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 Yao Wang |Patient|

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Yao Wang
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PostSubject: Yao Wang |Patient|   Sun Apr 11, 2010 9:53 pm

Player Info

『Name:』 Natalia

『Age & Birthday:』 13 // May 27th

『Main Email:』

『MSN & AIM:』 msn: // aim: sakurasunsetdesu

Character Info

« P e r s o n a l »

『Full Name:』 Yao Wang

『Age:』 25

『Gender:』 Male

『Sexual Orientation:』 Bisexual

『Blood Type:』 AB-

『Birthday:』 October 10th

『Home Town:』 Beijing, China

« F a m i l y »

『Father:』 Feng Wang (Deceased)

『Mother:』 Huian Li-Wang (Deceased)

『Siblings:』 Ling Wang (Deceased)

« P a t i e n t C h a r t »

『Illnesses:』 Schizophrenia, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Wernicke's aphasia.

『Specific Symptoms:』
    • Will sometimes use the nonsense word "aru" in or at the end of his sentences
    • Hears the voice of his deceased little brother in his mind
    • Very protective of his culture and race; will attempt to physically hurt anyone who mocks it

『Reason For Admission:』 Correction and Treatment


    • Risperidone
    - 2 mg (Taken in pill form.)

    • Prozac
    - 20 mg (Taken in pill form.)

『Other Notes:』

    • Yao can be very brotherly at times, especially to males younger than him.

    • Is always anxious and overly aware of his surroundings.

    • Is an expert in kung fu.

    • His life goal is to find his little brother's murderer and kill him with his own hands.

『Criminal Record』

    • Charged with four accounts of murder; Feng Wang (47), Huang Choi (26), Deming Hsuan (29) and Enlai Fa (25).

    • Between the ages of 17 and 19, charged with store theft and bank robbery.

« A p p e a r a n c e »

『Height:』 5'5"

『Weight:』 132 lbs.

『Hair:』 Black, tied into a tight ponytail.

『Eyes:』 Deep brown.

『Body Type:』 Thin, but physically fit.

『Clothing:』 Casual, sometimes dresses in traditional silk mandarin jackets.

『Other Notable Attributes & Unique Traits:』 He can cook well, and has a large, disfiguring scar on his back.



    Yao is a calm person that may catch a few glances from people because of his feminine appearance at first glance, but take a good look at him and you may regret it. He keeps an almost constant straight face, but can be creepily amused by the smallest things. He can be quite friendly brotherly to others that remind him of the only person whom he really loved; his late little brother. He was raised in a tough household, and is obsessive over manners, etiquette, and respect towards elders. When people do not listen to his words, he spares no sympathy and uses physical violence. Yao is very patriotic and loves his country, and will be furious at anyone who stereotypes or mocks Chinese culture.


    Yao's childhood was quite a tough one; though he was born into a middle class family, his father was prone to physical abuse towards his mother and him. His mother, Huian, tried her best to keep Yao safe, but was forced by her husband to be corrupted and adopt a violent personality herself. Forced years of martial arts gave him a sense of discipline and an escape, but they were physically and mentally exhausting. From then on, he was obsessed with respect, honor, and manners.

    When Yao was 8 years old, the "Accident" (as his father referred to it), better known as his little brother Ling was born. It was almost a blessing from the Gods for Yao - someone to share his pain, and somewhat of a savior; his mother died in childbirth. Since their father was either out committing some kind of illegal activity or at home abusing them, Yao had to raise his brother on his own. Once Ling was old enough, they stole their way through the streets of Beijing and lived a secret life of thieves; "home" was somewhere to sleep, and nothing else. Yao and Ling were the best of friends and pretty much inseparable.

    It was on a careless excursion out in Beijing's slums that Yao's life changed forever. The brothers (Yao now 15 and Ling now 8 ) had just stolen a haul of money and food when they were approached by fellow thieves, though much older than them. With no warning, Yao was forced to watch his younger brother be brutally stabbed to death with a dagger. When it was his turn, fear turned him into a coward. Instead of facing the attackers, Yao tried to run. However, he was caught and slashed in the back, leaving a long, deep wound that is a haunting reminder to him today as a scar.

    After tolerating another long two years of abuse from his father, Yao finally snapped. He murdered him and ran away from home, leaving the life of violence he knew for his entire life in Beijing.

    From then on, Yao made a vow to find and kill his brother's murderer. He traveled across China, seeking out anyone who even looked remotely like the man he saw that day. In this process, he killed three men; all innocent.

    At the Russian border, Yao was caught in the act, attempting murder of another innocent soul. He was taken in by authorities who had been following his loosely covered trail. After jailtime of 6 months, violent tendencies towards other prisoners and his mental disorders required him to transfer to the Axis Psychiatric Hospital.

    This is where his story begins.

『Other Important Info:』
    • Yao has a love of cute things, and they are sometimes the only thing that can calm him down.

    • He is very touchy on various subjects; speak to with caution.

『Roleplay Sample』

    Yao loved it when he and Ling had these conversations. Everyone in the outside world just went away; cellmates, police officers, they were all blocked out. Ling would be there with him, helping him pass the time. The other men in his cell just stared; they knew well enough that this guy was small, but he was a nutcase.

    "Yao, I miss you lots. It's boring here without you. You should come here with me soon!" the juvenile voice in his mind echoed.

    "I know aru. But I can't leave here until I find the guy who caused you to leave me, aru. I'l break his neck and make him suffer, aru." he replied out loud. Everyone around him tried to ignore him.

    "I guess so... you go, gege! Find that guy and beat him up good! For me!"

    "I will, aru. I just need to break out of this dump, aru. It's just holding me back from achieving my goal, aru."

    "Nah, I think you'll get out soon! Everyone in this stupid place isn't as smart as you; they'll probably send you to a much cooler place!"

    "That sounds just about right, aru. Thank you for helping me keep my spirits up, aru."

    "Not a problem, gege! I'll stick with you no matter how hard things get."

    Yao laughed and nodded to himself. Ling was a great friend to have around. He was the only one who really understood Yao.
    Suddenly, there was the sound of a key unlocking the cell and a gruff man in a uniform entering.

    "Yao Wang, you've been called to the psychiatrist's office. Come quietly." he snarled. Yao pouted, but took a deep breath and straightened up to brush the dirt off his prison clothing before following the officer. He couldn't stand having people see him looking like an uncivilized mess. He took a seat inside of the office, fiddling around to take the best position possible. A man in a suit sitting in an office chair turned to him.

    "Good day, Mr. Yao. I have called you here today to present you with a proposition." the man said with a stern face.

    "What is it aru? Lengthening my sentence, aru? Death penalty, aru? Locking me up all alone, aru? I would love to know; I've probably been through worse, aru." Yao replied with a scowl.

    "Neither of those. I have called you here to ask if you are willing to leave here."

    "Leave... the prison, aru? Did you hear that, Ling? They're letting me leave, aru! I always knew my day to be free would come, aru!" Yao called out to the ceiling in delight.

    "Well, you won't exactly have freedom, Mr. Yao. You will be transferred to the Axis Psychiatric Hospital where you will undergo treatment."

    "What's that? I for one, am not mentally unstable, sir. Isn't that right, Ling aru? Tell him that I am perfectly fine, aru!"

    "Gege is nice and healthy, Mister Stupid! He's doing just great!" Ling's voice pouted.

    "Now now, Ling. Don't call him such things aru." he replied to himself. The psychiatrist was a bit confused, but shook it off.

    "Mr. Yao, we are only sending you to this hospital for... your abilities. This prison cannot suit your needs, and you need somewhere where you can be pampered and treated just like you wish to be. Call it a paradise, if you will." the psychiatrist lied.

    "How can I believe you, aru? You big-shots always seem to sugar coat things, aru..." Yao replied, eyes narrowing.

    "But gege, even if he is lying, this is your chance! You have much more of a chance escaping from that hospital place then from here! Just go with it; you'll be free in no tme!" Ling chirped.

    "That certainly is true, Ling..." Yao pondered, smiling. "Alright then, I will go, aru. I'm sure that this experience will be... interesting, aru."
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Yao Wang |Patient|
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