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 Sebastian Møller

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Sebastian Møller
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PostSubject: Sebastian Møller   Sun Apr 11, 2010 11:02 pm

P l a y e r I n f o

N a m e: Ally

A g e & B i r t h d a y: 20 // August 1st

M a i n E m a i l:

M S N & A I M: msn: // aim: vodkacakes

C h a r a c t e r I n f o

« P e r s o n a l »

F u l l N a m e: Sebastian Anton Møller

A g e: 24

G e n d e r: Male

S e x u a l O r i e n t a t i o n: Pansexual

B l o o d T y p e: O-

B i r t h d a y: June 5th

H o m e T o w n: Copenhagen, Denmark

« F a m i l y »

F a t h e r: Frans Enok Møller (Deceased)

M o t h e r: Annelise Ida Møller (Deceased)

S i b l i n g s: Erika Irene Møller (Deceased), Jakob Jenns Møller (Deceased), Josef Viggo Møller (Deceased)

C o u s i n: Isaak Kästner (Annelise's cousin)

« P a t i e n t C h a r t »

I l l n e s s e s: Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), (Substance Abuse)

S p e c i f i c S y m p t o m s:
    - Random urges to hurt people. (Even when he doesn't realize what he's doing.)
    - Switches to two different personalities frequently.
    - Hates people who disagree with him and his beliefs.
    - Difficulty controlling anger when mad.

R e a s o n F o r A d m i s s i o n: C l a s s i f i e d.

M e d i c a t i o n :
    • Eskalith
    - 300 mg. (Taken in pill form.)

    • Geodon
    - 20 mg/5 mL (Taken as injection.)

    • Haldol
    - (long acting) 50 mg/mL, sometimes 100 mg/mL (Taken as injection.)

O t h e r N o t e s

    • If he misses any of his injections, he goes into withdraws and tries to hurt others around him. Sometimes he does this on purpose, but he won't tell the doctors why.

    • He suffers from Spectrophobia. Which is the fear of mirrors and one's own reflections.

    • He's fluent in Danish and English, but will sometimes only speak in Danish when he's angry.

H o s p i t a l i z e d F o r: Going on five years on his birthday.

C r i m i n a l R e c o r d

    • Between the ages of 12 and 16, Sebastian was charged with store theft, the murder of small animals, possession of alcohol/drugs multiple times.

    • Charged with five accounts of murder; Frans Møller (46), Annelise Møller (43), Josef Møller (19), Jakob Møller (19), and Erika Møller (7).

« A p p e a r a n c e »

H e i g h t: 6'1''.

W e i g h t: 138 lbs.

H a i r: Blonde, and skewed off to the side.

E y e s: Icy blue.

B o d y T y p e: Physically fit.

C l o t h i n g: Nothing too flashy, neutral colors mainly.

O t h e r N o t a b l e A t t r i b u t e s & U n i q u e T r a i t s: He's ambidextrous.

P i c t u r e:

P e r s o n a l i t y:

    Upon first glance of the blonde, one would think he was actually normal, but that's until that look at his face. His eyes always darting around as if someone was watching him--they also had that killer look in them, and there was that grin that was always on his face. He's pretty simple minded most of the time and hates being ignored. He has that mask of security and fake happiness, but behind it Sebastian is actually crueler than he seems, enjoying annoying people to the point where they want to lash at him. He doesn't like jokes, and take them quite serious. Despite this, he's very confident of himself and knows that he's strong. His ego is quite large, especially when it comes to wooing the other patients, doctors and nurses. Sebastian also likes to be in control, or think he is. If he's not, it's best not to tell him otherwise, or else he'll snap at you.

H i s t o r y:

    Nothing is known about the first six years of Sebastian's life, other then the fact that he was always in and out of the hospital. His parents were good people. His father was a police chief in Copenhagen, his mother was a secretary for a local law firm. His two older brothers, Jakob and Josef, didn't like him. They blamed everything on him and his 'problems'; Sebastian tried his best to ignore them, but they ended up beating him up every time they were alone in the same room.

    When his younger sister, Erika was born, Sebastian then knew what it was like to be ignored. Now he knew why his brothers hated him, and he didn't like this. So within the next few years his problems grew worse. He was often getting violent and his parents couldn't control him. They didn't know what more to do then put him back in the hospital. Since he was shunned by both parents, and siblings, Sebastian made his own friend. His own friend to talk to, and make jokes with and anything else an adolescence boy would talk about. Soon he could swear that he could hear his friend talk to him.. but when he asked anyone else if they had heard him, they would simply shake their head and ease away from the boy. Apparently it was all in his head.

    After that, Sebastian started experiencing blackouts, and when he would come to, he always found himself in trouble. He couldn't explain it! One moment he was talking to his friend about doing something, and Sebastian's better judgement tried to tell his friend that it wasn't right. That dog didn't do anything to him.. or that rabbit.. or that squirrel. During those times, he'd black out and when he came to, he'd snap back and realize that there was a dead animal in his bloody hands.

    It didn't stop there. Soon he was stealing things from the stores, and even stealing drugs from the local dealers. There was nothing his parents could do. They couldn't control him anymore. They had to do something. A family meeting was called.

    What his parents didn't know was that this is when he would finally snap. That night he killed his whole family, and it was his friend that urged him to do so.

    He soon ran away--from Copenhagen and his friend. And had been running from the law until he was 19, when they finally caught him in America.

    When he was apprehended, Sebastian was immediately placed in jail. But soon after he had been fighting against the other criminals. That's when his almost forgotten friend decided to show himself again.

    Sebastian went crazy.

O t h e r I m p o r t a n t I n f o:

    • He doesn't like being called by his middle name, even when people say his full name.

    • Approach with caution at all times, even when Sebastian is sedated.

    • Although he is the way he is, Sebastian can be very affectionate at times. The doctor's don't have a clue as to why this is.

    • Though he can be affectionate, he sometimes doesn't like it when people touch his hair.

    • Whether people want to hear it or now, Sebastian likes to describe to people the exact way he killed his family.

    • Sebastian has an unhealthy obsession/addiction with spoons. He keeps a shoebox (no one knows about it) filled with them under his bed. But only plastic ones, since he can't see his reflection.

R o l e p l a y S a m p l e:

    Sebastian didn't like that they gave him a different doctor. He didn't like change. Not one bit. He wanted his normal doctor, not some newbie kid who didn't know what they were doing.

    "It says here that you have extreme anger problems," the new doctor said, sitting at his desk, fingering through the manila folder in front of him.

    All Sebastian did was grunt.

    "Right?" The man urged his patient.

    "That's what it says, right?" There was a sudden snap in his head. "Then there's no reason to bring it up when it's already down on the goddamn paper." The Dane's voice started to get low near the end of his sentence.

    "There's no need for that language here, Mr. Møller," the doctor was getting testy, but Sebastian could care less. He could tell that the man across from him was getting annoyed with him.

    "Gå ad helvede til, røvhul." Sebastian growled out.

    The doctor raised a brow, "That language isn't needed. This is America, so I advise you to use English."

    Min gud.. "So you think you have the right to tell me what the fuck to do?" A grin cracked across his face, and the doctor was not liking that.

    "I'm your doctor, so naturally I d--" He was cut off by Sebastian's hands slamming on top of the man's desk.

    There was an air of silence in the few moments following that action.

    "I don't think you do," Sebastian hissed out in a low whisper, that grin still on his face. "You see.. someone such as you, doesn't have the right to tell someone like me what to do." He was leaning over the desk now, closer to the doctor, who tried his best to lean away. "Have you read just exactly what I've done, doctor?"

    As if waiting for the doctor to get his shit together, Sebastian snatched the file from his hands, flipping through it, then placing it back down in front of the white coat cladded man.

    "You killed people," he read off the chart. "That's not any different from any of the other's here, Mr. Møller."

    "Oh no no. It is. You see, most of the people here.. who have killed, killed people that were either not related to them.. or they didn't know. I fucking killed people I did know. My own fucking family!" A sudden laugh cracked passed Sebastian's lips as he tipped back. "I made sure to kill them slowly, making them suffer." Another laugh. The Doctor was beginning to get a bit worried about himself. "And do you know why?" Sebastian's head tipped to the side.

    "I d-don't know," the doctor kicked himself to stuttering. "Maybe because of regression? You wanted to get attention from your parents since you had a younger sibling that got their love more then you? You were trying to rebel and they apparently didn't want that?" Each of these theories was making Sebastian twitch lightly, eyes narrowing and a frown replacing his grin. The Doctor thought maybe he hit the nail on the head. But that was until the Danish man erupted into a fit of maniacal laughter, which caused a sick feeling to enter the Doctor's stomach.

    "None of those are right, you cocksucker," that grin was back. "I killed them because I wanted to! Because I wanted to see what color their goddamn blood was. I mutilated their bodies. It was quite the bloodbath for a seventeen year old."

    Sebastian would make sure he wouldn't get a new doctor after this.

    "I'm done." Sebastian announced abruptly before turning and exiting the room.

    The Doctor was quite tussled. He lifted a hand to loosen his tie some. There was no way he was going to deal with that one again..
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Sebastian Møller
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