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 Feliks Łukasiewicz

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Feliks Łukasiewicz


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17 ◊ October 16th

Main E-mail:

MSN - ◊ AIM - techniocular



Full Name
Feliks Łukasiewicz



Sexual Orientation
Flamboyantly homosexual, but not interested in romantic pursuits at this time

Blood Type

11/11 (November 11, 1986)

Warsaw, Poland


Eliasz Łukasiewicz

Lidia Ostrowski-Łukasiewicz

Dominik Łukasiewicz
Izaak Łukasiewicz
Mikolaj Łukasiewicz

Klaudia Komorowski (deceased)

Job Application

Substance Abuse Counselor

Tuesday-Thursday - 10AM-7PM, Saturday-Sunday - 4PM-9PM, Monday and Friday off

Adults or Youth?
Both, but trending in youth, as they tend to be the most prone to such problems

Other notes
◊ Fluent in Polish and would speak perfect English if he could tone down his schoolgirl way of talking
◊ His tendency to encourage patients to take risks rather than cut back often earns disapproval toward his methods from coworkers

Working at APH
Two years

Criminal Record
◊ Four total charges of shoplifting from various stores
◊ Seven counts of casual motor vehicle theft (for "like, joyride" purposes)


5'6" (167 cm)

135 lbs.

Golden blond and just past his chin, parted in the middle, usually hanging loose but sometimes seen in a ponytail

Bright green

Body Type
Slender, athletic and slightly effeminate

Even within his work environment he dresses stylishly with layers and excessive accessories, keeping up on the latest trends, and has a tendency to crossdress

Other notable attributes/unique traits
◊ Speaks in a strong valley girl accent, and tends to end some sentences as if he's asking a question even when making a statement
◊ Has been asked to leave work on more than one occasion for showing up in a skirt, and loves to complain about 'limits to freedom of expression' quite often
◊ Horrible kleptomaniac-- nabs even the smallest of things that catch his eye and typically can't be trusted alone with purses


Feliks has always been terrible at making first impressions, and his clients either take him or leave him while coworkers typically can't stand him. He is louder than a megaphone and blunt like a brick wall, and never afraid to speak his mind or stand up to those he feels are in the wrong. He also has very 'free' views on otherwise controversial topics like gender and sexuality. But general straight-forwardness aside, he's bubbly and carefree as they come and ditsy enough to have an entire blond joke anthology written for him. While he can come off as a total airhead, however, he is actually a lot smarter and more perceptive than he acts-- it's simply easier for the Pole to put up a front and act like he hasn't a single trouble in the world. And despite his bravado in public and the big talk he makes, he's actually cripplingly shy and usually won't really do anything unless it's drastic.
Once you get to know him, however, it's a different story-- he becomes quite a troublesome and contradictory companion, coming off as demanding and pushy and rather self-absorbed. Despite these qualities, he actually does care very deep down for everyone close and dear to him, but has a hard time of showing it and never keeps any one person too close out of fear of losing them too easily.
Feliks also has a secret adrenaline addiction, and is quite the risk-taker out of social situations; he's probably the bridge-jumping friend that your parents always warned you about. His therapy methods are slightly off-color, with his easygoing attitude and the way he encourages risk and thrill, but his patients always leave his office for the better in the end. Overall one can sum him up in his firm belief that life is far too short to always be serious, 'so, like, totally live it up!'.

Feliks' past isn't particularly dramatic or riveting; rather, it's another teen-gone-awry story-- most of his life has felt to him like some kind of movie. He was born to a nice and respectable Jewish family, the youngest of four brothers, in Warsaw on a cold and renowned day throughout Poland. He had been good to the faith for most of his young life, but was alienated from his brothers interest-wise, never wanting to do anything particularly active or messy like most boys his age-- Feliks' hobbies included things that were worringly effeminate to his parents, like playing with dolls and toy horses and the way everything had to be pink. He loved pink. He was often made fun of by his siblings and classmates alike for these.
However, he had a cousin he adored and attached himself to; Klaudia was another black sheep in the family in that she was a closet lesbian, and coming out would possibly mean shunning from the family. But Feliks never judged her, in fact, he found her fascinating and spent as much time as he could with her, and she taught him values about identity one wouldn't even dream of in today's society. She was mostly to blame for his increasingly girly habits, but he never told on her.
It became clear that Jewish traditions were being set aside for his effeminate lifestyle, so his parents began to disapprove, and when he came home from school one day around the ripe age of sixteen and announcing unabashedly that he had a crush on a boy, they kicked him out.
Feliks, of course, did not care much. In fact, if anything, he saw his life as having changed for the better. He raised himself thereon on the streets for a while, occasionally rolling with small local gangs and getting himself into even more trouble sheerly for kicks, especially with his proficient skill in breaking into and stealing cars. He never had the intention of going very far in them, in fact, no more than a few miles most of the time.
One day he decided to go back home just to check up on things and see Klaudia again, whom he'd never kept in touch with since being ditched, only to find out that his favorite and most beloved cousin had died via drug overdose-- she'd become manic depressive with the burden of keeping her secret from the family and ended her own life. Feliks was upset, but not enough to simply mope around over it-- he did something about it, pursuing a career in helping people with similar problems to Klaudia's. He was far too renowned in the area as quite the hooligan to make it anywhere in Poland, and he'd heard America had many more career opportunities, especially centering in one hospital in particular-- Axis Psychiatric. Intrigued, and with nothing better to do, Feliks' obnoxiously pink sneakers took him the wayward way east for change.

Other Important Info
◊ Despite his feminine habits, despises being called womanly or referred to as a girl in any way, and his reaction differs depending on who says it
◊ Has an obsession with ponies, could talk about them for hours if brought up, and keeps pony-related decor in his office
◊ Even though he works in the area he does, he himself does drink from time to time
◊ Still claims himself to be of the Jewish faith even though there are lots of parts of the religion he clearly doesn't abide by
◊ Tends to give people nicknames based on their appearance or behavior

Roleplay Sample
Feliks didn't know what was worse the first time he stepped into his very own, shiny new office and really took a good preliminary look-- the drab color of the walls, such a lame beige, a shade that reminded him of old ladies? Or perhaps the stiff and starch fake plants lining the window sills, dusty leaves that gave off no fragrance? Maybe it was the fact that there wasn't a pony in sight-- blasphemy in its purest form.
Whatever it was, this place was surely different from anything he'd had back in Europe; but of course, he'd been living out of a van-- stolen-- for some odd years. If he was going to feel any inclination of being at home here, he would have to make his work environment as selectively Polish as his apartment.

...of course, no one had warned him of how much the hospital board frowned upon selective Polishness beforehand.

And it was just his luck that the day he was putting on the finishing touches-- My Little Pony paraphernalia adorning his glitter-splashed desk as if they were precious glass ornaments-- one very important leading figure of said board had come to give him a nice welcome to the staff.
The man was pleasantly surprised, to put it very mildly, to discover his nice stucco walls suddenly a blushing pink, adorned with posters and stickers and pictures of things so overwhelmingly cute he felt his blood sugar rise over the top.

His eye gave a visible twitch upon the Pole's cheery greeting-- "Oh, hey, are you, like... my boss? The big boss? Totally come in, mee-cassa-es-soo-cassarole, or whatever the Mexicans say!"
And playing up as dumb as ever, Feliks gave an inward smirk at the other's reaction, flashing an innocent pout his way. It didn't matter what he thought now, but what he would think when Dr. Łukasiewicz became his highest-in-demand-- oh, how he loved to prove the fickle wrong.

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Feliks Łukasiewicz
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