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 Erin O'Reilly

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Erin O'Reilly

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PostSubject: Erin O'Reilly   Fri May 21, 2010 11:54 am

【 Player Info 】


20 // August 1

Main E-mail

MSN/AIM // vodkacakes

【 Character Info 】

|| P E R S O N A L ||

Full Name
Erin O'Reilly



Sexual Orientation

Blood Type

April 18

Dublin, Ireland

|| F A M I L Y ||

Connor O'Reilly

Rowan O'Reilly

Devan O'Reilly, Twin/Sister (Deceased)

|| J O B A P P L I C A T I O N ||

Hospital Security

24/7 -- Takes off when she wants.

Adults or Youth?

Other notes
When it comes to dealing with patients, she's always rough with them. And since she looks the way she does, others often misjudge her.

Working at APH
2 years.

Criminal Record

Nothing big, just minor cases of driving while intoxicated.

|| A P P E A R A N C E ||


129 lbs.

Strawberry Blonde, but leaning more towards red since she often dyes it. Slightly curly.

Emerald green, almond shaped.

Body Type
Lithe but athletic.

While working, Erin wears the standard orderly uniform.

Other notable attributes/unique traits
Sprinkled freckles dusted her cheeks and across her nose.


Coming soon!


    Erin was small, sweet, and all around dangerous. She was like a snake, always poised, ready to strike at the opportune moment, whether it was verbally or physically. This is thanks to her bipolar nature. One moment she's nice, caring.. the next, she's ready to rip someone's head off. You'd think they wouldn't let her work here with that kind of temperament, but alas, they do. True to her Irish heritage, Erin talks up a storm and loves to drink. When she is in fact drunk, she sings loudly and usually off key, but she does have a nice singing voice.

    She loves to go to karaoke bars with some of the other staff members, and is usually the one that, despite probably being the drunkest, has to make sure everyone gets home safe and sound. She gets a thrill when she has to deal with the patients who are bigger and more dangerous.


    Erin, and her twin sister Devan, born two healthy baby girls on April 18th, 1987. They were anything if not spoiled. Though Devan would take everything, Erin would take just what she needs, nothing more.

    Growing up, Erin attended an all girls academy in Dublin, but her school record wasn't the best. Marks were always being taken off of her. She skipped, bullied other girls, drank, just all around a boy. It was always the joke in school, that Devan was the Queen, and Erin was the King.

    During her younger years, not much happened, it was fairly uneventful, aside from her parents scolding her for always skipping. Oh, but not sweet Devan. If their parents knew what their princess was doing, they'd have a conniption. When the two started getting into boys, that's where it all went to hell.

    See, when Erin turned 17, found this nice boy, Brodie, sweet as can be. She wasn't big in the whole 'sex on the first date', much to his dismay. Well, they continued to date, not actually doing anything, but Erin liked it like that. Well, then the inevitable happened. Erin found out that Brodie was cheating on her, with her own sister. Now you'd think that Erin would do something drastic, but she didn't. She felt betrayed by her twin, her own sister. But that was it. There was not resentment, no revenge, no nothing, except disappointment.

    Then the accident happened. In the same city, a patient escaped from the mental institute. The news said he was dangerous, and dangerous he was. The girls were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Devan had been brutally murdered by the man.

    It was strange. Though Erin felt great grief for her sister, she also felt it for the man. The man was also at the wrong place and the definitely wrong time. So she didn't really blame him. The family mourned for a while, then Erin vowed to work hard to become a top of the line security.

    So she went through all the training she could, her goal was to be the best, and boy did her luck get better. She found a job opening for an orderly at Axis Psychiatric Hospital in America.

    That's were she went, the ol' US of A.

    She'd keep the people safe by keeping the patients under her thumb.

Other Important Info

    • She is bipolar, and is taking medication for it.
    • People call her 'Irie' in the states since she's from Ireland, but she doesn't bother telling them that they're saying it wrong.
    • Fluent in English, Irish, and even Gaelic.

Roleplay Sample

    She knew from the moment she saw this person, that he would be trouble. The seemingly had a staring contest from across the room, and honestly, it was starting to drive her nuts--but she wouldn't let the man know this. Her lips formed into a frown as she started walking towards him.

    "All right, Sebastian.." She started, noting the cautious look he was sporting has she approached him. "I heard you've been bad, let's not try this out to be true." Her hands lifted as Sebastian shifted some in his seat, but he remained silent, hands balled into fists.

    "You haven't taken any of your meds, have you?" Erin inquired, but she already knew, seeing as none of the nurses would approach the mentally unstable man.

    "Such my dick," Sebastian spat, glaring at Erin.

    A frozen expression was now on her face. Oh no he didn't. "Tá tú den sórt sin phrioctha.."

    "Sebastian.." Erin called out in a warning tone. "Just let them give you your sho-- Oi!" But Sebastian had already shot out of the side door, unstable on his feet. This made it easy for Erin to apprehend him.

    She grabbed his arm, being careful because if he wanted, he could swing his other arm around, which is what he did.

    Erin ducked, grasping the arm tighter as she pivoted on her heels to the side and instantly yanked the man over her shoulder and onto his back.

    Now that he was a bit dazed from the little trip, the Irish female flipped him over onto his stomach and secured his arms behind his back.

    "You should've listened, Madrín."

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Erin O'Reilly
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