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 Naja Iveksen

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Naja Iveksen


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PostSubject: Naja Iveksen   Sun May 02, 2010 1:38 am

Player Info

Name: Ruth

Age/Birthday: 16, birthday is 1/31

Main E-mail:

MSN/AIM: I don’t have one, but I check my e-mail every day.

Character Info


Full Name: Naja Uaasi Iveksen

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Blood Type: O-

Birthday: June 21

Hometown: Nuuk, Greenland


Father: Eske Iveksen

Mother: Margrethe Iveksen

Siblings: Hans Iveksen (brother, deceased)

Patient Chart

Illness(es): Avoidant Personality Disorder, Major Depression

Specific Symptoms:

- Avoids activities which require significant social interaction.

- Reluctant to participate socially, interacts with people only the minimum amount.

- Is hyper aware of people's body language and verbal cues, particularly when relating to displeasure, rejection or disapproval. This stems from a paranoia of being rejected/ridiculed.

- Sensitive to criticism and rejection. Goes exceedingly out of her way to avoid 'dangerous' situations, and spends large amounts of time brooding over perceived failures.

- Regards herself as socially inept and behaves as such- she interacts very little with strangers and in unfamiliar settings and situations.

- Clings to people she is comfortable with, and is happiest doing activities she is guaranteed success at.

- insomnia

- appetite loss

- persistent aches and pains that do not get better with treatment/medication

- suicide attempts, thoughts of suicide

Reason for admission to hospital: civil admission by parents for safety/treatment

Medication(s) if applicable:
Emsam (MAOI)- 9g patch, used once per day.

Other notes:

- Keep under surveillance for possible suicidal tendencies and self-harm. Often has unexplained injuries.

- She refuses to talk about her suicide attempt.

-Because of her medications, Naja is not allowed to eat foods high in tyramine. These include cheeses, bananas, soy products and alcohol. She has a tendency to try to find these foods anyway.

- Has trouble sleeping due to medication.

Criminal Record:


Height: 5' 6"

Weight: 105 lbs

Hair: very pale blonde, always kept in braids with long bangs which she pushes to the side.

Eyes: blue

Body Type: skinny, underweight due to depression as well as her restricted diet.

Clothing: dresses, skirts usually in dark colors.

Other notable attributes/unique traits:
she always wears her grandfather's compass on a chain around her neck. She also has several long scars on her arms from her suicide attempt



Naja is a very withdrawn person, who rarely communicates with people. She never directly states what she's feeling, and usually doesn't even give her opinions to others. Despite this, she spends an unusually large amount of time on her appearance, and she likes to try to plan out her responses to possible situations ahead of time. This stems from her personal insecurities, both about her self-worth and her ability to talk to others. She takes rejection and criticism very hard, even in the form of an off-hand remark.

Despite her quiet nature, she is very dependent and clings to people she's close to. Naja still rarely talks though, especially when it comes to voicing her opinion. Instead, she uses physical contact and closeness- everything from hugs to following closely behind. She's also extremely paranoid about her friends' opinions of her, and will do just about anything to fix a 'bad opinion'.

History: Naja was raised in a distant but caring household. Her father was always busy with work, and her mother was busy taking care of Naja's brother, Hans. He suffered from an autoimmune disorder, which left him sick and bedridden for the majority of the time. Naja was usually taken care of by a nanny or sometimes an aunt, and had little contact with most of her family. When her father was home, he spent whatever time he could with Naja.

When she turned eight, Naja's brother died. He had been getting worse and worse for months, but the loss still hit her family hard. Naja's mother sank into depression and her father buried himself in work, often spending weeks away from the family on business trips. Naja herself became withdrawn, refusing to speak up in class at all and no longer spending time with her friends at all. After being sent to a psychologist, she was diagnosed with Avoidant Personality Disorder; there was little her family could do about it, aside from giving her the medication. Naja continued to withdraw from everyone, until finally she was barely communicating with anyone at all.

Naja herself took her limited interactions hard, believing that it was because she wasn't worthwhile. She engaged in desperate attempts to succeed at everything and anything in order to gain some form of recognition, be it from her parents or her peers. Instead, her activities pushed her even farther away from everyone. In her senior year of high school Naja just stopped trying. Her grades fell, she distanced herself from the few friends she had, and finally just didn't go to school. Another meeting with a psychologist attributed her actions to her personality disorder, and she was prescribed stronger medication. Two months before graduation, Naja tried to kill herself by slitting her wrists. She was found in the bathroom by her mother, and was rushed to a hospital. Immediately afterward she was diagnosed with major depression and checked in to the psychiatric hospital.

Other Important Info:
- Naja is very intelligent, as well as a talented violinist.
- She does not like to ever talk about her family, particularly her mother.
- Despite having no criminal record, Naja did a large amount of shoplifting and theft in the last couple of years.
- Naja can speak Greenlandic, Danish and English, although she prefers to talk in Greenlandic or Danish.

Roleplay Sample:

It was cold. It never stopped being cold in the hospital. Naja rubbed one of her scars, fingertips gliding over the raised bump it made. She didn't want to be here; she didn't want to talk about herself and taker her medications and lie in her room night after night wondering if she would ever leave. Sometimes she thought about doing it again. Except they had her locked up good in here. No knives (not even the shitty plastic ones), no pills, nothing.

She knew she would find a way if she wanted to. Naja was smart enough. It was probably progress though, that she hadn't really tried to yet. But then again, she shouldn't exactly be lying awake at night thinking about it. Sometimes she dreamed about it. The way it hurt for a few seconds, and how she had felt lightheaded and giddy and happier than she had felt in a long time towards the end. But then she remembered the screaming, and the blood and...

Naja dug her nails into her arm, effectively cutting off her train of thought. She stopped when she felt the stickiness coat her fingers, wiping her hand on the sheets and inspecting the wound. Four small crescents in a row. The nurses would be mad tomorrow.

She wished she didn't have to wake up tomorrow.
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Naja Iveksen
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