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 Arthur Kirkland

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Arthur Kirkland


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PostSubject: Arthur Kirkland   Tue Apr 13, 2010 10:21 pm

Player Info

Name: N/A

Age/Birthday: N/A

Main E-mail: N/A


Character Info


Full Name: Arthur Kirkland

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Homosexual

Blood Type:  O+

Birthday: April 23

Hometown: London, England


Father: Cedric Kirkland

Mother: Emily Kirkland (Deceased)

Siblings: -classified- ((Since any siblings that Arthur would have, would probably be other countries(i.e. Ireland, Wales, Scotland, and Sealand), I’ll just leave this ambiguous.))

Patient Chart (for patients)

Illness(es): Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Panic Disorder, Peduncular hallucinosis

Specific Symptoms:
-Fear of causing harm to himself or others
-Intrusive violent thoughts and images
-Superstitions; excessive attention to something considered lucky or unlucky
-Excessive double-checking of things, such as locks, appliances, and switches.
-Ordering, evening out, or arranging things “just so.”
-Accumulating “junk” such as old newspapers, magazines, and empty food containers, or other things he does not have a use for.
-Panic attacks
-Aware of hallucinations he has, which occur predominantly at night
-Abnormal sleeping patterns

Reason for admission to hospital: Treatment, as well as prevention and management of panic disorder.

Medication(s) if applicable: Paxil, 50 mg daily

Other notes: -Must avoid caffeine due to his Panic Disorder

Criminal Record (may apply to both in some cases)
-shoplifting (age: 16; 1 copy of The Norton Shakespeare)
- at least 3 counts of vandalism (age: 17)


Height: 5’9 (175 cm)

Weight: 139 lbs (63 kg)

Hair: Sandy blonde

Eyes: Green

Body Type:  Small frame, some muscle

Clothing: Smart casual attire as well as suits and ties.

Other notable attributes/unique traits:
- Large and noticeable eyebrows
- Faint scars on chest due to an accident

Picture (esp. if OC):  


It would be a lie to say that Arthur Kirkland is cool tempered and even headed. Even before his mental breakdown, the young man was renowned for his hot temper and general ill-content.

A cynic and malcontent to the core, Arthur is bitter and not fond of others. His philosophy on dealings with other people can be summed up in one quote of his, “I can only handle people in extremely small doses.” However, contrary to what he’d like people to believe, Arthur is not a total misanthrope. He does enjoy the company of others, provided that they are up to his standards.

It takes quite a bit for Arthur to warm up to a person, but once someone gains his trust that person finds that Arthur is a loyal and steadfast friend. Arthur values his friends dearly, but he also holds grudges for long periods of time. Some have joked that it takes Arthur at least 200 years to let go of grudges. They’re probably not too far off.

However, not all his grumpiness is truly honest. Arthur often uses it as a tool to hide his anxiety due to his rather unhealthy state of mind. He doesn’t wish for people to know of the anxieties that lurk in the back of his head, spawned by pessimism and chemical imbalances as well as a fear of the frequent panic attacks that afflict him.

Arthur Kirkland was born to honest parents who had some of the more modest and simple occupations in life. Arthur’s father was a wealthy and successful businessman who made most of his money by conning his various customers. As for his mother, she assisted the father in his many conning schemes.

For the first part of Arthur’s life, he and his siblings were mostly raised by his mother. Arthur grew quite close to his mother, not knowing that he would inherit some of the disorders she suffered from. Unfortunately, when Arthur reached the age of 7, his mother died due to illness. His siblings did what any reasonable family in grief would do, they bullied young Arthur into becoming their personal slave. When Arthur reached puberty, he finally figured out how to fight back, and thus was promoted from the level of slave. Arthur then went through what he later termed his “rebellious teenage years” in which he participated in some illegal and unsavory activities.

After a few years of maturing, Arthur cleaned himself up and took a job as a businessman, becoming a stickler for the rules and rising through the ranks that way. It seemed as though Arthur was to become the pride of his family. Unfortunately, Arthur’s habit of overworking took a turn for the worse when an important project was stolen from him by a trusted friend. Betrayed and in risk of losing his job, Arthur threw himself into his work. Alas, this did naught but ruin Arthur’s health, the stress harming his brain enough to give him peduncular hallucinosis. These hallucinations as well as the stress, basically drove Arthur into a mental breakdown, making his OCD worse and allowing him to develop panic disorder.

Finding that his son was about to cause a commercial disaster for him, Cedric Kirkland shipped the boy off to America, where Arthur would be placed in the Axis Psychiatric Hospital. Cedric Kirkland, the doting father, noted that he never wanted to see Arthur out of the psychiatric hospital.

Other Important Info:

- Favourite tea is black tea with milk and two spoonfuls of sugar, exactly. To his dismay, he must drink decaf tea due to the effects of caffeine has on his panic disorder. Arthur admits that even though its bloody inconvenient, some tea is better than no tea.
- Has an intense hatred of all things French
- Likes to collect items that represent good luck, especially old boots

Roleplay Sample:
Arthur Kirkland had a daily schedule that was not to be broken under any circumstances.

After falling asleep at approximately midnight, Arthur Kirkland would wake up at 8 o’clock in the morning exactly. Not earlier. Not later. After getting himself proper and ready, Arthur would proceed to make his morning tea. Tea and breakfast was always served at 9 o’clock. After tea, Arthur would either, attend his appointment with one of the many doctors or therapists, or he would simply embroider until lunch. Lunch, with tea of course, was always at 12 o’clock sharp. No exceptions. Arthur was free for the rest of the afternoon, except for tea time at 4 o’clock. God help anyone who stood in the way of that. Dinner was served at 7 and Arthur retired to his room at eight.

Arthur had many, smaller, rituals, but explaining them all would take much more than a day. These rituals, or, as Arthur termed them, itineraries were highly important and not to be botched. Which is why Arthur became quite irate when he discovered that he was summoned to visit the therapist at nine o’clock one morning.

“He’ll have to wait. I’ve explained to you imbeciles many times that I have breakfast at that time. Once breakfast is finished, I will be free to speak with him. No sooner,” Arthur said before walking briskly to his breakfast spot.

After a pleasant breakfast complete with his tea, Arthur made his way towards the office. After glancing at a clock, he noted that he was behind schedule. He quickened his pace, black loafers hitting the tiles at a fast rate.

“You’re quite late, Mr. Kirkland,” a therapist, a middle aged man with hair that strangely resembled a toilet seat, noted.

“No, I’m right on time. I’d prefer it if you didn’t interrupt my breakfast, Mr. Harris.”

“So then tell me, Arthur, what would have been the consequences if your breakfast had been interrupted?”

Arthur felt his stomach lurch as his mind answered. Images of dismembered corpses and blood-spattered faeries entered his mind. He could almost hear the childish laughter mingling with the coppery smell of blood. Arthur quickly swallowed and tried to repress the images. Quite the unsuccessful attempt, he noted.

With another swallow, Arthur finally answered with an icy glare, “I’d be quite annoyed.”
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Arthur Kirkland
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