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 Gilbert Beilschmidt

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Gilbert Beilschmidt

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PostSubject: Gilbert Beilschmidt   Sat Apr 24, 2010 7:24 pm

Player Info

Name: Reena

Age/Birthday: 16/March 10

Main E-mail:

MSN/AIM: / No Aim. If it’s ever necessary, I’ll make one.

Character Info


Full Name: Gilbert Beilschmidt

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Seemingly bisexual, but he’s yet to have a relationship.

Blood Type: AB

Birthday: January 18

Hometown: Berlin, Germany


Father: Lorenz Beilschmidt

Mother: Adaliz Beilschmidt

Siblings: Liesel Beilschmidt (died at 17, younger brother, deceased. Two years Gilbert’s junior.)

Job Application (for staff)

Occupation: Forensic Psychologist/Psychologist

Shift: 7am – 11pm

Adults or Youth?: He doesn’t have any preference. To him, a patient is a patient. However, he leans toward adult cases more because he finds them more complex.

Other notes: His canary-like bird, named Gilbird, serves as a therapy pet for patients now and then.

Criminal Record (may apply to both in some cases)

-Charged for defacing property at age 15.

-Theft (shoplifting) at age 17.

For both crimes, he was let off with a warning.


Height: 5’9

Weight: 148



Body Type: Athletic

Clothing: At work, he wears a white labcoat over button-up shirts, plain t-shirts, and slacks, usually in dark or neutral colors. However, out of work he tends to wear bright colored shoes and clothes to clubs, for no real reason.

Other notable attributes/unique traits: He's never seen without the iron cross necklace around his neck, and on occasion he wears reading glasses or colored contacts.

Picture (Esp. if OC)


Birds of a feather flock together, right? Eccentric people attract each other, and Gilbert's probably as eccentric as they get. He can get along with the craziest of patients, so long as they cooperate. His inexeperience in his field is no factor on how he handles his patients, nor does it effect how he carries himself in a room full of people he doesn't know.

Upon first meeting, it's easy to tell that he's non-judgemental, friendly, and an overall nice person. He's extremely hard to piss off, which is why he can handle any kind of patient.

Away from work, he's more vulgar, somewhat of an asshole, rude, and a complete flirt, especially if he has an interest in somebody.

...Usually if he's interested in somebody he makes it clear, even if it's at work.


The Beilschmidts were a couple of efficiency. Their lifestyles were built on order, routine, and they hated unusual things. That’s probably why they met, why they dated, and why they married, and later had a child. His mother was a perfectionist, with an occupation as an engineer. She held a high-ranking position for her job, and she was happy with it. His father was a physician, living off a constant routine, working late hours every day, bringing in more than enough money to survive. They were a couple whose hopes and dreams consisted of everything being as they should, nothing more, nothing less.

Having a son with red eyes, white hair, and far, far, too fair skin – having a son that was albino, different, unusual– ruined those dreams. How were they going to go about their daily lives now? The doctor had consoled them, giving them advice, prescribing medicine, and other things to help make their firstborn’s life easier, but that didn’t help the fact he would be like this the rest of his life.

They’d be plagued with questions; he would end up enduring mockery, and health difficulties. . .

They didn’t want that. All they wanted was a normal son to carry on the family name. They didn’t want a son with the condition he’d been born with. He would endure mockery, sensitivity to light, and many more things that would make his life a hassle. His parents felt guilty that they let a child with so many problems into the world, and they hoped that he wouldn’t hate them for bringing him into the world.

Two years later, they had another son, normal this time, and they gave him just as much attention as they did to Gilbert. However, there were differences they would discover over time .

During his childhood they grew to realize that the last thing Gilbert would be concerned about was his appearance. He could’ve lived without being sensitive to light or the mockery he dealt with at school, but his overconfident attitude saved him strife from some of the more…judgmental students he met. Nobody could bring him down, and if they did, he never dared to show it. That wasn’t awesome, as he would say.

School came and went. He made friends, enemies, dealt with bullies, normal things. He worked his hardest, receiving high marks, and progressed into more advanced classes. Like his father, he possessed an unusual desire to learn, and be the best – which was a good thing, despite a few shortcomings (being considered 'haughty' by certain people).

Loritz, on the other hand, was quiet, withdrawn, unhappy, lazy, and completely Gilbert’s opposite. His family tried and tried to make him happy, but nothing seemed to happen. As smart as his father was, he didn’t particularly study too hard into the psychology field, so it wasn’t an immediate discovery that he suffered from a mix of clinicial depression and manic depressive disorder.

The discovery only happened when Gilbert returned home from a night of drinking at an ungodly time of night. He went into his brother's room, since there was nothing to be seen on the first floor, and he found his brother on the floor, an empty bottle of pills by his hand, and a suicide note taped to the window. In summary, he'd killed himself because he thought he'd 'never be as good as Gilbert' and 'how he thought he didn't need to be around'.

That triggered a bout of guiltiness for his family, but it impacted Gilbert the hardest. Instead of going depressed, he did what he usually did when alcohol wasn't going to help - study for hours on end. He picked up psychology books to see how to identify characteristics, actions, things that are usually overlooked.

A few months later, Gilbert started attending Hannover Medical school. Like his father, he possessed an uncanny ability to learn and a photographic memory, so he got his work done faster, and more accurately. He got his degree than a normal student because of that and decided to move abroad and attend a college in America (Harvard. Yes. At Harvard.) Once he finished that, he had to work somewhere. He didn't want to be a teacher, though...he wanted to try his hand at the field. A crazier hospital (yeah, he has a weird thought process) than normal...

And that's how he wound up at Axis Psychiatric Hospital.

Other Important Info:
-He wears a necklace with the Iron Cross every day, a gift from his grandfather, who passed on a year before he graduated medical school.

-He's fluent in German, and he also knows conversational French and Spanish. His English is accented, however, though his grammar's correct.

-Usually he's never seen without Gilbird.

Roleplay Sample:

Sitting in his desk chair, Gilbert waited for his patient to walk in. Newly admitted to this hospital, but not a mental hospital in general, judging by the size of the patient's folder. Probably was forwarded from one hospital to the next, but he wasn't sure. Picking it up and skimming through, red eyes scanned over black ink on paper, taking in the information. Typical, standard facts about his profile first, then information about his life, and as he flipped through the notes, facts were listed off about how his condition had gone from normal to gradually worse. Only seventeen years old, too.

The patient walked in, flopped down on the sofa, crossed his arms over his chest, leaned back, and gave the doctor an all-too-uncaring look.

"What's your name?"

"Why are you asking me? It's on the damn record. Ain't your name Dr. Beilschmidt?"

Oh, how well mannered. He nodded despite his attitude, slightly happy that his name had been well-pronounced for once. One point for the patient.

Gilbert sifted through a few pages, finally finding the one listing criminal charges. Theft, defacement of property, arson, sexual assault... A model life, wasn't it?

"Seems like you can't keep yourself out of trouble, kid."
"They called me a womanizer, a jackass...'s nothin' bad, to me, anyway." Funny how he just stated everything like it was absolutely nothing bad. If it was nothing bad, he wouldn't be in the chair in front of him.

"...I don't get it. You're albino, you have a German accent, and you look like you're just a college student. ...I really, really, hate successful guys like you." Probably why he kept pulling stupid moves -- to get attention. "Bet you're full of yerself, too, huh? Bein' all successful."

The patient reclined in his chair, looking all too pleased with himself.

He raised a brow, closed the folder, setting it aside, and grabbed his notebook.

"How about I ask the questions, hm?"

"Why're y'askin' me, isn't like you won't anyway."

The doctor just smirked.

This was going to be an interesting session.

[Sorry this came so ridiculously late ;3;" ]
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Gilbert Beilschmidt
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