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 Im Yong Soo

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Im Yong Soo


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PostSubject: Im Yong Soo   Sun May 02, 2010 3:44 pm

I'm sorry if this is REALLY horrible...
Please do tell me if I need to change anything!

Player Info

Name: Ami or Karin

Age/Birthday: 16/Jan. 25th

Main E-mail:
(Email purposes only, please)

MSN/AIM: Aim: rePiX3L

Character Info


Full Name: Im Yong Soo

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Blood Type: A-

Birthday: Aug. 15th

Hometown: Seoul, S. Korea


Father: Im Jae (living, but not in contact)

Mother: Im Mi Sun (deceased)

Siblings: Im Yong Ji, Twin

Job Application

Occupation: Psychiatric Nurse (in training!)

Shift: 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. Tuesday through Thursday, 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. Friday and Saturday
Sometimes uses his days off to help around, if needed

Adults or Youth?: Both

Other notes: Yong Soo is fluent in Korean, though he is passable in English, though with a slight accent mixed in. He still has his childish-humor, though it usually gets himself into trouble with his fellow staff members.

Criminal Record: (Somewhat) Clean; Jae did everything he could to make his older son a "perfect" child.

Working at APH: Almost a year


Height: 185.93 cm

Weight: 69.40 kg

Hair: short, black hair with a small, flyaway curl

Eyes: Dark brown

Body Type: lithe and hardy, though is stronger then he seems to be

Clothing: Yong Soo is usually seen wearing a doctor's uniform when working, so most people still mistake him as a doctor, even though he's been working there for quite a while.
When he's on his off days, he usually wears jeans and a plain shirt underneath.However, whatever he's wearing as a top that day is always covered up by his overly-large hoodie.

Other notable attributes/unique traits: Yong Soo would habitually rub this small area near his right shoulder, which carried a revolting scar that would forever remind him of the dreadful past that his younger twin carries with him.

Picture (esp. if OC):
(I used the other half of the picture that Killian used.
I'll remove it and use another another picture, if I can't use the one above.)


Yong Soo is the complete opposite of his younger twin brother; happy-go-lucky and attention-seeking. He did whatever he could to get people to notice him; from doing wild stunts to making creations to make his father proud of him. Though during the times that he had all the loving attention from Jae, he was oblivious about how Yong Ji was being treated otherwise.

The older brother did see one of his younger brother and father's arguments before, except that the older twin just sat in another room with his hands covering his ears, trying to muffle the harsh yells and almost deafening cries. Only when did the "battle" finally cease and everyone had went to their respective rooms that Yong Soo finally crawl back to own room. After sitting on his bed and hugging his knees, weeping at his stupidity, for a few hours did Yong Soo declare, after years of ignorance of how his brother was being treated, that he would defend his younger brother. After years being blind to the well-being of his brother that Yong Soo was able to become serious enough to strive for a degree in psychiatry, soon after Yong Ji was diagnosed, to help his twin brother and others.


Yong Soo had grown up with his younger twin brother, Yong Ji, in Pyongyang with their father, since the twin's mother had passed away after his baby brother was born. Even though they were nothing alike, personality-wise, Yong Soo had tried to become the older brother he was striven to become, while staying on his father's good side. However, it was due to his attention seeking that Yong Soo had become near-sighted to the lashings that Yong Ji received, physically and mentally.

When Yong Soo had become 19 and was very well-aware of how his brother looked in Jae's eyes, he thought that immigrating to South Korea may help with his younger brother's growing reclusive behavior. Only when did Yong Soo tell his father about his plans that he shouldn't have told Jae in the first, as the older man argued defiantly that Yong Ji was too "stupid and dim" to leave the house and prohibited Yong Soo in leaving him alone with his mother's "murderer". As the argument continued to escalate, there was no stopping it from growing until Yong Ji interrupted with a knife in his hand. Yong Soo's mind quickly went blank; the only feeling he could recall was the sharp pain in his shoulder and sudden sting on the back of his head from his fall.

After finally being able to flee South Korea, after recovering from his wounds, that Yong Soo broke ties with his father and strove to study psychiatry in Seoul. Only when did he finished his studies that he decided to fly to America to broaden his skies a bit, and he also found out that Yong Ji was residing at this place called "Axis Psychiatric Hospital", which that was where the older sibling headed.

Other Important Info:

Yong Soo can sometimes slip into a state of melancholy when thinking of his past with his brother and father, though he tries not to let it show when he's working with cases that have a similar past. During which he is depressed, he reveals a few signs of schizophrenia.

Roleplay Sample:

"G' Night!" Yong Soo flicked off the light switch and silently closed the door of his final patient of the night. His footsteps echoed down the nearly empty hallways as he loosened his tie and watched the other people on staff start preparing for the night. Yong Soo sighed as he head toward the staff locker room; he was finally able to take off his uniform, go home, and rest for the next day. As he whirled at the wheel of his locker, his mind started to review how the day went by. He made a notation in his mind about that one patient that hadn't responded to anyone that day as Yong Soo shut the door of his locker, his medical jacket hanging all alone on the metal hook. "Perhaps I should check up on that tomorrow..." He marked it onto his mental calender as he turned in his clipboard and its large pile of papers he had made a collection of.

Even though Yong Soo so tired that making another step could having him passed out of the floor, he made a slight detour and headed down another hallway of the building. He counted the doors in the hallway before stopping on front of one. Yong Soo tried to peer through the window of the room, thought the binds were shut, but it was clear the lights were turned out. He cracked open the door and scanned at the dark room. Only when did he notice a sleeping mass on the bed did Yong Soo sighed. "Annyeonghi jumuseyo, dongsaeng!" Yong Soo whispered almost inaudibly into the room before closing the door to Yong Ji's room and heading home to rest.

(Annyeonghi jumuseyo, dongsaeng: Good night, Little brother!)

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Im Yong Soo
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