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 Eduard von Bock

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Eduard von Bock


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PostSubject: Eduard von Bock   Tue Apr 27, 2010 4:28 pm

Player Info

Name: Taylor

Age/Birthday: 19 / June 17th

Main E-mail:

MSN/AIM: // EduardxKiku

Character Info


Full Name: Eduard von Bock

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Asexual (secretly bi) “I'm afraid that relationships take too much time and only lead to heartbreak and sorrow, thus I do not wish to dawn myself into such a petty thing."

Blood Type: B+

Birthday: February 24th

Hometown: Haapsalu, Estonia


Father: Andrus von Bock

Mother: Hele Rebane von Bock

Siblings: ---

Job Application (for staff)

Occupation: Psychiatrist

√ Weekdays: 8am – 6pm
√ Saturdays: 10am – 4pm
√ Sundays off

Adults or Youth?: Both.

Other notes:
√ Can speak Estonian, Russian, and English, and can understand Finnish and bits of Danish.
√ Practically lives within the facility, observing everyone and their behavior.
√ Always there if you need him and is always willing to help when he can.

Criminal Record (may apply to both in some cases)
(list offenses-- if murder, or any other type of assault, name victims)
√ Caught for an attempt at hacking the Russian government when he was only fifteen. Reasons unknown. (lol I should change this)


Height: 5’8”

Weight: 155lbs

Hair: Sandy blond locks that are evenly cut, the bangs short enough to stop just before his glasses.

Eyes: Sea green

Body Type: Average; Somewhat scrawny for his size

Normally just wears what would be considered proper for his field, such as a button up shirt with a tie and the occasional vest, sweater or jacket. Dresses prim and proper yet casual, as to make a good impression; Considered fairly handsome yet “nerdy” in appearance.

Other notable attributes/unique traits:
√ He might love computers and the like, but he actually has a passion for singing, literature, and gardening. He even has a small set of pots on the window to his office for growing flowers.
√ He’s surprisingly Pagan, even though he was surrounded by Christianity in his childhood.
√ Fiddles with his glasses a lot when nervous or embarrassed, or even if he has a lack of anything to say.
√ If you look hard enough, you can almost see him shimmer in the light.

Picture (esp. if OC):

A calm and somewhat soft-spoken person who works hard to get what he wants. He likes to take things apart and put them together, so he’s usually around computers and the like. If you have something broken, he’ll fix it right up for you. Feeling down? His charming smile will make your heart flutter. He can be goofy sometimes, but somehow remains cool and collected and tends to point out people’s faults with a sweet smile and an even tone.

Fascinated with the mind and the process of thought, he takes great pride and time into his work. The more complex a patient seems, the more excited he’ll become, furiously jotting down notes on what may be going on in their head. There’s no doubt that he’s probably just there to observe people on his own terms rather than actually help anyone. He’s definitely hard to read, cheerful appearance or not.

Eduard grew up in the small city of Haapsalu with two loving parents. With his father being the local doctor and his mother in pharmaceuticals by making medicine, it was easy for him take interest in the medical field. However, the boy wasn’t concerned with the body… it was of the mind. Every time his father would go out to check or work on a patient, he would tag along to see how they acted and spoke, whether under medication or not. The older he got, the more engrossed into the human mind he became, fascinated by how complex human thought was.

It wasn’t until a local Russian gang came to his parents for underground medical attention to turn his personality sour. After some time into being blackmailed and forced into staying to work for them, the police then finally caught on to their location and the gang blamed the Bocks for selling them out and shot at both of the boy’s parents, nearly killing them. Since that time, Eduard has had bitterness towards all Russians, wary and untrusting of them. He then punched them two days later.

Other Important Info:
√ Might seem strong-willed most of the time, but is actually very easily intimidated and backs out of things frequently.
√ Has the strange problem of shouting people’s names.
√ Is a smug bastard.

Roleplay Sample:

Eduard hummed to himself as he set his pencils in a line, chin resting in a palm. He had a new patient today, which was always exciting. What would they be like? Were they a murderer like some, or possibly just another schizophrenic? His thoughts just seemed to rake over ideas and situations, almost started as he heard a knock at his door.

"Ah, come in, come in!" he said with a smile, motioning for the young man to sit as they brought him in. He gave the men a nod, dismissing them.

"So," he beamed, reaching out to shake the other's hand. "Tere, it's nice to meet you! I'll be your psychiatrist, Dr. Von Bock. You may call me Eduard, if you like."

From the look of this one, he seems to indeed suffer from a form of schizophrenia... possible childhood trauma. Skittish.

Green eyes glared up at the other male as that hand was offered to him. He could tell that the man didn’t trust him, no matter how sweet Eduard tried to be around him. He narrowed his eyes slightly as the man sat, curling into a ball upon the cushions.
The blond quirked an eyebrow.

Hmm... odd. Seems to not like physical contact. Not very trusting... common.

He sat in his chair and leaned onto the armrest, toning down his smile into a much softer expression, doing the same to his voice as well. "You don't have to be afraid of me, Toris... I'm only here to talk."

With that he glanced down at his folder, flipping through a page or two, looking for any small details to use for small talk. After scanning the contents briefly he pulled his notebook into his lap, looking back up with a now shy smile. "It says here that your last name is Lorinaitis? That's Lithuanian, isn't it? It's not very often that I meet someone from those parts. I'm from Estonia myself, you know."

This was going to be fun.
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Eduard von Bock
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