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 Yao Hun |Patient|

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Yao Hun


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PostSubject: Yao Hun |Patient|   Sat May 08, 2010 3:52 pm

[[Tell me if I FAILED please <_<;;]]

Player Info

Name: Ash

Age/Birthday:14, Jul.7th

Main E-mail:

MSN/AIM: [[Sameasmynormalone ]]

Character Info


Full Name: Yao Hun

Age: 18

Gender: ...Male Although he gets mistaken for a woman

Sexual Orientation: Homosexual

Blood Type: AB

Birthday: Jul.1st

Hometown: Tsuen Wan, HongKong


Father: Denzel Ault

Mother: Jia Far

Siblings: None that he knows of.

Patient Chart


- OCD [Obsessive Compulsive Disorder]
- Schizophrenia
- Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder [PTSD]
- Repetition Compulsion
- Insomnia
- Mute
- Antisocial [Ifthatisanillness? <_<;;]

Specific Symptoms:

- Repeats the past [actions], phrases or words in general.
- Must have a lighter to flick on and off constantly, or something to click.
- He has a voice in his head, which points out every negative point about him, and brings up bad memories.
- He will be violent if people start to annoy him- it doesn't matter who they are.
- He will stare blankly at people if they interact with him.

Reason for admission to hospital: He was caught holding a flame up to a person and tryig to burn them severely.

Medication(s) if applicable:
- Paxil
- Risperdal
- Antidepressants

Other notes:
- He is obsessed with fire [pyro], and if provoked, will try and find any means to set the person on fire.
- He will only speak when spoken to.
- When answering back to people, he gives either a short sentence, or a one-worded answer.
- He does not show emotion, and is very hard to read.

Criminal Record:
- Arson
- Shoplifting
- Vandalism
- Murder


Height: 5'6 [156.2 cm]

Weight: 130 lbs

Hair: Dark Brunette

Eyes: Deep Brown

Body Type: Small, thin frame, hardly any muscle

Clothing: Very baggy, comfortable clothing, and usually Asian outside of the hospital, but dull, gray pyjamas inside, with a thin dressing gown and white socks.

Other notable attributes/unique traits:
- Thicker eyebrows than usual.
- Very thin, looks malnourished.
- Scarring on his legs and arms.
- He looks younger than he actually is.
- He looks very femenine. Don't we all.



Hun is silent, and always shuffles around everywhere, not daring to speak. He's not really the social type, always cold and distant to people who attempt to get on his 'good side'.

He looks like a friendly person upon first glance, but as soon as you spend 5 minutes of trying to get him to speak up or be friendly, you'll end up with a bruise... You'll get away unharmed if you're lucky you don't annoy him, since he tends to have violent phases every so often.

He is void of any emotion, and never expresses it, making it impossible for people to find out what he's feeling- The same for his voice [when he does speak], which is always monotone.


Hun was an illegitimate child, having an Asian mother and a British father who met once and never saw eachother again until the day that he was born. He had a pretty miserable childhood, no siblings that he knew of, seeing as his mother slept with anybody she could come across. He had to live with her for the first few years of his life, having to help clean up and sort things out for his mother's 'house guests', having to get everything up to perfection, or he would be scolded or punished physically.

At the age of 5, one of his mother's 'guests' had introduced him to fire, which had soon got him into a hell of a lot of trouble, as he had a tendancy to use the flames to his advantage to get anything he wanted. He was caught a few times by the authorities, followed by a beating from his mother when he was returned back home, resulting in the development of his Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

He lived in London, England from the age of 8 with his father, occasionally being forced to visit his mother. The treatment that he got as his father's child, was the same as when he lived with his mother, but now he had an education, things began to get worse.

He was bullied, and subjected to violence, called things like 'Half-Breed', 'Scum' etc.. By the end of the month, he'd started to self harm, adding to the scars that his mother and father had already given him, and had harmed other people severely. Only a few days after he had nearly had the chance to knife a fellow student, he had burnt half the school down, killing 3 people in the fire. He was later found, curled up in the corner of his bedroom, a knife and a lighter in his hand, smirking cruelly.

Other Important Info:

- He will be obedient [most of the time] to people who he thinks seem superior to him.
- He fights against the doctors when they try to give him medication.
- He is not allowed near fire or any sharp objects.
- He draws as a way to cure boredom.

Roleplay Sample:

He sat on his bed, staring at the blank sheet of paper that had been put in front of him... What do they think I am, a bloody imbosile? Picking up the discarded pen from the plastic-y table top, he began to scribble things down. Making jagged movements with his pen at first, then eventually calming down into smooth movements, he'd finished his drawing, and resumed staring at the piece of paper.

A nurse was stood at the door, watching cautsciously- She looked younger than Hun himself... Then again, he looked a little younger than his actual age. He could feel her gaze boring into him, as he looked up at her- He immediately saw her tense, and clutch a small clipboard that she was holding tightly to her chest. His dull eyes foused on her face, before glancing down to the piece of paper that lay on his bed. I think she'd enjoy this picture. After all, it does feature her... He slowly picked up the paper, wanting to laugh as the nurse gasped, and tears started to run down her face, before she turned and ran out.

He was laughing on the inside- The twisted sound that was his voice even scaring him a little. The jagged lines on the paper had formed into a twisted, distorted body, very similar to the nurse, and the curves and calm lines had formed the perfect outline of fire, twisting and weaving around the shape. Hun silently folded an aeroplane out of the drawing, and aimed, throwing it and watching the childish model fly out of the door. Nurses were so fun to tease...
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Yao Hun |Patient|
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