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 Toris Lorinaitis

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Toris Lorinaitis


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PostSubject: Toris Lorinaitis   Thu May 27, 2010 12:54 pm

Player Info

Name: Liet or Michie

Age/Birthday: 18/August 18

Main E-mail:


Character Info


Full Name: Toris Lorinaitis

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Blood Type: A+

Birthday: February 16

Hometown: Villinus, Lithuania


Father: Aliukas Lorinaitis (Deceased)

Mother: Teresyte Lorinaitis (Deceased)

Siblings: --

Patient Chart (for patients)

"Patient is assumed to have Disassociative Identity Disorder, with acute Paranoia and signs of some Childhood Regression. He also shows signs of an Avoidant personality, with a bit of obsessive compulsive creeping in on occasion. He has also shown a tendancy towards panic attacks in his sleep."

Specific Symptoms:
+ Unexplainable headaches and other body pains
+ Distortion or loss of subjective time
+ Flashbacks of abuse/trauma
+ Lack of intimacy and personal connections
+ Frequent panic/anxiety attacks
+ Inflexible and chronic patterns of paranoia, distrust, suspicion, and hostility towards others.
+ Emotional breakdowns, ending in assuming the fetal position, rocking and crying
+ Hypersensitivity to criticism or rejection
+ Extreme shyness or social anxiety in social situations
+ Dislikes Physical Contact
+ Avoids interpersonal relationships
+ Feelings of inadequacy
+ Severe low self-esteem
+ Self-loathing
+ Mistrust of others
+ Compulsion to clean
+ Compulsion to follow orders to a letter
+ Sudden awakening with crying
+ Strong anxiety symptoms
+ Short breathening and sweating during sleep.

Reason for admission to hospital:

Medication(s) if applicable:
Valium-for anxiety
Other notes:

Hospitalized for:
Four years, Five Months

Criminal Record (may apply to both in some cases)
(list offenses-- if murder, or any other type of assault, name victims)



141 lbs

Deep chocolate brown, falling to his shoulders when loose

Bright emerald green

Body Type:
Thin, but shows signs of once being toned, lanky on the legs and arms.

Outside of wearing normal hospital attire of a gown, and maybe sweatpants, Liet would normally wear a pair of pale jeans, and a soft white button up.

Other notable attributes/unique traits:
Physically, a myriad of scars lacing from his chest, and back, and legs, very well toned.

Picture (esp. if OC):


Toris Lorinaitis is a bit of a serious introvert, winds up being easy to take advantage of, and is the type who will welcome one into his heart once he knows the person. He also tends to depress himself so much that he gets a stomachache. If he's criticized, or spoken negatively to in any way, he often will withdraw into himself. He has frequent panic/anxiety attacks, and often will be inflexible, with a tendancy towards paranoia of other people. He doesn't often stay stable, reacting to things with usually emotional, and overbearing responses.

When it's attempted to get him to socialize, he'll often seem very awkward, shying away from physical contact, and any sort of close relationships. He seems to feel quite inadequate, when he's not doing something useful, and despite his obvious attractive nature, has a feeling of low self-esteem and self-loathing that seems to stem from something in his past. He witholds information from his doctors however, and seems reluctant to tell them anything unless DIRECTLY ordered. Also, be sure not to touch him....he's thrown people twice your size....


"I guess it all started back in Lithuania....when I was young. I was happy as a kid...Lived alone with my mother and father....and they took good care of me. We were happy, and I used to play all the time in the fields. They loved me and truly cared about me. But when I turned five....I got some bad news. Mother and father had gone out to town, to get groceries, as usual...but they never came back. I got scared. That was when some officals came....They told me mother and father were gone...that they were killed in an accident in Villinus....And left me alone.

I was only five, like I told you and so they shipped me off to a foster family....Russian. At first, you know, everything was fine. Nothing really seemed out of the ordinary. I'd go to school, pick up some things for the family on my way home, and maybe something for myself. I was seven before everything started going to hell in a handbasket....literally. I didn't know they were so easily angered. All it took to start the years I spent in hell was one day, accidentally late getting home. My foster mother was the paranoid one.....If I was late, she accused me of being ungrateful...trying to leave them. The thought of that made my foster-father angry, and so he'd get out a large metal pipe and beat me with it repeatedly. Nothing I said could change it. I still have the scars.

I suppose that was when it all started. The insanity, I mean. I....-

The subject trailed off into a mental break down here, so the story was one never quite completed. He came to our hospital at the age of 18, so now we are transferring him over to the Axis facility.

Other Important Info:

Roleplay Sample:

Curling into his jacket, the small male let himself be led by the men. He didn't want to speak with them, and with their hands on his arm, he was frightened....who knew what they'd do to him. Led further, he was told he was simply going to see one of the doctors, and he nodded, shivering a bit. People.....this place had too many people. Too many he could many who might.... Stopping his train of thought, his hand reached over to his other arm, and squeezed. They'd cut his nails short, which was upsetting....but it was his first day here....was this really neccessary?

[i] "Ah, come in, come in!"
The other gestured for him to sit, and he frowned at that, simply listening. "So, Tere, it's nice to meet you! I'll be your psychiatrist, Dr. Von Bock. You may call me Eduard, if you like." Green eyes glared up at the other male as a hand were offered to him. He didn't trust this new one, not even with the pleasantries he was presenting. The young man was sat into a chair, and he curled into himself, "Toris." The only word he offered to the man. He didn't think he needed to cooperate so that this man could get a read on him. People only hurt you in the end......they always hurt you in the end.

So he just curled further into himself as his mind began to flip around. It was nice, really nice, to imagine himself alone, let himself withdraw into his own mind, holding out from anything other than simple reality. Reality hurt, and Toris had learned that all too well as a child. He knew that it was crazy, but with the way his foster parents had set him up, it was beyond his capability to trust this one before him.

"You don't have to be afraid of me, Toris... I'm only here to talk. It says here that your last name is Lorinaitis? That's Lithuanian, isn't it? It's not very often that I meet someone from those parts. I'm from Estonia myself, you know." The 22 year old nodded twice, suspicion coloring pretty emerald eyes, his fingers digging into his arms, and wiggling a bit, frowning softly, "Yes. I am." Even if the other was Estonian, Toris didn't know if he could trust him. This one knew things about him, it made him dangerous. "I was raised in a Russian family." When his mother and father died, he'd been sent off to Russia, to a family who was somehow related to his own, though he had no idea how. They'd been less than pleasant.

Thinking about them, Toris could feel the scars on his back, burning him, reminding him, and his mind flashed. Pictures of a man, much larger than he, beating him with something....hard....a woman yelling....blood...All of it tainted his thoughts until he cried out loudly, "I'm sorry! I'll behave...please..." Then he broke off in rapid muttering in Lithuanian, tears flooding his eyes and falling down his cheeks. Breathing quickened only a little, and he curled into himself, muttering over and over again in his native tongue, "I'm sorry...I'm sorry..."

"Toris, please! Calm down, jah? Nad ei old siin--Jos čia nėra," The voice barely reached him, but he replied, "Motinos dingo ... bet tu negali būti tas pats? Aš atsiprašau .... Aš atsiprašau." He whispered, his breathing slowly steadying into a semi-regular rythem. His eyes cleared slowly, and a frown lit his lips as a sense of time came back to him. Looking at the man who'd gotten closer, he scooted away, letting out a soft hiss, "Don't come near me. You PEOPLE..." He was shaking, not scared, but he appeared angry, "Any people..."

People only hurt him in the end. Friends had turned against him, parents had tried to kill him, as for siblings....Toris had none. But his trust in any other had been shattered long ago, "You'll only try to hurt me....I know you will." His body relaxed, and then he pulled himself out of the chair, and stood, facing Eduard, his shoulders tensing. If the other approached....he knew enough martial arts........
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Toris Lorinaitis
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