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 Isaak Kästner

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Isaak Kästner


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PostSubject: Isaak Kästner   Fri Apr 23, 2010 6:49 pm

【 Player Info 】


20 // August 1

Main E-mail

MSN/AIM // vodkacakes

【 Character Info 】

|| P E R S O N A L ||

Full Name
Isaak Kästner



Sexual Orientation
Straight, or so what he tells everyone.

Blood Type

January 13th

Kaub, Germany

|| F A M I L Y ||

Claus Kästner (Deseased)

Abigail Kästner

None; only child

Other family
Annelise Møller; cousin (Deseased)
Sebastian Møller; second cousin

|| J O B A P P L I C A T I O N ||

Regional head; Doctor/Therapist.

Monday-Saturday; 8am-12am.

Adults or Youth?
Both, though he tends more to the youth.

Other notes
Don't be intimidated by him, he's actually very harmless--when he's not mad.

Working at APH
10 years.

Criminal Record


|| A P P E A R A N C E ||


135 lbs.

Light blonde; long; usually in a loose ponytail; one long braid at the right side of his head.

Pale blue; usually narrowed.

Body Type

Isaak has a peculiar type of dress style. Nothing too flashy, but nothing too conservative either. Most of the time though, he wears a casual business suit; usually with a dark colored turtleneck.

When he's working, he'll normally wear a doctor's coat over his turtleneck, instead of the business coat.

Other notable attributes/unique traits
None as of right now.



    Isaak is a man of few words or expressions. He tends to use as few words as he needs to get something across, and his expression range is that of a rock; unmoving. So it was hard to tell what he was thinking, and how he was feeling. Though, this clashed with his work, but he has managed for a while now. He's a stickler for order, and won't put up if you take a step out of line. Not that he's strict or anything, just anal-retentive. If it had to be said, then Isaak was a mysterious figure, always showing up at opportune times.


    Isaak came from a decent family, and when they say decent, they mean wealthy. Though he wasn't one to flaunt it around and boast, unlike his father. Once upon a time he had an unhealthy relationship with his father, which led Isaak into leaving home when he was only fourteen. Unbeknownst to his father, his mother had been sending him money to live off of.

    That's when he finished schooling, and eventually moved to America, where he attended college. It could have been said that Isaak was a prodigy child, having finished grade school at the age of fifteen, and his four years of medical school at the age of nineteen. He didn't do much after that, and soon received a letter from his mother that his father had fallen ill. Soon after he returned to Germany for a few years.

    Not that long after his father died, Isaak started working at the local hospital, but since his personality was the way it was, he wasn't able to get in much work. Everyone though he was a cold, distant person, which--okay at times he could be--wasn't all that true. So he worked part time at small clinics, not able to interact a lot with people.

    When he turned 24, Isaak received a phone call from a chain of asylum type hospitals that were just starting up. They actually wanted him to work for them.. and that's exactly what he did. Now he was flying back to America with a new purpose.

    Throughout the years in America again, the German had went up in position. Not only was he one of the top doctors and therapist, he was also the regional head residing over the internationally known, Axis Psychiatric Hospital.

Other Important Info

    Hates those--with a burning passion--who try and belittle him as a man, since he looks rather feminine. Though they wouldn't be able to tell due to his ability to mask his emotions.

Roleplay Sample

    Please click »here«.

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Isaak Kästner
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