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 Im Yong Ji

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Im Yong Ji


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PostSubject: Im Yong Ji   Tue Apr 13, 2010 4:31 pm

[This will likely get finished later tonight; I just wanted to get what I had up, while I'm thinking about it.]

Player Info

Name: Killian
Age/Birthday: 19/14 May
Main E-mail:
MSN/AIM: Same as above

Character Info


Full Name: Im Yong Ji
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Asexual leaning toward heterosexual
Blood Type: A+
Birthday: 15 August
Hometown: Pyongyang, North Korea


Father: Im Jae (estranged)
Mother: Im Mi Sun (deceased)
Siblings: Im Yong Soo, twin (If whoever picks up S Korea doesn't want N Korea as his brother, I'm cool with that)

Patient Chart

Illness(es): Conflicted Avoidant Personality Disorder
Specific Symptoms: Hypersensitive to criticism, self-imposed isolation (avoids social and emotional encounters), severe self-loathing, desires close connections, but has no knowledge or confidence in forming them, a tendency to lash out physically under severe stress. Also has a lonely, undesireable self-image, along with mild agoraphobia and mild paranoia about others, specifically when it comes to physical touch.

Reason for admission to hospital: At the age of 19, Yong Ji was caught in a fight between his brother and his father. They both wanted him to take their side, and the screaming and arguing put him under severe distress - he was caught between his twin and his father, a rock and a hard place. Experiencing an anxiety attack, he attempted to get away from the fight, but was blocked from leaving the kitchen. Screaming at them to get away, he picked up the nearest object (a knife from the sink) and lashed out, nicking his father and severely injuring his brother.

Once the two had been treated, Jae realised that his son's withdrawal from society, social avoidance, and attack all indicated he was mentally ill. He had his son committed.

Medication(s) if applicable: Zoloft, 25mg
Other notes: Yong Ji will go to great lengths to avoid physical touch. He will use any method, from just getting up and leaving (usually to hide somewhere) to physical altercations. He has no prejudices when it comes to this.
Criminal Record: Two charges of second-degree assault (father and brother)


Height: 180cm/5'10 1/2
Weight: 65.7kg/145lbs
Hair: Jet-black, with a small, flyaway curl
Eyes: Dark brown
Body Type: Thin, lanky
Clothing: Yong Ji likes uniforms, after growing up in a communist nation. If he can't get his old school outfit, he'll likely be wearing slacks and a shirt. For special occasions/lunar holidays, he will pull out his old hanbok.

Other notable attributes/unique traits: Yong Ji has a long scar along his midsection from an accident as a young child. It runs from under his right pectoral, down across his abdomen, ending above his left hip, with several smaller 'branches' coming off of it.

Picture (esp. if OC):
(I am shameless. My apologies.)


Yong Ji is a shy, quiet young man. He finds his music much more companionable to most people, especially his louder twin. Unlike his brother, who produced physical, tangible creations (and began winning awards at an early age for them), Yong Ji only had the ongryugeum (a 33-stringed zither, developed in 1973 in N Korea). Picking up notation like stones from the road, Yong Ji began to master the instrument, and quickly picked up many other stringed instruments, his favourite Western one being the acoustic guitar, although the instrument is not encouraged in his home. As a young boy, his favourite pastime was to write simple songs, and create dances to go with them, most of them being simplified versions of traditional Korean steps.

From a very early age, though, he has felt overshadowed by his brother's talents at creating things. As their mother died in childbirth, and as Yong Ji was the second twin, his father came to blame him subconsciously for his wife's death. Although he was never expressly told this, Yong Ji picked up on his father's sadness and anger towards him, and began to withdraw into his music, often spending hours just listening to the radio.

His violent tendencies stem from one incident in his childhood, when his father lost his temper and went too far, severely injuring Yong Ji and leaving him scarred in the process. Seeing his father standing above him, furious and taking out his anger on his son, left an impression on Yong Ji that altered his perception of how 'normal people' deal with things such as rage and depression.


Yong Ji was born the younger of twins to two successful Korean parents. His father was a government employee, and his mother ran a business from home. They had decided on ambitious names for their children - Great Strength, and Great Wisdom. Jae and Mi Sun waited eagerly for their first two children.

Yong Soo was born with few complications. But as Yong Ji arrived, Mi Sun began to hemmorhage, bleeding heavily. Yong Ji was born, but Mi Sun did not survive. His father, Jae, was given the news along with Yong Ji, and immediately began to blame his second son for his wife's death.

Yong Soo and Yong Ji grew up very close, despite being complete opposites. Yong Soo was constantly bouncing off the walls, but Yong Ji preferred to watch the fun, instead of joining in. He had one or two close friends through school, but fell apart from them once they had moved to university.

The earliest violent incident in Yong Ji's memory is of when he was seven years old. For once, he had been the one to bump into something, knocking over a picture of his parents' wedding, shattering it in the process. Jae, upon seeing what had happened, flew into a rage, severely beating Yong Ji before slashing at him with the knife he had been using to cook. Yong Ji nearly bled to death.

Upon recovering, Yong Ji's attitude toward people had significantly shifted. He became mistrustful, paranoid, and occasionally, violent. He began to avoid physical contact, except from his brother, who had a therapeutic effect on him. His symptoms did not become debilitating until after graduating secondary school, at which point, he found himself alone with no one but his brother and his father. Seeing no way forward, and no way out, he began to withdraw further, eventually refusing to leave the house unless forced.

Other Important Info:

Yong Ji has moderate agoraphobia. Oftentimes, even the thought of being forced from his comfort zone will put him into a full-blown anxiety attack. His attacks are not frequent, but they can be very severe. The worst of them can take him the better part of a day to recover fully from.

He also has colour-personality/personality-colour and sound-colour associated synaesthesia.
See more information here.

Roleplay Sample:

Stark, blank whiteness. It unsettled Yong Ji. Nothing should be this empty, this devoid of colour and feeling and emotion. Shown around the room, even the sheets and blanket were plain. It made his fingernails itch. He hardly heard what the nurse was saying, so deafening was the plainness of the room. But once he stopped to look, it could have been a lot worse. The mattress looked unused and well-padded, and there were shelves and a dresser, for his personal things. Yong Ji wondered if he would be allowed a radio.

"...and that's about everything. Any questions?" The kind-faced nurse smiled at him, and although Yong Ji had lots to say to her ("When can I go home?" "Can I put things on the wall?" "Where's the bathroom? I've had to go for an hour."), all he could do was meekly shake his head no. Of course he had no questions. No one wanted to listen to him babbling about his music, or his dances. He'd learned that from his father a long time ago.

"If you need anything, just let me know, okay?" Yong Ji couldn't see her nametag. So he just nodded again, not looking at her. He could practically feel the thoughtful expression creeping onto her face. "Here. I'll leave you this. Leave me a note sometime, okay?" And suddenly, there was a small pad of paper in his hands, a pen stuck in the coil holding it together. Blinking, Yong Ji finally looked up at the nurse.

Smiling impishly, she winked. "There's that handsome face. I have to go run rounds, but I'm just a note away, okay?" Normally, Yong Ji would have taken offence at the patronising tone. But for once, he could sense her good intentions, and smiled a little. 'Maybe it won't be so bad here,' he thought to himself, mirroring the words onto the first page of the notepad.
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Im Yong Ji
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