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 Tuan Dinh Linh (Vietnam) (wip)

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PostSubject: Tuan Dinh Linh (Vietnam) (wip)   Sat May 01, 2010 2:09 pm

Player Info

Name: Lorelai

Age/Birthday: 18 && March 23rd

Main E-mail:

MSN/AIM: Aim: Jillybean9213

// Character Info \\
// Personal \\

Full Name Tuan Dinh Linh

Age: 27

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Blood Type: A

Birthday: September 2nd

Hometown: Hanoi, Vietnam

// Family \\

Father: Tuan Due Huynh

Mother: Tuan Thi Qui

Siblings: Tuan Bao Hien (deceased)

// Job Application \\

Occupation: Psychiatric/Mental-Health Nurse Practitioner

Shift: 8AM - 10PM Weekdays, 3PM - 6AM Weekends

Youths or Adults: Both, Linh deals with just about every patient that comes through the doors at some point.

Other Notes: Fluent in Vietnamese and English. Is distant with people to the point of being cold and detached, and has a uncanny ability to read people and figure out their motives. She is also a huge fan of puzzles.
Criminal Record: Clean

// Appearance \\

Height: 5'2"

Weight: 113 LBS

Hair: Black, and is pulled back into a neat ponytail.

Eyes: Smokey gray

Body Type: Short and twig like.


Other notable attributes/unique traits: Wears reading glasses, addicted to coffee, starts her day with a sudoku and word jumble, perfectionist, and has an uncanny ability to read people.

// Personality \\

// History \\

// Other Important Info \\

// Roleplay Sample \\
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Tuan Dinh Linh (Vietnam) (wip)
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