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 Raivis Galante

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Raivis Galante


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PostSubject: Raivis Galante   Sun May 23, 2010 10:51 am

Player Info

Name: Leen

Age/Birthday: 15, Jan 30

Main E-mail:


Character Info


Full Name: Raivis Galante

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Gay (not interested in a relationship at the moment)

Blood Type: AB+

Birthday: November 18, 1994

Hometown: Riga, Latvia


Father: Mikelis Galante (deceased)

Mother: Alise Galante

Siblings: none

Patient Chart (for patients)

Illness(es): Sever depression and post-traumatic stress (PTSD)

Specific Symptoms: Self injury, suicidal thoughts, trouble sleeping, shaking/trembling, easily startled/frightened, and flashbacks/nightmares. He also has a specific fear to being hurt, drugs, alcohol, and mainly cigarettes.

Reason for admission to hospital: Self injury and attempted suicide

Medication(s) if applicable: Prozac

Other notes: N/A

Criminal Record (may apply to both in some cases)


Height: 4’5”

Weight: 60 lbs

Hair: Blond

Eyes: Violet

Body Type: Small and skinny

Clothing: Comfortable, jeans, t-shirt and a jacket or hoody of some kind

Other notable attributes/unique traits: Tends to tremble/shake a lot out of fear, is always nervous and tends to be a quiet kid.

Picture (esp. if OC):


Raivis is an all around quiet teenage boy. He’ll talk occasionally on his own accord but not all the time. Generally he’ll only speak when he’s asked to or feels it’s necessary to talk. While he talks to people he’s uncomfortable with or about/in situations he’s uncomfortable and afraid in he stutters a lot. Raivis tends to stutter during any conversation but with those he gets to know his stuttering subsides and isn’t as bad. He doesn’t like to talk to strangers, it takes him a little while to warm up to others and be comfortable with them. It’s sort of hard for him to make friends because of how sad and quiet he is but he really wants to make friends.

Since he has grown up his whole entire life being afraid of his mother and being shy he is easily spooked. Raivis gets scared extremely easily and some people in the world really freak him out.
Raivis was beaten into obedience. Although there are some times he doesn’t obey or listen to what others tell him to do he usually listens. He’ll do whatever anyone else wants him to so he doesn’t make them mad somehow and he’ll try to do it perfectly, to the best of his abilities.

He tries his best to make everything easier for his mother. He doesn’t like to complain about her or anything else. He doesn’t want to make her life harder and definitely doesn’t want to be a burden to her anymore.


Raivis lived in a house with his family for a while, they did not have a nice house and didn’t live in one of the nicest areas but they did make do with what they had. He originally had 2 parents as a kid that were alive and took care of him although they were not good parents. Both his mother and father were drug abusers and abusive towards their child. After getting drunk or high at their house both of them would take their anger and frustration out on Raivis. They often beat him or burnt him with cigarettes buds ever since he was 4 years old. Sometimes they would lock him up in his room or a closet of some sort for days without giving him light, food, or water. Since they lived in a neighborhood that was used to this, no one ever questioned how he got his bruises or burns.

When Raivis reached the age of 9 his father had passed away because of a drug overdose. This only sent his mother into depression and stress which furthered her use of alcohol in drugs. She started to ignore her child and didn’t bother taking care of him. Raivis learned how to take care of himself and tried not to bother or anger his mom so he wouldn’t get hit anymore, although she still occasionally physically abused him. After his mother had forgotten he even existed or that she even had a child, Raivis had been raped by a neighbor. He was 11 years old when it had happened, it was from a man who his mother had been friends with and had been babysitting that night while his mother was in the hospital getting her stomach pumped. When he had tried to tell his mother a few days later she though he was lying and had gotten angry with him. She beat him for being ungrateful and a liar so he never told anyone else, afraid they would hit him.

The physical and sexual abuse he had suffered in his life had caused him to have post traumatic stress disorder and depression. The PTSD had given him nightmares and flash back all the time and the depression had given him suicidal thoughts. He picked up cutting when he was 13 because it had made him feel better. When he was 15, a month or two before being admitted into the Axis Psychiatric Hospital he had attempted suicide by over dose on prescription drugs with alcohol and ended up failing. The second attempted suicide he had been caught attempting to shoot himself in the head by a neighborhood woman who also found out about the self harm and informed police had his mother.

Other Important Info:

Roleplay Sample:

“I recommend that he goes to Axis Psychiatric Hospital.”

A psychiatric hospital? Raivis questioned himself startled by the news. He stared down at his lap staring at his fingers. He was nervously playing with them. It was big news and he didn’t know how to react. He knew it would be useless to fight them about it or try to play off like he didn’t need one. Did he need one? He didn’t think he did but… isn’t that where they usually put people who’ve attempted suicide? Hadn’t he done that? Maybe he did need to go to a therapist but… wasn’t this too much? He feared going to one of these places… What would it be like, what would he have to do, how many scary people would be there? What would he have to say, do? Would he be locked away, would it be better for him to live there? Was it better to live there then at home with his mother? Maybe it would be nicer; maybe the people there wouldn’t punish him as much for doing the wrong thing or not doing something right.

He took a deep breath and looked up at the clock on the wall as his mother and the doctor talked about it. He watched the seconds tic by. “…I-I’ll go…I-If I have t-to. I-I think it’d be b-better right..?” He told the two in a quiet voice. He quickly looked at the floor to afraid to see what their reactions would be. “I-It’d be easier for y-you… Right m-mom..?”
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Raivis Galante
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