The place where people go to die.
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 What is this place?

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PostSubject: What is this place?   Fri Apr 09, 2010 10:10 pm

You open the brochure. Simple text is presented.

~Axis Psychiatric Hospital~

One Day at A Time

When a person can no longer successfully manage their life, it's time to call Axis Psychiatric Hospital. Having provided quality mental health care in America for three decades, people of all ages have walked through the doors lost and in despair and have left with new direction. Our comprehensive age-specific programs take place on a secluded campus, giving our residents the peace and privacy they need to move on.


Admission to one of APH's prestigious mental health programs can be done through a profession referral or by just walking in. Admissions has 4 steps:

Clinical Assessment: A clinician will meet with the incoming resident privately to discuss and assess the patients problem and the appropriate program for their specific needs.

2. Contact Referral Sources: With permission, our staff will contact any current outpatient treatment providers for a better understanding of the patients needs.

3. Consult/Assign a APH physician: After the assessment is completed, an on-campus physician will be assigned to all new residents based on program and needs.

4. Admissions Representation: In the final stage of admissions, a representative will meet with the in-coming patient and discuss the financial aspects of their stay and escort them to their new lodgings.

Standards of Care

Each program has different standards of care based on the needs and severity of the patients problems.

Intensive Inpatient: 24 hour care, usually lasting between 3 and 17 days.

Partial: An intensive 7am to 5pm day program for those able to be on their own but still needing the stability of a day time program.

Outpatient: A 7am to 12pm program, this is for the patients that are preparing to transition to normal life.

Recovery Residence: Our long term program, the recovery residence is set in an on-campus apartment complex where residents go through an intensive preparatory independent living program while attending all the day-time programs of the intensive inpatient program.


Youth Program: Ages 15 and younger

Young Adult Program: Ages 16 to 21

Adult Program: Ages 22 and older
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What is this place?
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