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 Stephen Washington

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Stephen Washington


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PostSubject: Stephen Washington   Thu May 20, 2010 6:34 pm

Player Info

Name: Manada

Age/Birthday: 22 | 08/18

Main E-mail:

MSN/AIM: same as above

Character Info


Full Name: Stephen 'West' Washington

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Blood Type: B

Birthday: Nov. 11

Hometown: Seattle, USA


Father: Refuses to remember him, abandoned his family.

Mother: Unknown, he refuses to acknowledge her name (deceased)

Siblings: Has two younger brothers and a sister he hasn't seen since he left escaped the last hospital he was in.

Patient Chart (for patients)


-Antisocial personality disorder
-Separation anxiety disorder
-Possibly bipolar.
-Delusional at times due to post-traumatic stress.

Specific Symptoms:

-Sometimes lashes out at people
-Has a tendency to scream at mirrors if placed in front of one for a long time
-His moods sometimes fluctuate to a point where he is considered violent and must be restrained.
-He has a fear of being alone by himself, but he is fine when someone keeps him company, whether that be an inanimate object or a person.
-Sometimes he reverts to a child-like attitude occasionally.
-He has a hard time trusting people, so he talks to inanimate objects and rather be in the kitchen.
-He is extremely clingy if he likes someone.

Reason for admission to hospital:

-Court order for killing his mother and for mental instability.

Medication(s) if applicable:

-He takes lithium (50 gms in pill form) for his bipolar disorder, and if given some room, he calms down.

Other notes:

-It's noted that he names his things that are precious to him, and if taken away, he'll fight violently to get them back.
-He's actually very patient, quiet and well mannered.
-Has a tendency to snap when pushed to his limit.
-has an obsession with suicide and sharp pointy things.


Height: 5'9"

Weight: 142

Hair: Dark brown

Eyes: Dark green

Body Type:

-Slender, has scars and burns from suicide attempts and a few tattoos.

Clothing: casual when outside, likes wearing pajama pants and slippers when inside.

Other notable attributes/unique traits:

-Has a little curl that protrudes from the top of his head
-Keeps his long hair in a braid but occasionally lets it free.
-He switches languages when he thinks no one is listening.
-He prefers to be called 'West' when first meeting him. Other than that he doesn't like it when someone calls him by his real name.

Picture (esp. if OC):


Stephen is a quiet and polite young man, but his bipolar moods give him the tendency to be a smart ass at the wrong time. He occasionally is foul-mouthed when he's in a bad mood, but it only comes out when his stress drives him to that point.

Some of his bad habits include sneaking out late at night for coffee, throwing things randomly, and trying to hurt himself. He can be very indecisive, which causes people to get frustrated with him, either making late decisions or nothing at all.

He can be very chatty once you engage him in a subject he likes but his tastes change all the time. Usually he refers to older people as 'miss' or 'mister' in respect when first getting acquainted, but will drop it once he's comfortable enough.

Occasionally he will revert to a child-like personality and offer his stuffed octopus 'Takojirou' to give anyone a hug.


Being the eldest of his siblings, Stephen had a lot of pressure on him by his mother as he grew up. His mother came from an upper middle class family, and was pressured to be the best in life. It took a toll on her, and believing that she ended up being a "failure" for ending up pregnant, she took it out on their eldest son to live her dreams for her. Forced to study all the time at an expensive elite school, Stephen wound up having few friends and no social life whatsoever outside of academics.

If he so much as brought home anything lesser than an 'A' from school, his mother would lock him in his room and deprive him of food and water. And if she felt angry, Stephen was abused both physically and mentally while his mother treated his younger siblings more kindly than Stephen himself; and for them he keeps his mouth shut so they all continued to have a place to live. This continued on and on, and his father, (who never stepped in to intervene with the abuse), finally abandoned the entire family to pursue his own career and to quote, "get away from the insanity".

Because of this, his mother went absolutely nuts. From then on, the abuse grew worse for him as he grew older. Examples included tying him to a chair in front of a mirror without food or water for days on end until Stephen passed out, and taking precious objects away setting them on fire. At this point in time, Stephen had turned suicidal and attempted to kill himself several times.

He has told only a very close friend about what goes on in his home, and swore him to secrecy. But his friend, afraid that Stephen would wind up dead one day, tells the authorities, who quickly launched an investigation and sent Social Services over to the house. His mother denied everything that the friend had relayed to the police, and told them that he was crazy and didn't know what he was talking about. When all investigation was completed, the authorities couldn't prove that his mother was abusive and had no choice but to leave.

No matter how much she screamed or hit him, he kept silent. And it wasn't until she threatened to kill him, herself and his siblings that he finally caved in. Stephen knew something was going to happen to his friend, so he took it upon himself to warn him and push him into hiding. His friend refused, saying that he wasn't going to run away when his friend needed him the most. Despite begging for his friend to not confront his mother, his friend eventually wound up 'missing', with rumors circulating around that he had been kidnapped.

A month later, Stephen finally found his friend's body in the backyard, and he hadn't been the same since that day. His mother was promptly arrested for the murder, forcing her to admit to all the years of abuse and tyranny she bestowed upon her family. Reminded of everything he went through, he finally snapped and pulled out a gun, shooting her point blank in the head. The police quickly intervened as Stephen kept shooting her body until he ran out of bullets. They had no choice but to tranquilize him when he refused to back down. He went down laughing maniacally.

Sent to a hospital, the doctors quietly examined and observed him for several months, diagnosing him as mentally ill, thanks to the abuse he went through. He finally was sent off to a psychiatric hospital in the middle of nowhere, where he stayed for a year but eventually escaped. They eventually caught him trying to dig up his mother's grave to desecrate it, and ended up being sent off to the Axis Psychiatric Hospital, where he now resides. With no mother or himself to care for his siblings, they were sent off to a foster home and Stephen hadn't seen them since.

Other Important Info:

-He talks to plants, and loves to cook.
-He carries a Rubik's cube on him at all times.
-He loves nothing more than a mug of coffee and a good book to read.

Roleplay Sample:

A soft hum resonates from Stephen's lips as he fiddles with the Rubik's cube, turning it every so often when he felt like it. He casts a smile on the bonsai tree that sat on his window sill and continues turning the cube.

"What do you think, Christophe?" He asks the tree, tilting his head as if expecting an answer.

"...Oh, you want me to turn it to the right?" He touched the corners gently and turned it once, turning the cube over and twisted it again. Even though the dark haired young man knew some of the patterns by heart, solving it over and over again, he was always delighted when he found a new way to twist and turn the cube. A sharp halt caused him to drop the cube as a voice grunted out from the front seat.

"We're here kid." Stephen picked up his cube and looked out the window, fascinated by the building they stopped in front of. He wondered if it was anything like the last hospital he was in, and already started devising a plan to escape. When the door opened, a couple of nurses came out of the building and waited. Stephen shrank back and clutched his stuffed octopus, shaking his head. He didn't want to go at all without his bonsai tree. Seeing this, a doctor gently gestured to him.

"Come on,'s time to go. I'll bring Christophe too." He hesitantly piled out of the car, with the doctor picking up his things and followed after, the nurses guiding him into the building.
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Stephen Washington
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