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 Antonio Carriedo

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Antonio Fernandez


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PostSubject: Antonio Carriedo   Thu May 20, 2010 8:49 pm

Player Info

Name: Chloe, Mocha. Either one!

Age/Birthday: 19, April 24, 1991.

Main E-mail:

MSN/AIM:, Mochaccino Mafia

Character Info


Full Name: Antonio Fernandez Carriedo

Age: 25

Gender: Male.

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual.

Blood Type: AB

Birthday: February 25.

Hometown: Madrid, Spain.


Father: Valentino Carriedo.

Mother: Marilynn Carriedo.

Siblings: None.

Job Application (for staff)

Occupation: Nurse.

Shift: Night shift.

Adults or Youth?: He takes care of both mainly, but he usually ends up helping the adults more, due to his tendencies to forget to mention certain mature topics.

Other notes: He is usually seen with some type of snack wedged into his hand, and it is typically a tomato. He usually offers a bite to each one of his patients.

Criminal Record: None.


Height: 5’11.

Weight: 161.

Hair: Rather messy, curly brown hair that always appears uncombed.

Eyes: Bright green.

Body Type: AB

Clothing: At works, he wears the nurse outfit assigned to him, a light, almost baby blue, tunic, which always has an assortment of pens in the pockets (he tends to write various notes throughout the day), along with the typical lighter pants that tend to have various wrinkles in it.

Outside of work, however, he wears seemingly bright clothes, almost a bit gaudy in essence, but he restrains himself occasionally. The most notable outfit he wears when going to the store or to a café with a friend is that of straight-legged jeans, a yellow print shirt, and a loud red jacket; and this usually attracts quite a bit of attention.

Other notable attributes/unique traits:
-Always seen chewing a tomato (well, not always, but a little exaggeration is fun).

-Tanned skin, even during the winter (he goes to great lengths to keep it that way).

-Has a deep Spanish accent still and jumbles up his grammar occasionally.

-Has an obsession with cute things.

Picture (esp. if OC):

Personality: True to the Spanish stereotype, Antonio is as kind-hearted as they come. Nothing can very well bring him down, unless counted the notorious failures he has when attempting to make people deliriously happy. His own behavior, which consists of nothing but infinite happiness, tends to actually bring a few people down, wondering why exactly such a man could harbor such a smile on his face at all times.

Another problem with Antonio is that he is blissfully unaware of most things; especially when it comes to the fact that someone is angry with him. When one finds it in one’s heart to really detest Antonio and scream at him, Antonio cannot read the atmosphere, and he only smiles at such occurrences. Usually he will proclaim that the person mad at him is simply just trying to vent out steam, but not at him. He is also quite air headed when it comes to someone, especially men, romancing him. Such a predicament gives way to unrequited love.

Antonio, in a nutshell, is merely an energetic bundle of pure happiness, and it can really get obnoxious sometimes. He is also rather sexual, when in a relationship, and tends to grasp kisses from his lover any chance he can get. He is single, however.


Antonio was born in Madrid, Spain, to a family of rather loving parents, and he found himself enamored by anything relating back to the gardens outside, all surrounding his house. Though he had many friends (being quite the charmer), Antonio found himself always within the compounds of the garden, tending to the many tomatoes that his parents were proud to harvest. It was a safe getaway, though he did not need one, and he spent the majority of his drawing time there, even writing stories in the peaceful atmosphere. However, he soon moved, in his early teens, to America, and it was painfully hard to adjust to the new life he was not accustomed to. His father had found a better job in America, as he was a partner in a business firm that had just began a merger with an American company. When thought over, Antonio’s family found it best for all of them to move, and Antonio was not necessarily too happy with the arrangements. The garden would no longer exist for him.

Everything was anew, his head hurting from the intensive program to learn English that he was forced into; but being intelligent to a certain extent, he managed to pull himself out of the confusion, and began speaking well enough to be understood. His grades, however, were not impeccable, but he did excel in art classes the most.

Strangely popular in high school, he still felt as if he had trouble fitting in. Remembering the garden at his beautiful home in Madrid, he could not find a place to find solace in; the onl peaceful atmosphere he could inspect was in his room, and that was typically reserved for his nights playing video games or drawing in the dark. In a way to cope with the fact he could never obtain the garden again, Antonio became fascinated with tomatoes (a quite unhealthy obsession), and has to eat at least one a day. And it has to be just right: perfect, round, red.

After high school, which was dreadfully unbearable for him, Antonio went to community college, then to nursing school, in which he received his degree, and has been in several hospitals before. Generally, most other nurses respected him, surprised by his unnatural, wavering cheerfulness, even when confronted by the worst of patients. He has moved from apartment to apartment, finding it hard to stay in one place. Finally settled down in his current location and working a steady job at the Axis Psychiatric Hospital. None of his patients have very well respected him, though, which has caused him to become rather conflicted on what his duty exactly is; nonetheless, his best shows through his genuine care for his patients.

Other Important Info:

-He falters with his English sometimes and reverts back to speaking Spanish.

-He has a pet dog, named Madeline, that usually calls all of his attention during his days off.

Roleplay Sample:

Antonio was always tired lately; not too tired, but enough to make him shuffle through work like an old dog on its last legs. Maybe it was because his dog was the one keeping him up lately, but still - he made due with the sleepiness that trailed at his eyes, and smiled widely when greeted by his fellow staff members, giving a hearty laugh any chance he could throw one out. Not that it mattered, though, because it was his patients that needed to be tended to with this cheerfulness that clung to him like overly-too-tight clothes.

He grew to know every patient my name, outright being able to see a patient and yell out his name (if they were out and about through the hospital, when given the time), and surely, as expected, such a patient would attempt to ignore him. Why, now, would they want to interact with Antonio, who was entirely too giddy in excitement, even when tired? The patients had more worries, so many, that being brought down with a pile of happiness enough to choke the life out of someone was certainly a displeasure actually; they would rather feel the happiness than a nurse who had a seemingly wonderful life.

Antonio sighed, wringing his fingers through his hair, getting a finger caught in a tangled curl, as he leaned against the counter, wondering which patient he would be assigned to take care of today. The hospital tended to get many, and Antonio was always swamped with work - but he enjoyed his career, even if his patients never took too kindly to him. “Ah, today, today…it’s so sunny,” he muttered with a smile plastered on thin lips as he glanced up at the ceiling that blocked the handsome rays. “I hope I can take a patient out to the courtyard; certainly too pretty to spend spent up in a room.”
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Antonio Carriedo
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