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 Francis Bonnefoy

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Francis Bonnefoy


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PostSubject: Francis Bonnefoy   Thu May 20, 2010 2:40 pm

Player Info

My name is Vanessa, but I shortened it a couple of years ago to just 'Vinnie'. C:

Currently 18, will be turning 19 on the 11th of September.

Main E-mail


Character Info


Full Name
Francis Jean Bonnefoy.



Sexual Orientation

Blood Type

The 14th of July.

He lived in Marseilles for a while as a kid, but moved to Paris in later-life.

Job Application (for staff)

Psychiatric Nurse

Days and nights, he's a very light sleeper.

Adults or Youth?

Other notes
Francis has a slight alcohol problem.

Criminal Record
These mostly come from his university days, which he spent in a drunken stupor. Sexual assault, one case of battery against some English tourists, etcetera.


Francis usually wears boots with wedge heels, which give him a little bit of extra height. Barefoot, he's 5'6", but in his work-boots, he's 5'7".

He's slim, around 130lbs, and has some muscle stature to him.

Sitting on the edge of dirty-blond and normal blond, and wavy. Always kept shoulder-length.

Cobalt-coloured, with a little sparkle of enthusiasm in them.

Body Type
Francis' physique is somewhat odd. Although his BMI is perfect for his height, and he has muscles, down south, it's a bit weird. He has 'child-bearing' hips, and very strong, long legs any woman would die for. To say he's a unique specimen would be an understatement.

Normally, he wears the scrubs given by the hospital, but otherwise, he dresses very fashionably. Nothing is too gaudy, nothing is too much -- his general civilian clothes are a pink and black pinstripe shirt, with a black tie and smart black trousers.

Other notable attributes/unique traits
He has a slight stubble, which he decides to keep as a personal choice. He may seem a little bit over-affectionate, but that's just his personality.



Francis is a bit of a wild card when it comes to describing his personality. He is a flirt, a party-animal, and a gourmet, to put him in a nutshell. If France were at a party, he would instantly have a woman on his arm, be sat at on a sofa, drinks on the table, and be chilling out vainly.

He is very over-affectionate, this stemming from his personality and his innate chivalry, which means he never tries to cause undue stress to female patients.

He believes TLC to be the best medicine, and thinks that most patients benefit a lot simply by being complimented and made to believe that they all have something special within them.

Francis likes artistry, and often cooks, sketches, or sings in French to himself when he has any free time. He has grand ideas for artistry programs for the patients, having done his investigative dissertation on the effect of letting patients out of their rooms for a few hours a day to draw their surroundings.


Francis was born on a house-boat on the rivers around Marseilles, and spent his life like that for several years, until his father grew sick of the itinerant lifestyle and moved his wife and young son to Paris.

Here, Francis made good progress in school, and gained his Baccalaureate while zipping back and forth to different tutors to gain fluency in English, learn humanistic studies, all the while keeping several girlfriends.

His choice to go into the psychiatric profession came as a shock to those who knew him – his friends believed he would go into the world of night-time entertainment, or simply be an unemployed lothario all his life, rather than spend his day walking around a hospital where there is a common stereotype that you have to learn to desensitise your ears to screaming and wailing.

However, Francis wanted to do something for the community, as well as have some purpose in his life, so he came to the hospital to try his luck as a junior psychiatric nurse.

Roleplay Sample

Francis pulled on his scrubs that morning. He'd been up since the break of dawn, which had become like a habit to him – ever since university, he'd gotten up at five in the morning, even if he'd had a rather wild party the night before.

He took a deep breath and started affixing his hair into a ponytail, holding the ribbon between his teeth before quickly tying it up.

Shutting his locker, he opened the door, and was quickly greeted with the smell of, well, hospitals. Cleaning products, a light smell of air fresheners, as well as the underlying current of plastic chairs. Luckily, the hospital was quiet at the moment – others that Francis had worked in proved to have a symphony of screams in the morning, before the patients were given their medication, some with sleep disorders yelling from being roughly woken up by rather uncaring temp staff.

But, at this new job, he felt an air of optimism – for one, they seemed a lot more clued up on mental health here than the other hospitals he'd worked at...


Okay, that's all. Very Happy Took me the whole evening, but, hoorah!

I omitted a few things (like family) and whatnot, since I wasn't sure what to put. Plus, this makes it a little more easily-modifiable. ^^
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Francis Bonnefoy
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