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 Kristján Holtasóley

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Kristján Holtasóley


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17 ♦️ October 16th

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Full Name
Kristján Kolur Holtasóley

17, but speaks and acts incredibly mature for his age


Sexual Orientation
Highly asexual-- finds any relationship whatsoever unappealing

Blood Type

6/17 (June 17, 1992)

Hafnarfjörður, Iceland


Sören Stefánsson

Svana Vilhjálmsdóttir

Larus Sörensson (deceased)

Patient Chart

♦️ Split Personality Disorder
♦️ Avoidant Personality Disorder
♦️ Post-traumatic Stress Disorder
♦️ Anorexia Nervosa/Chronic Insomnia

Specific Symptoms
♦️ Alternates between two drastically contrasted personalities
♦️ Will consistently refuse to eat or sleep for hours, sometimes days, refers to them as 'wastes of time'
♦️ Makes up for low self-esteem by playing up his ego, usually demeaning others
♦️ Spends as much time alone as physically possible
♦️ Deliberately drives away potential relationships
♦️ Periodic memory loss or denial of certain events

Reason for admission to hospital
Prevention of self harm or continued harm to others, perhaps recovery of memory as well; his fragile state of body and mind more or less would be ill-suited to anywhere else. Treatment is possible, but full recovery seems hopeless.

♦️ Amitriptyline - 100 mg a day, taken orally
♦️ Periactin - 2 mg four times a day, taken orally
♦️ Various vitamin/iron supplements

Other notes
♦️ Fluent in Icelandic and English, but will more often than not refuse to speak English if he speaks at all
♦️ Suffers crippling pyrophobia, the irrational fear of fire/flame
♦️ Rarely ever lashes out or has severe fits (unless presented with object of fear), but becomes horribly cold and unfeeling if he feels offended or threatened

Hospitalized for
Three years

Criminal Record
Charged with
♦️ Deliberate murder of Larus Sörensson, age 15
♦️ Arson of family home


5'6½" (170.6 cm)

112 lbs.

Once a fair, very light blond that has faded to an ashy white

Deep violet

Body Type
Fragile, pale and sickly, as if ready to snap in half under the slightest pressure; has various burn scars underneath his clothing

Comfortable, but elegant and neat, always trying to appear 'adult'; always seen wearing his trademark white, knee-length boots

Other notable attributes/unique traits
♦️ Has an odd and subconscious habit of sticking his thumb out in a 'thumbs down' gesture-- no one knows why, but it definitely means he's unhappy with something
♦️ Physical contact of any kind with anyone is his biggest pet peeve; known for having broken someone's finger once for poking him
♦️ Incredibly self-conscious about scars, refers to them as 'ugly'


The reason Kristján is such a complex being is because he appears to be a fusion of two personalities, hence the diagnosis-- he was so close to his twin brother that after his loss, he began to adapt him into himself and seems to switch between their clashing personalities at random times.
Kristján himself is cold and distant as they come, going out of his way to avoid any human interaction if he can help it. He doesn't seem to trust anyone but himself, and often enjoys being difficult and rude for the sake of irritating others-- this is how he slowly pushes everyone away before close relationships are formed. To compensate for a lack of any actual self-confidence, he likes to play up his IQ and act as if he is smarter than others, and often succeeds in convincing them of the same thing. Kristján also tends to get easily frustrated with simple questions or tasks and becomes easily embarrassed if his guard is let down.
The flip side of his personality-- 'Larus'-- is a shocking opposite; just as soft-spoken and awkward, but more open, and more smiling-- friendlier, even. In this state he seems more willing to cooperate and talk, but it is rare that anyone gets to see this hidden part of him; it's because of this that no one seems to have taken note of the fact that he will usually only stop fighting Larus once he becomes close to someone, or at least trusts them to an extent.
Kristján seems to have selectively shut out that his twin ever died, so it's best not to tell him otherwise, or he may become confused and upset and lash out.

From the moment Kristján Sörensson was born, his fate seemed almost obvious-- doctors were certain that if he did not die within the hour, he would surely not live past five years. While he came out sickly, small and underweight, his twin brother Larus came out perfectly healthy, immediately outshining him and foreshadowing their future as siblings.
Their parents were remarkably ordinary people living in ordinary homes with little money to spare, which was mostly due in part to Kristján's constant need for medical attention, and thus they placed high hopes of success on the bright and talented Larus. The twin had no direct plan for his life, but for every door that opened for him, another closed for Kristján, who spent most of his time either in the hospital or in his bedroom, gradually beginning to realize what a burden he truly was and growing more bitter by each day.
Where Larus dreamed realist dreams of heading out on his own and making a name for himself, Kristján spent time at the beach watching the puffins, dreaming of one day taking to the air and flying among them. Yet despite their conflicting personalities, the brothers were closer to each other than anyone else in the family, and relied heavily on each other. Soon, Larus was the only one Kristján would open up to at all-- everyone else, he began shutting out.
This dependency slowly began to develop into a dangerous obsession. Naturally, as siblings do, Kristján couldn't help envying his brother and his talents, and it became a desperate struggle to either equal or rival him, no matter what the toll on his frail body. He began to play with fire, fascinated by the way it would glow, by the shapes he could make in the air, by the sheer feeling of being able to control something for once, and gained a talent for making art out of flames. One day, he wanted to show Larus one such amazing trick, but waited 'til their parents were out of the house-- they probably would not support his new hobby that much.
Kristján cannot remember the exact sequence of events that day, all he really recalls is scorching heat all around, his twin's terrified eyes, hands gripping his ankles...
...and pushing Larus into the inferno before escaping. From there, he can only remember waking up in the hospital in excruciating pain all over, having burned in multiple places, as well as the heavy realization that his own brother had tried to kill him. However, no one would believe his self-defense plea, not even his own parents-- everyone thought he had murdered his twin out of jealous spite.
Thus, when Kristján steadily showed signs of having mentally snapped as he recovered in the hospital, his parents sent him to Axis Psychiatric-- far, far away from home, out of shame, and being unable to cope with the new persona he was adapting; he simply seemed to refuse his brother's death, in fact, it was almost as if he had become his brother-- just as he'd wished.

Other Important Info
♦️ Extremely fond of puffins; it's the only thing he'll willingly carry out an enthusiastic conversation about, has even gone so far as to attempt to sneak a puffin chick inside the building
♦️ Can do near-perfect imitations of puffin sounds
♦️ Has an excessively strong and stereotyped hate for the Danes and everything Danish-- it is assumed it was simply part of his upbringing
♦️ Strong distaste for and aversion to alcoholic beverages, but has a ravenous addiction to cola
♦️ He himself changed his own surname upon arriving to America out of hate for his parents

Roleplay Sample
» can be found here «

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Kristján Holtasóley
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