probably just a naive declaration on her part.

Growing up in the simple district of Anse Boileau, Lisette was born into a quiet life - her family made a living off fishing - which is without a doubt where her nickname derived from ("Ti pwason" - Little fish). She enjoyed the freedom that came with living in such a small district - loved the way everyone in the town seemed to be one giant family (which may also be a hint as to where her credulousness sprouted from) - but as she grew older, wished to seek out bigger things.

She moved to Port Victoria with her family when she was about 9, after her younger sister Adeline was born. Adeline suffered from a progressive form of Schizoaffective Disorder, and though this made it hard for Lisette to really get close to her sister, this did play a huge part in inspiring her to get into the psychiatric field.
The family was transferred into the inner harbor east of the town in hopes of her father getting into the tuna fishing and canning industry. Victoria was a bigger town, of course - more opportunity came, curiosity followed her into her adolescence - and soon enough she was seeking out universities to attend - much to the insecurity that came with her family, who felt almost betrayed, in a way - but also knew it would be very difficult for their oldest daughter to ride off or even attempt to conjure up enough money to survive on her own, much less move out of Seychelles.
Luckily, there were programs she became familiar with around Africa promising an easier ride through college - to which she quickly applied and found herself granted to chance to attend University in Zambia.

Still not completely sure of what sort of work she planned on getting into, the subtle support of of her sister was pretty much the deciding factor in the entire thing.
- Psychology interested her, anyway, and she assumed it would be an occupation she felt comfortable with - That everyone felt comfortable with - That her sister would look up to her for.

As a freshman she enrolled in the training and nursing program that would allow her to travel even farther away from home - to an esteemed psychiatric hospital in America - she wasn't excepted into the actual program until going into her Sophomore year. She quickly agreed, finding herself briskly assigned and transferred out of the country, to the very place she hoped to work in someday.

At the moment, she is only meant to spend 3 months in the hospital, but she is hoping to enough of her things in order to attend a cheaper online school and still be free to stay in the training program at the Axis Hospital.

Other Important Info:
Despite enjoying the freedom that came with moving so far away from everything, she is extremely family and home oriented, and has brought a set of bows her younger sister "loaned" her for the trip. - She is almost never seen without them.

Roleplay Sample:
Lisette had never visited this side of the hospital - though the sudden change in scenery surprised her initially, her wandering mind had won over and she had eventually found herself strolling into the soundless corridor, the brisk clatter of her sandals against the stale floor echoing softly as her head remained high, dark curls jouncing slightly as her gaze fell on the rooms that followed - the worst cases this hospital held.
The worst.
She felt herself staring into each and every one she passed, now - suddenly more curious than ever. Her once unseeing eyes met with pairs of all colors - all shapes and personalities to each their own - but she noticed one thing about them that did not change, that was unanimous among the lost eyes.

They were just as curious as she was.

The African found herself lingering about one cell, though. A moment too long, she did not think. A single ebon hand trailed along the door, hovering unsurely over the doorknob when it came dangerously close to it - but after another instant of thought, her smaller hand rested back at her side, lost in the sea of her skirt.

"Alo?" A smile came to her face when she saw the familiar figure rise from it's resting place - an unkempt bed pushed off to the adjacent wall - and as it lumbered toward her the smile grew.
"I told you I'd come," her voice was forced into a whisper, but still found itself drowning into a small echo down the gracious hallway. Her darker hand had pressed itself back against the door - to the small window near the top that she'd been peeking through a moment ago - her hopeful eyes remaining keen on the anxious ones from the other side.
"Don't look so worried, mm? You wanted to go outside, to look at the gardens..?" The question trailed off simply, a comfortable silence that followed on her part - though Lisette had enough sense to realize the patient swaying behind the door did not feel quite as reassured by the plan as she had this morning - when she seemed to have gone out of her way to go and ask the Seychelloise nurse herself if it would be possible - Of course, at first Lisette had assumed it was only another patient trying to worm their way out of medication or something through her - "the new one," but when she saw the look that followed her.. such a quiet voice this small favor was asked of her..

She shouldn't.. she couldn't deny this patient..
Just this once, she told herself, just this once.

"Zanmi mwen," She spoke up again in her native language, hoping it soothed the nervous patient somehow.
"I can come by again tomorrow and see if you are ready to go out then, wi?"

She told herself this was the last time she would allow a patient these kind of reckless privileges.

..She knew just as well it probably wouldn't be.
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Lisette Moreau
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